Tuesday, April 5, 2011

‘I Can’ and not ‘I Want’ - Post 1

Blog Marathon:

Marathon: As it means ‘any long distance race’

All this time I had considered my self as a sprint racer, why so it is a bit easier, all you have to so is accumulate all your energy set off and volla you have a post and the cycle continues once a week. Similarly It would be easier for me to target and finish 100m race of today, but it require a lot more determination and commitment to finish a marathon, I might take 12-14 seconds to cover 100mts (could have written 10sec but felt, I would be  bit harsh on Usian Bolt. He is true to his name is Sprints like a lightning Bolt)

Generally I have 5-8 post in a month. The longest blogging series I attempted was '7 Days of Positivity' Link, this time I feel I can last a bit more then 7 days.
How would you know you could aim to see the finish line unless you try, best way is to judge yourself.

Over the course of marathon, day by day, bit by bit I would have gathered energy that I can utilize to stay afloat for a long time. Similar to Polar Bear, during long brutal winter, it maintain a low profile and waits under thick layer of ice until next time sun rises from horizon and it can start back its hunting.

So it is time, let me judge myself, can I survive Blog marathon. I would require some help and all your backing, for the last stretch I would be grasping for breath, dehydrated, require the last extra push, but all what matter would be the sense of accomplishment and the most it would prove ‘I Can’ and not ‘I Want’


Anup said...

I know u will do it.....all the best for ur marathon post :)

Anish said...

Thanks a lot bro... let me take one day at a time.


Joe said...

I am a big fan of your blog..but this happen I missed out to read your blogathon...
Better late than never....Keep going..Will be waiting everyday now...