Thursday, February 17, 2011

State of Mind...

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Am I missing... or am I short of thinking... or am I hiding somewhere…

It been a while, or better to say close to five months since I have been a frequent blogger.... people of know me of read my post any guess why so if you can please share with me.... As I am not able to think of a reason... at time I feel, I should be coming up with a reason, concluded as this thought have been on, and off since last few days.

At times we all might have such phase of time, where in we feel we are missing something or we are looking out for something but are not able to figure out what we have been missing or what we are looking for, but all we know is…. A big question mark… eventually we all reach or find a solution that gives sigh of relief.

So hmmmm whom do I crucify…. Okay let me blame this brutal harsh winter we had this season… at first it was nice… but as time went by everything was frozen… the worst wintery evening was 22nd Jan when temperature dropped till -2F (yup its in Fahrenheit and not Celsius) sure to freeze all brain cells…

On 5th Jan when I was back from \Pune i wanted to see lush green lawn and park near our house but all I could see was white landscape...
From last couple of days it been a bit warm (mostly temperature in 10C, what a time when we quote 10C as warm) still we have loads of human made ice mountains.

At first when show starts they come down in form of flurries, in a while every bit of land is covered in soft snow (like from fairly tales Snow White playing). However, as time passes by and we see the nice soft snow turning into rock solid ice… as in this season we happen to witness close to 55+ inches of snow.

I am sure i will find my way back and will post more frequently

Until then all my friend, you have a nice time....

p.s. Please don’t consider this post, as if I am retiring from blogging and you might never see a post coming from me...
I might be back tomorrow itself you might never know

Friday, February 11, 2011

We are foodies…

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As I mentioned in my last blog ‘Dinner Tonight’… where I was emphasizing on how complex and tough at time it becomes when the decision has to be made ‘What’s cooking for Dinner’ as usual today also it was not any different.

But today it happened to be bit easy… as we had some rice prepared… not sufficient for two of us that lead to an easy and simple decision of preparing Chinese and India snacks as we prepared ‘Fried-Rice’ and ‘Pakodas’

Need i that it was yummy….

While we both were preparing for dinner, she commented… ‘It is good that we both are foodies, else it would have been tough if any one of us was not that inclined in all preparing process’
And guess what I myself feel the same…

Ahhh… we didn’t had any Wine to toast for tonight’s dinner… nevertheless the dinner was amazing and we enjoyed it over a nice ‘Desi Romantic movie – I Hate Love Story

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friends... Callling... Friends Calling

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Tring- Tring

That the sound of Phone bell ringing and yes we love to listen to the very simple noise ‘Tring-Tring’ I feel the tone became immortal due to ‘Matrix’.

We 5 college time buddies currently located at 5 different places, once in a while we all get over a long chat over phone. Mostly I being the co-coordinator and get into a conference call, and this time after long email thread, mostly delayed as I went missing mostly I was caught up in some office work, and yes finally last Sunday we all were able to get in a call.

What’s the tough part, getting all together is tough part, geographical location (time-zone) added more flavor to it (10:00Pm in India / 4:30pm in London / 11:30am New-York), and mostly time zone is not an issues… the promise that I made to setup the call was something similar to the promises that our dear politician make. However, unlike politician i fulfilled my promise.

Agenda for this time, was to finalize our next India trip and two of my buddies are getting married (may there Bachelorhood rest in Peace, may they live they life fullest till the last moment)

This time to we were not able to catch hold of a friend as he was driving his way back home (as he pretended to an idol motorist, Not to talk while driving)

Did we reach a conclusion: oh yeah we all are in a FIX,
Me: As my VISA is expiring not sure when will I be getting renewal petition (last time it took 8 months, would be a rare care, but not sure would be a usual pattern in my case)

Mirror-Axe: Ahh this Dude has his own trouble not sure what would be his project state would be…. So in short he in a limbo state but yet we all count on him

Vicks: (The Groom No. 1) has is own problem with some documentation, still in doubt will he be able to make up for ‘seconds friend wedding’ Good to know that his plan are fixes, nothing new with him as usual plan works better in last minute

The Perfectionist ‘U’: What to say about, he is the ‘YES Man’ in our gang, He will say YES to each and everything, until the very last moment, you can tell or at time I guess even he cant tell what will happen, but he will make all possible attempts

Groom No.2: hmmm, at this moment nothing decided. If you all have seen Matrix 2: ‘Where in Neo, is stuck in a train station not sure which way to go, time is the Key’ ame is the case with him, he in between switching jobs & City not sure were he will be, I bet the soon he make his mind.

Awaiting for the next email thread to being so we all are getting back in a call….. tring… tring…

This is the our latest pic, whene we all met after 4 years: