Monday, January 31, 2011

Dinner Tonight!!!

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It is one such question that I can bet would be haunted to many of us…. I used to feel this question scares the most if you are staying alone (Bachelor life… I cont disclose the benefit of it… as I am no more in that elite group)… but to say the truth it do not matter if you are a couple….

Whenever this question comes…. I feel I am pushed back to my school days when I not prepared for the surprise quiz I would be completely clueless and would be mumbling… the same effect still take place at time when I, and now we both are confused… what cooking tonight… or what’s for Dinner tonight

So as usual we were sitting and chit chatting and were having a hard time to decide what to cook for dinner… and we both mumbling and not able to decide what to and what not to….

But know as the Rotis are being prepared…. I should say that we are having a nice full course meal….

Dal prepared by her…. Soybean sabzi prepared by her, and Rotis again by her….

It’s time to savor the nice meal we prepared…. bon appetite….

After all this effort we are done for Monday only… this do not assure again tomorrow we will not be chased by the same question…. why to worry today thinking of tomorrow…

Mantra of life…. ‘Live in the moment’

So what did you had or what are you having for dinner tonight…..

This is what we both had....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bryan Adams live in concert

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Dream come true.... Bryan Adams

Yesterday for the first time me and my wife got a chance to attend a acoustic show of the one and only ‘Bryan Adams’ (thanks to my dear friend
s who gifted us the tickets).

Bryan Adams a name that does not require an introduction, many of us has spent our thousands of hours listening to his songs….

My first experience of listening to Bryan Adams songs I remember is when I was at a friend’s place, who had bought a new Desktop computer, the person who assembled his computer was good enough to dump tons of songs and loads of software (which is bet would be still sitting in cold storage to be used).

While we were scanning all the songs ‘Summer of 69’ caught our attention, that was the day and 27th Jan was when my dream came true as we were at ‘Beacon Theater – NY’ watching Bryan Adams singing songs that we would have listened more than million times but still listening those songs from Bryan is for sure to get goose bumps

Wait ended at 8:10pm… when Bryan came on stage with Greg (who was on Piano)… and they stated jamming and first was ‘Run to You’ followed by ‘Cuts like a knife’ ….

He made the mood high with funny little jokes and liners…. The one I have to mention…. Before that some things about New Yorkers, they love to use the most versatile word in English vocabulary ‘Fuck’…

So Bryan starts with this incidence ‘He was walking down Park Avenue, where he saw a car met with an accident and it was being towed, he stopped and asked the person, ‘Hey what had had happened’ and the guy replies…. ‘Hey you are the Bryan Fucking Adams, hey Joe see we have Fucking Adams’ (This is a gesture of excitement’) to under one should listen ‘Rajneesh (OSHO) – the ultimate speech on work fuck
Bryan then kept on singing his famous number and kept on his small talk… As the evening passed his songs made each one of us reach a trans state.

Bryan would have bowed and said good night 3 to 4 times, and each time he came back and continued…
And finally with ‘have you really loved a woman’ he signed off for the evening, but this evening I would be remembering for ages to come.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remembering people not by their name

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If we are to sit back and recall all the people we know or we have met, we generally group them, based on where we met say most common group if we form would be family / friends / relative / school friends / office friends, and so on.

However, of all the groups and subgroups we form we definitely will have an untitled list where we happen to remember people not my any categories or my their names, we remember them as we happen to meet them at various point of time

My last trip back to my home was really nice and not less then a roller coaster ride, truth me if I say I got married (I guess I need not have to give nay further explanation how busy and happening it can be)

I happen to meet of have come across few people during this visit that I would be remembering them for a while (thanks to volatile nature of our memory)

Chotu (as I would name him)
We were waking down MG road (Pune), when we was stopped by a young boy barely 10 years of age, and this is why I would remember him:
Chotu: Sir main apka shoes saaf karu (Sir shall I clean your shoes)
Me: Nahi yaar (No buddy)
Chotu: Main accha saaf karoonga (I will clean it very nicely)
Me: Nahi bets chod (No please), and I tried to offer him some money.
(And that is when I got this reply in English and I was kept thinking for a while, I wish or rather we all how ever possible should help people in any form)
Chotu: No Sir, I do not beg for leaving, Pay me for my work.

Dadi Maa
(In India most old ladies are addressed as Dadi-Maa in respect)
I happen to meet this sweet woman who is strong and determined at 89 years of age. I doubt if we all would be that strong at that age.
With her age of experience, she had to offer vast amount of good will message, she was explaining how in general people have evolved and how relationship has shrunk in this fast paced life style, she names our current generation as ‘I care for myself generation’.
After all the conversation she insisted that she would prepare a cup of tea, which I was not able to decline, I will remember the sweet of the tea and the lady for long time.

Bade Bhai
It was a hour long bus journey deep interior of Kerala, that when I happen to start of a conversation in Malayalam( I am a Keralite, and mostly I only have conversation in Malayalam with my Mom and handful of relatives) I always wanted to test my Malayalam skill when i am in Kerala.
I started conversation with this people, and that’s when later I knew we both had many similarities.
- My Dad and person share similar Name.
- Twenty plus years back we lived in Pimpri (town close to Pune – India) where we lived sixteen years ago
- He worked in Pune city (I used to work in Pune City)
- He had some relatives close to my Dad’s Family home

This are the few people whom I came across while I was travelling and was on vacation, I felt that I better put them in writing before my memory fades away.

I am sure many of you can recall some incidence, which helped them to remember a person not my name, as Shakespeare quotes ‘What’s in a Name’