Monday, April 11, 2011

Time to Shed - Post 7

As day pass by, temperature sour up in the red, and make sure all passing day would bring new color in life, the color none other than GREEN, the color that would bring life to all plant and would spring back life into them, and the time would come again when we can spend our time under the shade of tree, spending time with our loved one, reading the pending book, watching kids play in the park…. It’s the same effect when you were waiting for the jolt that would push to the end make want you run the extra mile, or the last few hundred meters.

Be whatever it is the feeling of SPING coming back to your life is amazing the days are gone when it feel amazing to walk in your formal shirts and not cover ourselves under light observing color or simpler to say BLACK, and it the time back again when we can get out all color full and vibrating colors.

We both always wanted to get some plant in our home, but we did not got that till recently, until then we made sure that at all time we do have some flower around us, the presence of any plant or flower in home make the environment a bit lively and spreads positivity around.

We happened to get ‘Epipremnum aureum’, it’s a small house hold decorative plant, and couple of days back it had a new leaf, I guess it is fair to assume it has adopted to its new home. Ahhh my bad I should have told we got ‘Money Plant’ as we all popularly know.

So the long wait has ended, time to walk straight to skin care section and grab some sun-screen lotions… time to enjoy summer….

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