Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pictures: On the Go....

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PENCIL Company: been a long time since I hold a pencil and wrote something long lost school days… when Pencil were an integral part of childhood… its long gone I guess since the advent of Leap-Frog (computer aided learning play toys)

FRIDAY: what a better way to start celebrating all the holiday lined up… Friday we had couple of Pool game over beer… it was fun after a while. 

FIRE: Firefighter to doze the fire of to set fire… This pretty looking cheers girls we on a Vintage Fire-Engine on Veterans Days at Times-Square

Moon Overlooking: yesterday while we were on our way… Happen to catch this glimpse… which was really nice, I wished I had my SLR… I loved the whole picture…. Backdrop Sky touching Empire Estate, Old factories in Foreground, and Full MOON overlooking

Hope: This tree spreading message’ Winter still at bay’ One of the last few tree, which still adore and spreading message that we have some more time before winter grips

Prepare: Time to prepare as winter approaching time for a long hibernating state, converse all what you have to next spring 

No Stopping: Time-Square is the place to witness anything or everything, Not sure what the theme was I was rushing to office still took time to capture this moment.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Dipavali

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Dipavali…. In India itself various regions different mythological stories associated which culminate and we celebrate Dipavali… or the best way to quote it is celebrated the victory of good over evil.

As soon I and many of us hear Dipavali, a broad smile is supposed to pass on everybody face, the first and foremost things that come to mind are, new Clothes, Fire crackers, Sweets (all sort of sweets) Dipavali lamps and Diyas, specially the earthen one, and fun time with families and friends.

The one we kept on the passage stairs.
Back during our school time, I guess every year till 7th standard we were to write essay about Dipavali and in our craft and drawing classes we were asked to prepared Dipavali lamp and were asked to make sure we put them at our house

Suring our childhood we used to eagerly wait for the Dipavali vacation (3 weeks) those were amazing fun time with friend, I remember we used to help prepare Killa (usually children’s build replica of forts or castle in memory of ‘Shivaji Maharaj’ as the great warriors happen to capture his first fort (Torna Fort) at the age of 16, back them itself he had amazing guerilla warfare techniques)

As we grow older we happen to stand at the other end and gaze children’s preparing those forts.
Diya: the one we lit at the entrance door
This year’s Dipavali is very silent as compared to last year, as last year I was in Pune and had great time, this time I am away from home, but last week while doing India grocery, I happen to buy those earther Diya’s which I had lit up, when all light are turnoff, and the light spread by DIYA’s is enough to engulf the darkness, that the simple message we have to inherit, and make sure that small Diya spread enough light and we find the way in our life.

So on this note: Happy Dipavali, have a bright Diwali not a noisy one.