Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 2: Universal Studio calling

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Day Two, has some different fun and events all listed compared from day one, drive on Highway One.

IF you have to compare street between NY and LN, it’s easier as all across in LA you can spot Palm Trees, where as in NY you can spot trees only in Parks (Central Park..)

Today we did plan to visit Universal Studio, it was indeed an amazing experience, living through all those remarkable movies that had came from Universal Studios.

One of the tour listed was ’Special Effects’ we all would have screen and enjoyed when we saw the mighty King Kong running across the streets and muscling stunts with Dinosaurs, in movie King Kong is a 7ton 30foot beats, but in movie filming term King Kong at certain scenes  was mere 18inches.

Some sets were larger than life the one if you happen to recall when a plane did crash in Steven Spielberg’s  ‘War of the World’ the plane looks no smaller than 737 planes.

We watched 4D movie for the first time ‘Shrek it was thrilling, the 3D was amazing, after which I realize all so called 3D movie do not make a stand in front of it.

As yesterday some picture that to say more words.
At the entrance of Universal Studios 

We with the Swamp King and Queen, Shrek and Fiona

Ste from show Water World, impossible to express in words.
After the show took stills with 'Tim Sitarz', this will help you recall all those who watched 'Kambakkht Ishq' he was one of the bad guys, its the same movie which starred 'Sylvester Stallone'

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vacation Calling - West Coast: Day1

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One such word for sure would bring smile across anybody face would be ‘Vacation’, after intense planning and deciding when to travel and for how long we finally have started our vacation touring to West Coast,

Sounding West Coast strike few place in your Mind, LA(Los Angles), San-Francisco, Beverly Hill, and the most striking Hollywood sign.

Our day started rather too early, we boarded the 5:00am flight to LA, definitely not have woken up if it was not or a planned vacation.

Pictures do will speak for themselves rather me narrating a story for it.

Morning Sun-rise over charlotte airport, our transit journey.

Our ride for next 3 days.... its a silent beast on road.... reallyt impressed with Nissan Murano

A Drive, you will remember for long time, Mountains covering one side, endless ocean inviting to swim and surf,  and the long  winding road.

Friday, September 9, 2011

US Open Federer v/s Tsonga

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A Dream come true, watching Roger Federer play was always in the list of things that I wanted, and only what best if you witness him winning cursing easily throughout the match.

We have booked tickets for Quarterfinals match of US OPEN,  the match as per schedule was due on Thursday evening, but unless things are not spiced up what the fun, this time rain main sure to show off its  mighty strength. For 2 days all matched scheduled were cancelled.

So Tuesday and Wednesday completely washed out were we finger crossed for our match, from morning onward I was glued on and was fanatically refreshing to check evening forcast, somehow rain had hold up for the entire day and play resumed as normal.

We reached ‘Arthur Ashe stadium’ by 7:00pm match was scheduled to start by 7:45pm, finally announced ‘Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’ and ‘Roger Federer’ entering the court, the whole court erupted in cherish and praying the rain is at bay.
With Federer leading the set by 3 : 2, here comes the rain showering, and in no time and fresh flowers sprouting, you can see umbrellas of all color popping across the stadium.

In most matches you can spot on or few celebrities around, Will Farrell, as usual was making sure bring big wide smile across people who were braving rain.
After a lot of cat and mouse game between rain and clear sky, players were back on courts for some real tennis this time and this time around rain had no role to play.

Being a Federer fan the best result I was looking for was straight set win, and finally I got what I want to see and match ended at 6-4, 6-3, 6-3.

Anyone would have loved a 5 setter but not me when my start id playing in the court, I see the opponent is demolished and crumbled and warrior waiting un-scratched.

Some moments I would remember during the match was this man, dancing during each break and making sure people go along with the tune
Match still in progress
US as the us Open, battled rain and enjoyed Federer win over Tsonga

This is me, outside the arena

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unbroken:is Louis Zamperini

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After months of non picking up a non-fiction novel for reading, New York bestseller ‘Unbroken’ was my pick, the reason I picked was couple of them:

Author: Laura Hillenbrand, her previous work was ‘Seabuiscuit’ (check link its one of my best movies)

Subject: The story is about survival and how much a person experience in his life time - Louis Zamperini

As a Kid: he made sure that the whole town ‘Torrance’ has stories to narrate relating to his mischief.

As a Teenager: he started running, that’s when he realized what he wants to achieve and where he wants his name listed (As a best Miler – race of one mile), he wanted him to list as Olympic Medal winner.

Olympic Stint: Louie dream of participating in Olympic came true, at the age of 19 when he was competing in the finals of 5000meter race (Athletes peak performance age is 24-29) he finished only 7th but something will make him famous, the last lap of the race, the race winner took 69.2 seconds but Louie finished the last lap in 56seconds, and Louie final time was 14.46.8
The record is Unbroken, fastest one mile run (a mile run is a 3 lap race with timing 61.2, 58.9 and 59.1 seconds) Louie is still 3 seconds faster.

World War II: He enrolled himself, becoming a bombardier for B-24 (Bombardier, is the guy who is located at the tip of the plane and identifies the target and makes a drop) he was in many bombing and rescue missions.

POW: In one of the rescue mission his plane crashed in Pacific ocean, he and his 2 other fellow survived in a raft sailing almost 2000miles, later being captured as a POW

Life after War: A hero back home, life followed him ever y where.

He was a torch bearer for 1984 Summer Olympics.

In his sixties he was still clocking less than 6 minutes a mile. At age 81 he took Skateboarding

And still rocking strong at age 92

Whereas yesterday running my 5k run on thread mille took well over 26 minutes, and my best 1 miles run timed, 7.15 minutes, were Louie clocked under 6 minutes well in his 60’s, I am a long way to beat him at his age on a mile run.