Saturday, April 23, 2011

Evolution of Indoor Games: Post 18

Back during our childhood we would have spent most of blazing summer afternoon playing carom board this was only after we would have spend all our morning and would be planning for later in the evening.

As we know evolution is the only constant phenomenon, so as we see a lot of evolution happening in indoor gaming section we had…. Over time we moved from ‘Carom Board’… hand help video game into picture, and here come the Play Station  / X-box, that made sure indoor games had reached a different stratosphere level all together, and when we felt the pinnacle had been reached, move apart. Motion sensor ventured into our drawing room and that’s when the realization happen evolution is only constant.

I was never ever fascinated with remote controlled games, (I would have spend hours watching my friend play all war racing even strategy games) but when I saw Nintando-Wii, I felt that what I guess I have been waiting all the time.

With Nintando-Wii, I felt I was able to give better return than Roger Federer in tennis, I felt I was able to hit more home runs then Derek Jeter in Baseball, and also was able to score more ‘Birdie’ and ‘Eagle’ then Tiger would have ever imagined.

X-Box came back in picture and did not wanted to trail behind, and stated why do we require a handheld remotes, why can’t the player itself be a controller, and with Kinect, I was able to bend it more like Beckham, and at time was able punch faster than Ali or even Tyson.

Till the time we see any new ground breaking games techniques we will enjoy all the games we do have.

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Joe said...

Hahaha...Mast hai guys having a good workout :)