Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smile :-0 .. Post 15

The best gift human has, which is harmless beneficial andhighly contagious dare you can run away from it without being gripped by it.

How often it happens that we come across smiley andinstantaneous see ourselves with a smile....

So why do keep it reserved let’s start sharing each and everytime possible never mind if it is with a completely unknown person and thereare high chances you would get smile back in return.

Passing a Smile is not only to make you happy, moreimportant It would be for the other person, who might not have got a chance to sharea smile, and with the smile you passed it would increase the chance to make hisrest of day better.

As in today’s fast and nucleus life we happen to share veryless light hearted moment, most of the time we are always in a rush:

- rush for waking up early
- rush in reaching up to bus stop on time
- rush in reaching office on time (in case we happen tostuck in traffic we end up with a frown face)
- rush to reach office desk and join the status-call on time
- rush scanning reading and replying all the accumulated emailsover night
- rush in catching up on some more discussion over coffeebreak and lunch break
- rush in reaching home...not to be with family, rather tolog-in to wrap up some pending task
By time we reach home our body would have given up, and ontop of it at times you have to dial in a late call...

So in all this activity did you find a moment to smile or tobring smile ob some one's face. If you did it good to many people directly orindirectly associated....

So keep passing the precious gift, Smile is an assetappreciates each and every time you pass it on... so what are you waiting for….Pass a SMILE.

This is one best smile or laughter moment we shared
My favorite video on Smile is of the great MJ:

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Joe said...

Smile an everlasting smile.. :) :) :)

Nice snap and nice post...