Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Picture Speaks: Holiday times

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Holiday spirit is in the air, come December, city starts glittering, walking down street on a chilly Sunday evening, with people covered in shared of black, to conserve and protect all the warmth they can…. As they walk endlessly in the ocean of people, an individual I like a drop that moves in tandem with other.

Some picture that I captured while walking by on a Sunday evening, let the weather be -2Celcius, but city was full of people wanting to catch a glimpse of the Big Tree.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

India, or Rs. 35 lakh?:

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India, or Rs. 35 lakh?: The dilemma of the World Series Hockey, I say he should go for 35 lakh, as you have not been asked to change your nationality.

Please do not rate me as anti-social or anti-Indian, if at this point  when I say ‘Yuvraj Valmiki’ should go ahead with accepting 35 lakh, it has a story behind it.

Why are we always in the lookout for sacrifice from others, instead why are we not ready for any scarifies. We expect sacrifice and if they fail we are first in pointing that out and criticizing.

Look at what we have been doing and will continue to do.

When it comes to education, are we willing to send our kids to a fully government aided school, first reaction we would hear is, don’t you love your kid, don’t you want your kid be competitive and be ready to face the tough life when he is ready to take it up. Will you like your kid asking later in life, why he was not giving fair share of education as others had …

When it comes to health and medication, will you rush your ailing kid or parents to a fully government aided hospitals, I assume no, why, a simple reason would be the well being of my kid or parents. I have to make sure they get the best attention.

If in both cases were we are just thinking about us and making sure we are making it happen or are in pursuit of providing the best to our family, doesn’t each one of us have the same right.

Why in a billion people nation we only support a game played by 11 people, and not any other sport.

If today Yuvraj Valmiki is not wearing national jersey and opting for the much needed money, that will make sure in helping him and his family raise a level above their living standards  so ,why not opt for it ?. Rather than looking at the reason why he has to make a tough decision of choosing between National squad and World Series Hockey.

We need to raise our voices and let the nation know, sponsors should not only shower money on cricket whereas should also support other sports as well.

Earlier I happen to see some more pitiful state of other player across different sports, they have passion for the sport but are we supporting them….

State level Footballers clean cricket stadium to replace torn shoes

World Kabaddi Cup 2011 Indian Team – Girls Waiting For Auto Rickshaw

So what do you say am, I wrong in not supporting ‘Yuvraj Valmiki’ to opt for money rather than National Jersey….

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Picture Speaks: More than 1000 words

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As it truly said picture speak more then 1000 words, and the same picture will narrate different story for its observers

Squirry (Gappusingh): Its been close to a year since he has befriended us, and lately we do wait for him, and check if is not visible… how do we know he is waiting for his snack… he starts scratching or tapping on the door… time for a piece of biscuit… at this Choc-chip to falls in his share…

Initial days when we opened the door he would run mile away… and today he is all ready to jump in for his treat…

Looking at his among his peers we feel he are the reason he looks chubby in the gang….

 DiyaDipawali. Festival of lights, a small light can drive away the most fearful darkness…


 How thick and dark the clouds be, Sun will find its way to enlighten.

Standing Strong and steady tide after tide and making sure Captain Jack Sparrow knows its port 

Reading: Over and Over again

Monday, November 28, 2011

Malgudi Days.... Ta na na Ta na na na

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This one I happen to read out multiple times,
and still enjoy reading each time .

During our childhood one of the most amazing and best story telling was done by RK Narayan... All stories used to emerge from Malgudi....

Doordarshan (The only television channel we cherish during our childhood) used to air Malgudi Days...

Malgudi represented like any small village with house scattered across, one school in the village... fields used to be playground when not plough, sunset meant to be time for dinner and sleep....
On some days grandparents would narrate stories to kids under moon lit night....

A big Banyan tree would be located center of the village where all men would retire and talk politics though out the night (neither the state legislative nor the local panchyat would have any impact due to the discussion) buy that the best past time....

One kid named Swami was also in Malgudi.... His cricket team was named MCC (Malgudi Cricket Club) sound real big... but lost all the matches they ever managed to play.... but were determined that one day they will be champions...

Being inspired we also named our cricket team MCC.... while we were visiting our grandparents in Kerala during summer school vacation...

MCC - Matangi Cricket club, not to lie neither did we clinch nor had a nail biting for each and every match we played... but yes we did win once in a while against guys twice our age…

Only noticeable thing that happen was we all kid were being roasted and baked during the hot and humid Kerala summer… only to be refreshed with fresh coconut water…

All my memories came alive while reading tales from Malgudi....

Monday, November 14, 2011

No I can't

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How many times each one of us would have said in past... and would be saying back in future as well?

Why we do say No I cannot, is it really because we are not able to or we do not want to....
Mostly when we are to do any thing we looks forward for its ROI....

Please don’t miss understand me as I am not putting forth any management concept... I guess from our innocence childhood itself we were taught how to evaluate.....

If I am quite and do nit trouble we will get something, it's kind of leverage we each time if we should our best or did the best 'as directed'....

To get better grades, I would have to suppress my though and have to express and frame answers or solution in the best and easiest way my exam moderator would understand and will yield better grades in any of the exams.

Over a period, we learnt when to say No I cannot, each n every time when the ROI was not so rewarding.

I say some are fortunate and courage’s enough to stand by and continue what they started or supported.
Every know and then we come across things that for a moment make tiu realize I wish I could, some take that chance and try fulfill their long pending desire to accomplish it, where as for some the very moment vanishes in thin air waiting to get life once again next time.

Last week while walking across I heard some one playing guitar, he was striking the right code... many people surrounded him. I too thought to spare a glance and see what is so special… that is when I realized how special the person was.... an example of commitment, strong will power and inspiration to fight and survive.

So it's the question for ourselves do we need to know the ROI before we are to do anything or we will be get something done unconditionally

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nature: Fall Foliage and First Snow

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Nature, it does fascinate each and every time with its seasonal cycle.

Fall Foliage: some years back fall color all meant was Shakrukh Khan and Kajol made to run around in park and Maple leaves falling (varied color) but since last few years I am able to witness nature most beautiful event ‘Fall Foliage’.

Another fascinating part is snow fall, I always do love snow fall (but pother then couple of occasion I am a bit scared to snow) as earlier this year Jan-Feb we had twice 20+ inches of snowfall over night.

How best if would be if one can see both natures best events in one go, today being one such day, I just feel sitting by the window and track each snow flake falling from above and smoothly landing. Currently after an hour of snowfall the whole area is covered.
Below picture says the story.

Since morning 2 cups of hot tea and not sure how much many more…. I am already in love with the weather…. And the colorful display

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Memories: Redwood Trails.

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Memories: We should be stories away all the sweet memories that possible, as in this stressful fast passed, as one of my friend quotes… this generation is WTF…. Please don’t guess it other ways as I took it… he simply meant (Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook generation). 

Everything is been digitalized, we are even digitalizing all those childhood pictures that our parents took on one fine Sunday evening, Family trip to the nearest photo store standing in front of placards.
I have couple of them in digital format, I love watching them once in a while.

I f I look back, all my childhood memories are in stator format narrated by my parents and grandma, and its fair to assume that those stories do get coated with a layer each time they do narrate. I still love to listen each one of them with the same interest and eagerness each time.

In today ages, thanks to digitalization of photograph, a parent would have snapped 10 of thousands of images before the kid would have learned to walk, back in my age I might have handful pictures lying on my tummy then I see myself standing and in some a few years older that the chronological order of all the pictures I have.

I never had any interest in capturing moments and storing them in my hard-drives, thanks to my camera I got in to that habit, Camera became like my survival kit on my each and every outing.

Of the most recent trips I had been to Redwoods trails, (I was amazed by this forest when I first saw in movie ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, this place Big Basin is one the biggest covered forest, of which Redwood is famous.
Some of the Redwood trees are older than 2000 years, older than birth of Jesus Christ, if by any ways we are able to communicate to tree, they would become the best historian, and would help us understand many unsolved historical puzzle that have jumbled us.

It is one such place where I would love visit as many times as possible, unfortunately when we visited it was raining still we managed to fight against the rain and took an hr long trail, walking by Redwood trees would make you realize, ‘Statue of Liberty’ stand short in front of some of the tallest trees
Status of liberty stands at 305ft (Ground to Torch), where as ‘Mother of the Forest', stands at an incredible height of 339ft and with an incredible diameter of 15.5 feet.

Some of the images would help you gauge what I am being talking all about.

Mother of the Jungle, aged more then 2000+ years, taller then Statue of Liberty.

This particular Redwood has an amazing story, this tree was on fire and it burnt for 14 long months and still survived , but the fire created a permanent hollow, and the tree looks more like a old burnt out steel factory Chimney from inside. As the tree survived and is still growing.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 2: Universal Studio calling

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Day Two, has some different fun and events all listed compared from day one, drive on Highway One.

IF you have to compare street between NY and LN, it’s easier as all across in LA you can spot Palm Trees, where as in NY you can spot trees only in Parks (Central Park..)

Today we did plan to visit Universal Studio, it was indeed an amazing experience, living through all those remarkable movies that had came from Universal Studios.

One of the tour listed was ’Special Effects’ we all would have screen and enjoyed when we saw the mighty King Kong running across the streets and muscling stunts with Dinosaurs, in movie King Kong is a 7ton 30foot beats, but in movie filming term King Kong at certain scenes  was mere 18inches.

Some sets were larger than life the one if you happen to recall when a plane did crash in Steven Spielberg’s  ‘War of the World’ the plane looks no smaller than 737 planes.

We watched 4D movie for the first time ‘Shrek it was thrilling, the 3D was amazing, after which I realize all so called 3D movie do not make a stand in front of it.

As yesterday some picture that to say more words.
At the entrance of Universal Studios 

We with the Swamp King and Queen, Shrek and Fiona

Ste from show Water World, impossible to express in words.
After the show took stills with 'Tim Sitarz', this will help you recall all those who watched 'Kambakkht Ishq' he was one of the bad guys, its the same movie which starred 'Sylvester Stallone'

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vacation Calling - West Coast: Day1

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One such word for sure would bring smile across anybody face would be ‘Vacation’, after intense planning and deciding when to travel and for how long we finally have started our vacation touring to West Coast,

Sounding West Coast strike few place in your Mind, LA(Los Angles), San-Francisco, Beverly Hill, and the most striking Hollywood sign.

Our day started rather too early, we boarded the 5:00am flight to LA, definitely not have woken up if it was not or a planned vacation.

Pictures do will speak for themselves rather me narrating a story for it.

Morning Sun-rise over charlotte airport, our transit journey.

Our ride for next 3 days.... its a silent beast on road.... reallyt impressed with Nissan Murano

A Drive, you will remember for long time, Mountains covering one side, endless ocean inviting to swim and surf,  and the long  winding road.

Friday, September 9, 2011

US Open Federer v/s Tsonga

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A Dream come true, watching Roger Federer play was always in the list of things that I wanted, and only what best if you witness him winning cursing easily throughout the match.

We have booked tickets for Quarterfinals match of US OPEN,  the match as per schedule was due on Thursday evening, but unless things are not spiced up what the fun, this time rain main sure to show off its  mighty strength. For 2 days all matched scheduled were cancelled.

So Tuesday and Wednesday completely washed out were we finger crossed for our match, from morning onward I was glued on weather.com and was fanatically refreshing to check evening forcast, somehow rain had hold up for the entire day and play resumed as normal.

We reached ‘Arthur Ashe stadium’ by 7:00pm match was scheduled to start by 7:45pm, finally announced ‘Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’ and ‘Roger Federer’ entering the court, the whole court erupted in cherish and praying the rain is at bay.
With Federer leading the set by 3 : 2, here comes the rain showering, and in no time and fresh flowers sprouting, you can see umbrellas of all color popping across the stadium.

In most matches you can spot on or few celebrities around, Will Farrell, as usual was making sure bring big wide smile across people who were braving rain.
After a lot of cat and mouse game between rain and clear sky, players were back on courts for some real tennis this time and this time around rain had no role to play.

Being a Federer fan the best result I was looking for was straight set win, and finally I got what I want to see and match ended at 6-4, 6-3, 6-3.

Anyone would have loved a 5 setter but not me when my start id playing in the court, I see the opponent is demolished and crumbled and warrior waiting un-scratched.

Some moments I would remember during the match was this man, dancing during each break and making sure people go along with the tune
Match still in progress
US as the us Open, battled rain and enjoyed Federer win over Tsonga

This is me, outside the arena

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unbroken:is Louis Zamperini

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After months of non picking up a non-fiction novel for reading, New York bestseller ‘Unbroken’ was my pick, the reason I picked was couple of them:

Author: Laura Hillenbrand, her previous work was ‘Seabuiscuit’ (check link its one of my best movies)

Subject: The story is about survival and how much a person experience in his life time - Louis Zamperini

As a Kid: he made sure that the whole town ‘Torrance’ has stories to narrate relating to his mischief.

As a Teenager: he started running, that’s when he realized what he wants to achieve and where he wants his name listed (As a best Miler – race of one mile), he wanted him to list as Olympic Medal winner.

Olympic Stint: Louie dream of participating in Olympic came true, at the age of 19 when he was competing in the finals of 5000meter race (Athletes peak performance age is 24-29) he finished only 7th but something will make him famous, the last lap of the race, the race winner took 69.2 seconds but Louie finished the last lap in 56seconds, and Louie final time was 14.46.8
The record is Unbroken, fastest one mile run (a mile run is a 3 lap race with timing 61.2, 58.9 and 59.1 seconds) Louie is still 3 seconds faster.

World War II: He enrolled himself, becoming a bombardier for B-24 (Bombardier, is the guy who is located at the tip of the plane and identifies the target and makes a drop) he was in many bombing and rescue missions.

POW: In one of the rescue mission his plane crashed in Pacific ocean, he and his 2 other fellow survived in a raft sailing almost 2000miles, later being captured as a POW

Life after War: A hero back home, life followed him ever y where.

He was a torch bearer for 1984 Summer Olympics.

In his sixties he was still clocking less than 6 minutes a mile. At age 81 he took Skateboarding

And still rocking strong at age 92

Whereas yesterday running my 5k run on thread mille took well over 26 minutes, and my best 1 miles run timed, 7.15 minutes, were Louie clocked under 6 minutes well in his 60’s, I am a long way to beat him at his age on a mile run.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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I was taking a late coffee break with a colleague from work, small break are always welcome in between, and we were chitchatting talking about all non-related topics.

I transit bus stopped just in front of me, I was leaning on a building wall, I saw this elderly man stepping out with a cowboy hat, a sweet looking old grandpa, he stepped out with a walking stick hanging over his arm, and was looking inside the bus.

I was waiting to see who would be coming out, slowly and steady with little baby steps comes out a cute granny, she was old enough and require support walking she would have taken good time to step down from the bus, all this time grandpa was waiting.

As she was stepping out, he offered his hand, and see took his assistance and stepped out, with walking stick in her other hand, they both walked slowly and steadily over the pavement.

Time was about when people left from work and are rushing to catch bus / train to reach home, rather I say I any metro round the clock people are buzzing off, people were just passing by, but this old couple did not bother at all, holding each other hand and swiftly talking. In some time, I lost sight of them…

I wanted to take a picture and paste it, but I was more keen in watching them walking by and fading in crowd.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Govinda Ala re Ala…..

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Today being Janmashtami, I am missing few of the key ingredient with a mix of  will make any perfect celebration for any occasion.

As anyone who loves, he would like to keep check of his set of spices and perfecting any particular recipe. Similar way celebrating any festival, also do require some specific ingredient that defines success and flavor of celebration.

In Holi, if you are not soaked in water and faced pointed in all shades resembling from point company, I say something missing

In Diwali, if you do not have sweets/ firecrackers (I know I know its against pollution – I say I will compensate my share by not driving for a week), without which we missing Diwali celebration.

E-Id, how could you say you celebrated unless you had an amazing Biryani .

Likewise Janmashtami, celebrating birth of Lord Krishna, to has its own way of celebrating, this festival I more children’s, as per mythological stories Krishna during his young age was the most innocent trouble maker kid.

Few of the missing moments during this Janmashtami for me:
-        As most in my age group kids were bought up in their non Cable-Television era, we had only savored on Doordarshan programs, and during this time, we would be having the most iconic song played (sung by Md. Rafi and acted by Shammi Kapoor) ‘Govinda Ala re Ala’ this song has created its mark.
This time around its saddens the most to know that Shammi Kapoor is not amongst us

-        Dahi-Handi: Human pyramids are formed in the attempt to break the Handi (earthen pot filled with curd and fruits) its symbolized to Krisha’s acts from his childhood.

Tribute to the legend and keeping up the festive spirit.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Do you fall.....

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Do you fall or stand back....

How many times have you or rather how often we have fallen... 

From the day we learned how to crawl... Just before the first step we took, would have hugged ground few hundred times, the first few fall would have hurt us bad and not to let us attempt next couple of days... 

Once the sore went off and the eagerness took over fear, we would have mastered how not to get hurt when we fall next time...

Eventually the most awaited day arrives, when we take our first confident step and are able to manage our own body weight and started yo walk...

The literal fall takes different meaning over times... 

Your fail to score the goal for your team during inter-school championship

I assume that would not have quit playing football(soccer)....

Time passes by, you graduate and the next big thing in life... Time you earn your own bread, in that pursuit you venture seeking of a nice paying corporate job that would get you a Aston Martin

You fail your first interview, assuming you would have cracked it easily... 

I bet we would not have given up job seeking... From the fall you learned few tips and tricks to gauge next one... You rise... You shine...

So eventually in life you would be facing many such daunting task and moment were you would fail and will fail again.... 

Does it mean you lost it..
Does it mean it's not your cup of tea...
Does it mean you are not the one...
Does it mean it's bad to dream....

I say no... We fall we learn from the fall , and strive to rise higher and higher, consider each fall as part of strengthening your foundation.

We will face people around you, who will make you feel bad and not let you rise.., but as the saying goes 'Take what you want'

Be like the Phoenix of Dumbledore... to rise again from it's own ashes.

  In mythology, a phoenix is an immortal bird that, when it dies, bursts into flames and is reborn from its own ashes. "To rise from the ashes of the phoenix" means to make a miraculous comeback.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nature Rain… Click…

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If you love photography, or rather if you just love clicking, Nature is the best source of best stills, and most of the still would make sure you end up with mouth wide open and gasping from more images, as its raining over this part, I got some nice stills.

Moreover a big thanks to digital source of photography it has inspired armature photographer (or a person like me with Camera), just point shoot and download on to your laptop. Picasa being helpful and allowing upload images and share them, all in a jiffy.

I still remember those days when I bought my first camera (back in year 2002, it cost me 1100 Rs it was a major part of my paycheck), them to I loved clicking, but the only grim side was the wait period, of completing the roll 36shot get them developed, and assume all have came well. At time I would have to wait for occasion as I have not consumed all 36picturres

If I look upon the latest album I shot, its been rainy since morning much before I woke up, and I loved the way it was raining it reminded me of the rain back from my native place (Kerala –Kannur, where when it rains, it just rains un-interrupt) today rain is somewhat in similar fashion, no wind to make sure the clouds will find a new place.

Below are the picture I took some time back and some of them have came out really well (as I say I loved them), I so easy to click 50 pics in 10 minute span and create an album of 5, ahh technology I love it.

As most rain lover back home would love to have a cup of Garam Chai (hot tea) and savory Onion Pakodas

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Foodies.... We..... Compatible

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When two people from different walk of life play to dwell a single life… still require a lot of support and commitment, and quote often, we tend to hear questions, so how did you guys start of, so how is the cultural gap working out between you, and I am sure you guys have some common grounds to stand on.

What generally is done by most of us, try to wade through the question and look really over it, as you both know it’s not the culture that binds you…. 

In our case we have a strong agent of binding ‘FOOD’ please doesn’t be surprised, its true, down the live we have know that we really do have strong taste buds and more over we love preparing food.

Just to tell an incidence, couple of weeks back we both were watching some TV show, and in that we so them eating ‘Bread Pakoda’ (to explain: you prepare a mash potato add all spice required, stuff it in between 2 diagonal slice of bread, dip it in Corn-Flour mix and deep fry), so back to the story in net 45 minutes we both were savoring the delicacy.

I would love to share some of the dishes we prepared in last 2 weeks or so (Not to mention we have a whole album on Picasa to support)

Pasta and Sangaria... on a HOT Saturday Afternoon Jul 24 when Sun was blazing at 45Celsius

Manu prepared Shahi Tukda....

Indo-Chinese any day special, Veg manchurian: Manu prepared this way better then earlier versions

Thai Yello Baby Corn curry, Thanks to Mohita, long back she gifted a Curry book, which helps me still to prepare some special dinner.

Manu prepared Hot and Sour Soup, way better then resturant class

Manu, prepared Baby Corn cilli...Thanks to Sanjeev Kapoor recipe, he is a gem in Indian Cuisines 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Time flies by… 12 years have gone by….

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Why, a post looking back in time… I ask why not… it is the best source of learning and helps us to evolve….

Today I saw a friend of mine posting a message ‘How many of us really remember when we first met???, I replied ‘Do not remember the day but it is 12 years back when I first met you FY BCS (back  in 1999  some time between Jul-Aug when we started our First Year in Bachelor in Computer Science).

A though had already started ticking 12… 12 … 12 … 12…
How fast time really flies in front your eyes, and I still recall my college days as if it was just couple of summer ago, and I have just started of with the job after college. However more then a decade has passed, all this time it was not I just steered over calm water over time I have stumbled, fallen face down only to get back on your feet, re-grouped myself and kept going.

I still recall those days when I had finished my 12th standard exams, people around used to ask, ‘So what are you going to do’ all I used to do is ‘Shrug my shoulder, indicating not sure’, and then I would be bombed with suggestion what to do and what not to do. Soon after results arrived as expected my picture was not in Newspapers (for my picture to publish, it would have been a 1000 page newsletter that day…).
Most of them suggested to join Engineering, I wanted something different, all I remember is that I announced I am taking admission at a local college for BCS.(C for computers, and until then I had used it only to play Prince of Persia)
All I thought was I would be joining the new young blood IT brand who was again trying to stand on its knees post Y2K slump… was it a good choice or bad… i guess time had to decide on that, all I could do is stay affirm on to the decision I have taken.

I guess that is what life is all about, you take one decision and follow it, you will reach where you want to, but that do not mean you will flow steadily, you will fall, you will stumble and will have to steer through high rapid, eventually to reach…

Over the years I have cam a long way, looking back reminds me of all moments that had create a curve or flow like a stream of water, so let see what where as how I will be leading ahead  with time…

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Picture Speaks: Each as its own story

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This happens to be first post in 3 weeks time, and it was not like that over this time I did not intended to write a post, if I recall more than three instance when I wanted to write a post but each time I jumbled and was missing the continuous flow thought and to a extent lacking commitment to wrap the post to a complete state. I assume I was over burned with many other tough and loaded with office works,, as we been having week over week releases.

Ahhh I guess I should leave my office stuff at the revolving door of the office, only to pick up next day when I head inside.

Meanwhile yesterday morning it was way hot and humid not for a moment I missed my Native Kerala but the temperature never creped past 40, but since last week we have witness how Sun wanted to bake cookie on earth…

I was still having my hot cup of tea…. When I saw the steam coming out I could not wait taking pictures and add tag lines to them.

I see a human dance on some Bhangada music, and as most of us adore Hrithik dance move, why not call it 'Hrithik groves'
As my Sun Sign happen to be Aries: I was able to visualize my sun-sign in it 

Hand of God: This reminds me of Deigo Maradono  goal against England during 1986 World-Cup QF.
Below clip will help you recall.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 4: Journey Continues: Hot-Water tub / Zip-Line

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The cabin we booked was really nice, we wanted to spend some time, and thanks to the hot water-tub placed onlooking the mountain range along with Jacuzzi a much needed treat to our soul to make a chunky dip in the bubbly water tub, and sip Carona's

Other then this we wanted to have some fun and adventures activity lined up for the day....
So it's time for Zip-lining (Smoky  Mountain - Zipliners) its a 18 stop Zip-lining course total distance close to 2miles and the longest stretch spanning 580feet

It was a amazing experience scenic mountains in your backdrop time to enact George in a Jungle and live our dreams of swinging by trees hurdling over bushes screaming like Tarzan and Jane for next 2hrs. On one particular location they had spy camera's to capture some realistic snaps.

Later it was Go-Karting time... Time to burn some rubber and spun on track... We tried breaking current record set by Sebastian Vettel (Current Formula 1 champion)

Later we retired back to cabin and planned for a gala dinner and indeed it was gala....

- Veg Manchurian
- Stri-Fry Noodles
- Spice Fried Rice
- Vodka + fresh Watermelon Juice (It turned out to be a nice combination)

Clock ticks away we ended our Day 4 with loads of memory and stories to share with.

Next day a new beginning awaits us... Until the Rosters wakes us up all...

Day 3: Journey continues: No network Zone:

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We became victim by telecom giant AT&T, whose tagline reads (we cover 97% of US) and some how I feel I end up in those 3% however after a long time I was disconnected from network and felt  a but good, so no email checking(it would be mostly from 100 place's where you would have registered) 

Okay back on track, relating our day 3 activity, we had a nice long ride before we reach to our next checkpoint 'Whitewater Rafting at Nanthala Gorge -VIrginia' 

Before this time I had been three times for rafting at 'Delaware Water-gap' all those were rafting spanned for totaling of 4+ hours and covering close to 8 miles in distance....
This was a worth while experience and far more the best rafting experience I had and each raft had a Coach who makes we have the best time invading or conquering raging lake... 
Emiley 'Raft Coach' had amazing had loads of share, and we shared Hindi with her... 'Aage -- Forward' and 'Rooko -- Stop' we guessed as she wanted to catch couple of Hindi words from us, later part of rafting was all about Aage and Rooko...

In next 90minutes we covered 8miles of stretch.

Later in afternoon we headed to our cabin - Country Oak located in Smoky Mountains in Tennessee (Majestic Mountains), we found this amazing place to stay for couple of days... 

More to continue as our vacation progress

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 2: Journey continues: Hiking

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So as our day 1 was all about onset of our journey.... For day 2 we had  plan outlined, only point was how good we would be able walk down path we intended.

After all the wake up buzzer we were out of the hotel by 9:30...  
Next Checkpoint 'Hiking at Seven Sisters Trail - Virginia'

Length: 4.8 miles

Like in most cases... How we came to this particular hiking place of all places...

Saturday night we had our reservation made at Comfort Inn Johnson City located 400 odd miles from Friday night halt. 

Moreover 'Seven Sisters Trail' had great review considering we fall in moderate category of hikers, as in past non of us had actually returned from 'Mt. Everest base camp' (in future I may).

We reached the trail place, and our was the only car in the parking area,  thanks to the sign board we still assume we were at the right spot... The area was heavily forested, Sun struggled at times to pass warmth to the surface.

Next 3 hours we did not see any soul unless someone spotted us(am I able to creep like some suspense movie).... I will rate the trail as one of the best trail i have ever been to for:
- Less difficulty lots of twist and turn
- Narrow lane 
- You can hear leaves falling
- Hear dried twigs breaking under your feet

Journey so far has be amazing and mostly we are still able to walk on the dotted planned lines (If we fall back it is easier to draw a new line)

Time to check-in... As another planned day lays ahead of us, watch out more for Day-3

On the signing note: we met officer Willee, she was happy to pull us of the road and give us a 15minute break... To cut the long story short we were stopped for speeding....

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 1: Of the journey: away from Work

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The word journey it self bring thills... And being Friday and for sake of saving a day... As most people did I WFH (and trust me most of them would have just made sure to tap mouse / Keyboard once in a while so that the status is online... Me neither an exception....

As usual we went over board with packing and gathering things as if we are boarding 'Noah's Ark'... be it... somehow we managed to close trunk of the car, load full as termed as need for survival rofl...

Here we go.... Our destination.... Drive 275 miles and reach 'Winchester VIrginia -- Holiday Inn' were we plan to hold our put for night...

A new day and a new plan waits to unfolds... when you are on a vacation we should be over ambition in successfully striking out all the plan you would have painted on the drawing board...

So wait and see how day 2 would has to offer.... Starting with when we left our crusader....

Below pic was taken by 'Sarave' when we went to pick up all the necessary supplements required for a successful journey (prizes for right guesses)... as we picked up the last supply she wanted a pic of us to be taken, and this is we..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

20 Hour Day….

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Its rare lately when my day spans for 20 hours, sorry my friend it not due to late night party or watching back to back late night movie…. If I look from minute one how the day started it is all amazing… and not a single minute was spend lazing around….

Buzzers go off at 4:30am… before the snooze goes off again, my phone rings, on the other end, my friend ‘Bhai… me reaching in 5-10min’ that all and he hangs up…

4:45am I am standing outside my house and am dropping my friend to Airport… a nice 45 minutes ride and during whole time we talk… just to make sure he is not sleeping on the wheel….

I had my continuing plan of visiting my wife’s cousin 4 hours and 30 minutes drive (last time it took us 7:15 hours) I guess we were lucky this time.

Afternoon we visited UMass Lowell Campus, it happens to realize that it is my maiden university tour. As a student I never happened to visit a University (as mine was a affiliated college) old stories apart, it was a nice visit, walking by all the department, and happened to see the project work of a Phd holder and of another person who would he defending his thesis by year end.

Evening I watched a nice comedy / love story ‘Mickey Blue Eyes’, and had awesome dinner

That’s when I just though let me check my office email ‘IF some one was throwing flags’ I had to log and perform some checks, that took close to 3 hours….  Resulting to the post title ’20 Hour Day’ --- 4:30am to 12:30am

I hope to catch a nice sleep like a log, Beatles songs suits just right… 
‘It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log’

Friday: How an awesome morning it was....

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It’s been a while for me since I last blogger, seams to me the last marathon series I took a month back dehydrated all my thoughts, or to say the mighty soldier who is always prepared for a battle, wear his amour sharpens his blade and wait for the day, and meantime he trains and trains himself hard.

And the day arrive when he feels he will attain all glory and have a rewarding fight for his lands and those who challenge… and the constant fight and strike takes a toll and when the dust settles he who was felt glory in raising his sword and shield, would be a bit more offensive.

This seams to me my stage… I always prepared for the war, and when it came upon, I fought each and every day and when the time came to rest the sword…. I laid down my pen…. Nevertheless, as the soldier who can never lay down his sward, I to would be back in a constant flow of blog post.

Today morning as I stepped out of house, instantly I felt something is not right, as I was in my office formals and was heading to office… what would have been best, either I lay under warm layer comforter or Sip a warm cup of coffee or in-fact I should be riding my bike…

p.s. I realized that i had not published this one, had written this on my way to office, as i had to spend rest of the day behind monitors and under under open sky