Saturday, July 30, 2011

Foodies.... We..... Compatible

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When two people from different walk of life play to dwell a single life… still require a lot of support and commitment, and quote often, we tend to hear questions, so how did you guys start of, so how is the cultural gap working out between you, and I am sure you guys have some common grounds to stand on.

What generally is done by most of us, try to wade through the question and look really over it, as you both know it’s not the culture that binds you…. 

In our case we have a strong agent of binding ‘FOOD’ please doesn’t be surprised, its true, down the live we have know that we really do have strong taste buds and more over we love preparing food.

Just to tell an incidence, couple of weeks back we both were watching some TV show, and in that we so them eating ‘Bread Pakoda’ (to explain: you prepare a mash potato add all spice required, stuff it in between 2 diagonal slice of bread, dip it in Corn-Flour mix and deep fry), so back to the story in net 45 minutes we both were savoring the delicacy.

I would love to share some of the dishes we prepared in last 2 weeks or so (Not to mention we have a whole album on Picasa to support)

Pasta and Sangaria... on a HOT Saturday Afternoon Jul 24 when Sun was blazing at 45Celsius

Manu prepared Shahi Tukda....

Indo-Chinese any day special, Veg manchurian: Manu prepared this way better then earlier versions

Thai Yello Baby Corn curry, Thanks to Mohita, long back she gifted a Curry book, which helps me still to prepare some special dinner.

Manu prepared Hot and Sour Soup, way better then resturant class

Manu, prepared Baby Corn cilli...Thanks to Sanjeev Kapoor recipe, he is a gem in Indian Cuisines 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Time flies by… 12 years have gone by….

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Why, a post looking back in time… I ask why not… it is the best source of learning and helps us to evolve….

Today I saw a friend of mine posting a message ‘How many of us really remember when we first met???, I replied ‘Do not remember the day but it is 12 years back when I first met you FY BCS (back  in 1999  some time between Jul-Aug when we started our First Year in Bachelor in Computer Science).

A though had already started ticking 12… 12 … 12 … 12…
How fast time really flies in front your eyes, and I still recall my college days as if it was just couple of summer ago, and I have just started of with the job after college. However more then a decade has passed, all this time it was not I just steered over calm water over time I have stumbled, fallen face down only to get back on your feet, re-grouped myself and kept going.

I still recall those days when I had finished my 12th standard exams, people around used to ask, ‘So what are you going to do’ all I used to do is ‘Shrug my shoulder, indicating not sure’, and then I would be bombed with suggestion what to do and what not to do. Soon after results arrived as expected my picture was not in Newspapers (for my picture to publish, it would have been a 1000 page newsletter that day…).
Most of them suggested to join Engineering, I wanted something different, all I remember is that I announced I am taking admission at a local college for BCS.(C for computers, and until then I had used it only to play Prince of Persia)
All I thought was I would be joining the new young blood IT brand who was again trying to stand on its knees post Y2K slump… was it a good choice or bad… i guess time had to decide on that, all I could do is stay affirm on to the decision I have taken.

I guess that is what life is all about, you take one decision and follow it, you will reach where you want to, but that do not mean you will flow steadily, you will fall, you will stumble and will have to steer through high rapid, eventually to reach…

Over the years I have cam a long way, looking back reminds me of all moments that had create a curve or flow like a stream of water, so let see what where as how I will be leading ahead  with time…

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Picture Speaks: Each as its own story

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This happens to be first post in 3 weeks time, and it was not like that over this time I did not intended to write a post, if I recall more than three instance when I wanted to write a post but each time I jumbled and was missing the continuous flow thought and to a extent lacking commitment to wrap the post to a complete state. I assume I was over burned with many other tough and loaded with office works,, as we been having week over week releases.

Ahhh I guess I should leave my office stuff at the revolving door of the office, only to pick up next day when I head inside.

Meanwhile yesterday morning it was way hot and humid not for a moment I missed my Native Kerala but the temperature never creped past 40, but since last week we have witness how Sun wanted to bake cookie on earth…

I was still having my hot cup of tea…. When I saw the steam coming out I could not wait taking pictures and add tag lines to them.

I see a human dance on some Bhangada music, and as most of us adore Hrithik dance move, why not call it 'Hrithik groves'
As my Sun Sign happen to be Aries: I was able to visualize my sun-sign in it 

Hand of God: This reminds me of Deigo Maradono  goal against England during 1986 World-Cup QF.
Below clip will help you recall.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 4: Journey Continues: Hot-Water tub / Zip-Line

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The cabin we booked was really nice, we wanted to spend some time, and thanks to the hot water-tub placed onlooking the mountain range along with Jacuzzi a much needed treat to our soul to make a chunky dip in the bubbly water tub, and sip Carona's

Other then this we wanted to have some fun and adventures activity lined up for the day....
So it's time for Zip-lining (Smoky  Mountain - Zipliners) its a 18 stop Zip-lining course total distance close to 2miles and the longest stretch spanning 580feet

It was a amazing experience scenic mountains in your backdrop time to enact George in a Jungle and live our dreams of swinging by trees hurdling over bushes screaming like Tarzan and Jane for next 2hrs. On one particular location they had spy camera's to capture some realistic snaps.

Later it was Go-Karting time... Time to burn some rubber and spun on track... We tried breaking current record set by Sebastian Vettel (Current Formula 1 champion)

Later we retired back to cabin and planned for a gala dinner and indeed it was gala....

- Veg Manchurian
- Stri-Fry Noodles
- Spice Fried Rice
- Vodka + fresh Watermelon Juice (It turned out to be a nice combination)

Clock ticks away we ended our Day 4 with loads of memory and stories to share with.

Next day a new beginning awaits us... Until the Rosters wakes us up all...

Day 3: Journey continues: No network Zone:

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We became victim by telecom giant AT&T, whose tagline reads (we cover 97% of US) and some how I feel I end up in those 3% however after a long time I was disconnected from network and felt  a but good, so no email checking(it would be mostly from 100 place's where you would have registered) 

Okay back on track, relating our day 3 activity, we had a nice long ride before we reach to our next checkpoint 'Whitewater Rafting at Nanthala Gorge -VIrginia' 

Before this time I had been three times for rafting at 'Delaware Water-gap' all those were rafting spanned for totaling of 4+ hours and covering close to 8 miles in distance....
This was a worth while experience and far more the best rafting experience I had and each raft had a Coach who makes we have the best time invading or conquering raging lake... 
Emiley 'Raft Coach' had amazing had loads of share, and we shared Hindi with her... 'Aage -- Forward' and 'Rooko -- Stop' we guessed as she wanted to catch couple of Hindi words from us, later part of rafting was all about Aage and Rooko...

In next 90minutes we covered 8miles of stretch.

Later in afternoon we headed to our cabin - Country Oak located in Smoky Mountains in Tennessee (Majestic Mountains), we found this amazing place to stay for couple of days... 

More to continue as our vacation progress

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 2: Journey continues: Hiking

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So as our day 1 was all about onset of our journey.... For day 2 we had  plan outlined, only point was how good we would be able walk down path we intended.

After all the wake up buzzer we were out of the hotel by 9:30...  
Next Checkpoint 'Hiking at Seven Sisters Trail - Virginia'
Length: 4.8 miles

Like in most cases... How we came to this particular hiking place of all places...

Saturday night we had our reservation made at Comfort Inn Johnson City located 400 odd miles from Friday night halt. 

Moreover 'Seven Sisters Trail' had great review considering we fall in moderate category of hikers, as in past non of us had actually returned from 'Mt. Everest base camp' (in future I may).

We reached the trail place, and our was the only car in the parking area,  thanks to the sign board we still assume we were at the right spot... The area was heavily forested, Sun struggled at times to pass warmth to the surface.

Next 3 hours we did not see any soul unless someone spotted us(am I able to creep like some suspense movie).... I will rate the trail as one of the best trail i have ever been to for:
- Less difficulty lots of twist and turn
- Narrow lane 
- You can hear leaves falling
- Hear dried twigs breaking under your feet

Journey so far has be amazing and mostly we are still able to walk on the dotted planned lines (If we fall back it is easier to draw a new line)

Time to check-in... As another planned day lays ahead of us, watch out more for Day-3

On the signing note: we met officer Willee, she was happy to pull us of the road and give us a 15minute break... To cut the long story short we were stopped for speeding....

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 1: Of the journey: away from Work

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The word journey it self bring thills... And being Friday and for sake of saving a day... As most people did I WFH (and trust me most of them would have just made sure to tap mouse / Keyboard once in a while so that the status is online... Me neither an exception....

As usual we went over board with packing and gathering things as if we are boarding 'Noah's Ark'... be it... somehow we managed to close trunk of the car, load full as termed as need for survival rofl...

Here we go.... Our destination.... Drive 275 miles and reach 'Winchester VIrginia -- Holiday Inn' were we plan to hold our put for night...

A new day and a new plan waits to unfolds... when you are on a vacation we should be over ambition in successfully striking out all the plan you would have painted on the drawing board...

So wait and see how day 2 would has to offer.... Starting with when we left our crusader....

Below pic was taken by 'Sarave' when we went to pick up all the necessary supplements required for a successful journey (prizes for right guesses)... as we picked up the last supply she wanted a pic of us to be taken, and this is we..