Sunday, June 26, 2011

20 Hour Day….

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Its rare lately when my day spans for 20 hours, sorry my friend it not due to late night party or watching back to back late night movie…. If I look from minute one how the day started it is all amazing… and not a single minute was spend lazing around….

Buzzers go off at 4:30am… before the snooze goes off again, my phone rings, on the other end, my friend ‘Bhai… me reaching in 5-10min’ that all and he hangs up…

4:45am I am standing outside my house and am dropping my friend to Airport… a nice 45 minutes ride and during whole time we talk… just to make sure he is not sleeping on the wheel….

I had my continuing plan of visiting my wife’s cousin 4 hours and 30 minutes drive (last time it took us 7:15 hours) I guess we were lucky this time.

Afternoon we visited UMass Lowell Campus, it happens to realize that it is my maiden university tour. As a student I never happened to visit a University (as mine was a affiliated college) old stories apart, it was a nice visit, walking by all the department, and happened to see the project work of a Phd holder and of another person who would he defending his thesis by year end.

Evening I watched a nice comedy / love story ‘Mickey Blue Eyes’, and had awesome dinner

That’s when I just though let me check my office email ‘IF some one was throwing flags’ I had to log and perform some checks, that took close to 3 hours….  Resulting to the post title ’20 Hour Day’ --- 4:30am to 12:30am

I hope to catch a nice sleep like a log, Beatles songs suits just right… 
‘It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log’

Friday: How an awesome morning it was....

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It’s been a while for me since I last blogger, seams to me the last marathon series I took a month back dehydrated all my thoughts, or to say the mighty soldier who is always prepared for a battle, wear his amour sharpens his blade and wait for the day, and meantime he trains and trains himself hard.

And the day arrive when he feels he will attain all glory and have a rewarding fight for his lands and those who challenge… and the constant fight and strike takes a toll and when the dust settles he who was felt glory in raising his sword and shield, would be a bit more offensive.

This seams to me my stage… I always prepared for the war, and when it came upon, I fought each and every day and when the time came to rest the sword…. I laid down my pen…. Nevertheless, as the soldier who can never lay down his sward, I to would be back in a constant flow of blog post.

Today morning as I stepped out of house, instantly I felt something is not right, as I was in my office formals and was heading to office… what would have been best, either I lay under warm layer comforter or Sip a warm cup of coffee or in-fact I should be riding my bike…

p.s. I realized that i had not published this one, had written this on my way to office, as i had to spend rest of the day behind monitors and under under open sky

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brunch: will it be picked in Food Magazine

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How should a weekend start….
Most of us would be loving to start our weekend in the cozy comfort bed… tucked under warm layer of comforter, especially when the  weather is all overcast, and the clouds are pick dark, in a dilemma and checking their watches to decide is it time or do they have to wait for some more time….  As the mighty sun was blazing all week long….
I am still looking at the sky…. Just to feel the rain… it reminds me of the time I was in Pune… start June… any weekend it rained we friend would love ride our bikes towards Lonavala (which is a rain catchment area so it just rains heavily). But this time I would rather sit by the window and enjoy the rain with hot sipping cup of coffee.
I wanted to have breakfast, but was lazy what to make, so with my laziness I decided to prepare only Bunch (in a way to avoid any Lunch as well).

When I prepared I thought of preparing it a bit more fancy:
So what you see is ‘Egg-Roll’ on the sides, and in the center I lined up kiwi some strawberry and with some back grapes…. Volla we have a recipe from ‘Best-Brunch’