Thursday, April 28, 2011

Towers, tall and short: Post 22

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Please do not confuse this with the quarterly repot or even with stock market movement based on some superficial or highly anticipated news, or nor even with the building structure from New York skyline from midtown to downtown.

These is the tower that depicts how vivid caller I was for AT&T but as the calendar year changed my sincerity and long lasting commitment towards AT&T took a huge plunge. Then started the era of rather named as consistent follow through, that is seen in the last three tiny sprouts, barely coming out of the ground.

How all this realization happened, I was just glancing at the monthly statement, which had a link to ‘Show Past data’ and out of curiosity I clicked on the link. So all those skyscraper were during my courtship period prior to marriage, and all those short and timid towers are post marriage…. I bet AT&T or any other cellular operator would love their customers to be on other end.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brake-fail / Beautiful / Late: Post 21

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The morning bus journey that I take to work usually last for 40 minutes, only if the day is good, in terms of not being stuck behind a broken down bus:

Just to make morning office going crowd a bit privilege... It is called express lane (sounds fancy) as most of the times we see in adjacent lanes other vehicle waiting in an hour long drive through tunnel busses pass in under 15 minutes, but as we are bound to ‘Law of Universe’ (Newton popularized it) every action has equal and opposite reaction, why to bring thing point.... At time the 40-minute ride becoming impossibly long thanks to broken down bus

These are the few common pointer you cannot miss noticing when stuck in traffic:

- Say if we are stuck for 30 minutes behind a non-moving bus, the driver will not be sitting on the horn and exhaust the battery

- This are the same people who run (leaving behind Usain Bolt, not sure I always want to chase him down I have mentioned against him in couple of post) sit more patiently and calmly the Gautam Buddha

- Few of the pretty ladies get extra time to highlight their eye liner and use various beauty assisting equipment (sorry I am still new in understanding these terminology I should be catching up, as it been only 4 months of marriage time)

- Some gentlemen and fairer sex also gets more time to catch up on what’s cooking in Financial section / Sport page

- For some ladies who are gone through mirror less makeup session have time to scan  Vanity Fair or review new summer line, feel real pity for Martians, be it any weather (-20 to +90 Fahrenheit) we will be seen in stripe or plain shirts.

- And once in a while you can hear the sound of discomfort (no idea how to spell it)

After all the drama and fuss I am late again for the meeting (and will blame Lincoln Tunnel for its snail-paced traffic)

Spell out your daily travel story.... I hope it to did not had stomping on brakes

Monday, April 25, 2011

Love: Post 20

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Love: One such word that everyone be it of any age group like to hear once in a while, but most of the time when it comes to say we show a sense of scarcity and show a bit of hesitance.

Why do we doubt love?
If someone says 'I Love you', most of the time our instant replay would be 'Really'.... why do we ask back for affirmation, don’t you feel you can be loved.

On the contritely, if someone says 'I hate you', we won’t be asking back 'Really' instead if you want to avoid argument we would just walk away... so do this mean, 'We are sure to be hated, then loved.

Love does not only mean loving your Girl-Friend or your Spouse, it is a general term which would bring joy and happiness to the one who say and to the one who hears.

If i am to search dictionary for Love, it answers we various other forms:

- A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
- Affectionate concern for the well-being of others: the love of one's neighbor.
- Strong predilection, enthusiasm, or liking for anything: her love of books.
- The object or thing so liked: The Theater was her great love
And not to forget
- Chiefly Tennis. A score of zero; nothing.

We come across people, who would say there is no one who loves me; we should ask have you tried loving someone or something instead. A person who has a feeling of not being in love tends to be depressed, and if anyone is in depression many wrong and unfortunate things could happen that could hurt him and other around.

Love do not come alone it is accompanied with Fun, happiness, smile and laughter, so you are not alone any more in the crowd.

On FB, I came across 'Free Love Day' this group is all about to ‘promote awareness on suicide and depression, as well as to advocate a LIFESTYLE of unconditional love.'

So today on take a step and starting expressing Love, to each and everyone, love you family / friends / neighbors.

On of my favorite song, that Beatles have sung:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gappusingh... Post 19

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I am losing a lot of body fat… I am looking more like ‘Amir Khan’ from Gajani…. I really intend not to look like that…. What the use of all the 6 packs if my memory is not to last for more than 15 minutes.
Looking at me don’t you feel like that I should be served a 6 course gala meal

I am hungry… and real hungry, if you see I lost my tummy (and have this 6 pack, which i wanted to get rid)

Hmmm yeah I am loving all the yummy mouthwatering Nuts (Nuts for Nuts) I am still loving it can I get some more and more and a bit more to retain all the lost fat over the time

Hmmm know I am all set for rest of the day or till the next meal…

As we see we were all busy in the gala lunch menu, forgot to introduce ’Guppu’ aka ‘Gappusingh

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Evolution of Indoor Games: Post 18

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Back during our childhood we would have spent most of blazing summer afternoon playing carom board this was only after we would have spend all our morning and would be planning for later in the evening.

As we know evolution is the only constant phenomenon, so as we see a lot of evolution happening in indoor gaming section we had…. Over time we moved from ‘Carom Board’… hand help video game into picture, and here come the Play Station  / X-box, that made sure indoor games had reached a different stratosphere level all together, and when we felt the pinnacle had been reached, move apart. Motion sensor ventured into our drawing room and that’s when the realization happen evolution is only constant.

I was never ever fascinated with remote controlled games, (I would have spend hours watching my friend play all war racing even strategy games) but when I saw Nintando-Wii, I felt that what I guess I have been waiting all the time.

With Nintando-Wii, I felt I was able to give better return than Roger Federer in tennis, I felt I was able to hit more home runs then Derek Jeter in Baseball, and also was able to score more ‘Birdie’ and ‘Eagle’ then Tiger would have ever imagined.

X-Box came back in picture and did not wanted to trail behind, and stated why do we require a handheld remotes, why can’t the player itself be a controller, and with Kinect, I was able to bend it more like Beckham, and at time was able punch faster than Ali or even Tyson.

Till the time we see any new ground breaking games techniques we will enjoy all the games we do have.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Life, best the way it is: Post 17

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Are we happy for the life we have and how we are... I bet we are... On no I am not talking about small hiccups we face now and then, majority of us do cherish the life we have and aim to make it a better and nice each and every day

Why all of a sudden I am starting a post that talk more on valuing life that we have and the way we are...

Have you ever met or confronted with a transgender:

I had been confronted by transgender couple of times and at one odd time I had to give away some money.
I assume most of us would have somewhat similar story to share(getting away by paying some money, rather than being cursed...

But my view towards transgender is a bit different... I do not feel pity for them, I feel as anyone of us feel, we are best the way we are so in the same way a transgender do not feel sorry or pity on the way they opt to be, it is we who are the culprit and try to downright them and make them stand a lower level the human race.

Today I was watching a episode of 'Dus ka Dum' hosted by Salman Khan.
(We pay a premium price for India channel only 3 and at time we see shows aired 3 years old)

This was for the first time a transgender was called in to be a participant, named 'Laxmi' she is amazing person, (based on the work she is being doing for general upliftment)

Laxmi dispelled some age-old myths about the transgender community. Laxmi is a post-graduate and works for social causes in her community. She is one of the 11 people and the first transgender person to be selected to represent the community at the UN to work for human rights.

So next time when you happen to come across a transgender please do turn around your face and discriminate them, they are proud the way they are similar the way we are proud for ourselves

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pictures Talk: Post 16

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Wordless Wednesday: It a blog where people post their picturethat is for sure speaks more than thousands of words, and there are time whenpicture talk better than any subtitle you want to provide:
Special Dinner once in a while

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smile :-0 .. Post 15

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The best gift human has, which is harmless beneficial andhighly contagious dare you can run away from it without being gripped by it.

How often it happens that we come across smiley andinstantaneous see ourselves with a smile....

So why do keep it reserved let’s start sharing each and everytime possible never mind if it is with a completely unknown person and thereare high chances you would get smile back in return.

Passing a Smile is not only to make you happy, moreimportant It would be for the other person, who might not have got a chance to sharea smile, and with the smile you passed it would increase the chance to make hisrest of day better.

As in today’s fast and nucleus life we happen to share veryless light hearted moment, most of the time we are always in a rush:

- rush for waking up early
- rush in reaching up to bus stop on time
- rush in reaching office on time (in case we happen tostuck in traffic we end up with a frown face)
- rush to reach office desk and join the status-call on time
- rush scanning reading and replying all the accumulated emailsover night
- rush in catching up on some more discussion over coffeebreak and lunch break
- rush in reaching home...not to be with family, rather tolog-in to wrap up some pending task
By time we reach home our body would have given up, and ontop of it at times you have to dial in a late call...

So in all this activity did you find a moment to smile or tobring smile ob some one's face. If you did it good to many people directly orindirectly associated....

So keep passing the precious gift, Smile is an assetappreciates each and every time you pass it on... so what are you waiting for….Pass a SMILE.

This is one best smile or laughter moment we shared
My favorite video on Smile is of the great MJ:

Sam Daam Dand Bhed.... Post - 14

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Today I was reading out a book and got quite late, I was about to switch off my laptop that’s when I remember ‘hey Bhagwan…. My Blogathon’ I did not cover the required distance I am required to cover for the day, and I am in no place to miss a day of run that would leave out of the contender ship of completing the marathon with head high and still have few breath left in my lungs.

So as far as the post is considered, many a times it we would have been in a spot when we happen to hear or listen about a topic or a person, we instantly build up few pointer that would describe it all.

So what come to you mind… if I only have to say ‘Chanakya’

The most famous Niti (Quote) that come to my mind ‘Sam Daam Dand Bhed’
Saam - the policy of getting work done through brotherhood
Daam - the policy of getting work done through money
Dand - the policy of getting work done through punishment
Bhed - the policy of getting work done through creating differences

Some time back I bought a book on Chanakya (Maxims of Chanakya) which list his famous quotes on various topics.

I would live to mention few of them that caught my eye:

One who desires speedy accomplishment of tasks does not look to the stars (to know his fortune)

In daytime the crow kills the owl, At night the owl kills the crow. (The time of fight is important)

Alliance should not be concluded for the sake of money or position. When these are lost, the alliance fails.

The bee is capable of cutting wood, but it is harmless in the lotus-bed (There are many bonds, But the bond of love is something different)

Chanakya was an amazing statements, he happen to quote and mention things that we can learn from  animals around us.

Even a fangless serpent should raise its hood, for with or without poison, a raised hood is frightening

From Cock one should learn four things, getting up in time, fighting, division of responsibility among relations and enjoyment after attacking.

Qualities from dog, desire for much, satisfaction with little, deep slumber, quick awakening, devotion to master and bravery.

So can we use some, any or all of Chanakya Niti (Quote).

Monday, April 18, 2011

Don’t get honked.... Post 13

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If I am to drive or ride in Pune I have to make sure of few things,,,, and the most important of it would be make sure that my vehicles HORN is in working state, as at each and every corner you can see as part of precautionary measure ‘I have to Honk’ and ‘Everyone has to Honk’ … and we all HONK in harmony and make sure I am safe and all are safe on road.

So over here, the concept of driving is all lot of different, one of the think what is not required is a HORN, at time I guess a rider / driver would get no chance of listening how HORN works in his own vehicle.

So why all the story I am putting for HORN, is because in spite I got my license (I could I ever forget how I got my license after many back and forth… to be precise I had to pay 6 visit to the DMV to get my license, I would have faced all the roadblock one could not have imagined – My Own Driving Saga series)

After all this hoo-lla-hoop I have not being driving, finally when my old roommate was travelling to India I opted to be his chauffer and drive him off to the airport and the total drive back and forth would have been more than total driving I did including the driving lesson I took earlier last year…

And how did I do…. Ahh not to say that I did not get HONKED all the way to and fro, so I assume that I did pretty good….


For the post i remember a song... from Chalti Ka Naam Gadi.... the video is really amazing... but nothing close to that happened... :-0

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catching up.... Tring Tring... Post 12

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Catching up with Friends:

Its been a while since i followed by usual Saturday.... what better way then catching up old college time buddies over phone.

First we received a email on Tue from one of our friend asking or rather demanding 'guys its really been a while that we had our long Conf Call.

I really wanted to pick up phone and get everyone in a call and start with and hour plus long chat thast the least friends can talk I guess... the only visible problem was time as we being separated or spread over different time zone that adds a bit of twist when to make a call and when not to make a call (say for e.g. if it 8:00 pm IST then it would be 3:00 pm in London and ends up being 10:00 am in NY)

These are the time when I really wanted Earth NOT to the spherical, how different it would have be if earth was to be flat, as titled by 'Thomas L. Friedman -- The World Is Flat',

Ahh for a moment it is fine to forget all the gravitational theory, Apple falling on your head, and forget any Physics law you are aware of.

Due to the varied time zone, it become hard to catch up with all 5 together, this time at a point we 4 were able to be in call, and the usual friends blah blah started resulting in not deciding how and when, as couple of them are getting married in Month of May, were were deciding how to travel and so.
As usual what’s with friends it best without planning anything as accomplish all what you have dreamt of.

Cheerios, until again a next Saturday we are all tuned in and let the stories go un-ended.

Friday Fill-Ins : Post 11

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I am really sorry for not keeping up and writing up my post as part of the blogathon, what I would take this day off as I am running my maiden marathon, on reaching to the half way I was all exhausted, I took some time off and grasped as much long deep breath I could, this clearly do not mean I am disqualified from the marathon, all front runner hold on, I am still in race and set for the last minute final finish run.

Friday evening was the day, I would be remembering it for a while and gradually as all events it too would fade away in the midst of all the memories that we try to remember: So I happen to drive and drop my friend to airport, a nice 80 miles drive, in my whole life till date I would have drove under 70 miles (includes my driving class), know I feel a bit more comfortable.

I got this Friday Fill-In (Every Friday, a set of sentences are posted on this site and those who participate have to complete the same on their respective blogs) I got this link from Preeti, and I though why not me be also it:

So here are the set of question as posted for this Friday:

1. For me, it was _____.

2. _____ at my local supermarket.

3. Behind the sound of the wind in the trees, I heard _____.

4. _____ is something I always wanted to do.

5. When it was over, _____.

6. _____ but I never felt alone.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!

And here is what my answers are:

1. For me, it was an amazing Friday evening that I would be remembering for a while, as for me driving was never there, As my friend was travelling to India, he needed to be dropped at the airport.... so I jumped in and told not to worry my friend I am there (80+ miles drive.... phew I feel on a different level.)

2. Last time I been to get a bunch of tulip on a Friday evening on my way back from office: at my local supermarket.

3. Behind the sound of the wind in the trees, I heard by heart speak and right them i knew it, what i am have been thinking would happen and we would be more than happy to be in the place where we want to be. (Sorry for keeping the reader in limbo... i would share when it happens, till then it is better unheard)

4. A person with nice listening skill and able to keep a check on my aggression... sorry to admit earlier I was in a state of not able to control my aggravation, but over last couple of years I am improving and would love to strength myself and be as much calm I can be, and this is something I always wanted to do.

5. When it was over, today I watched Ice Age, each time i watch i feel i should have a pet, what the harm in having Mammoth as a pet.

6. Before Manu walked into my life, it was a bit alone, know i do not know what it means to be alone, but I never felt alone.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Drive of my frined to airport and to much of it reahc back home as the way it is (unharmed), tomorrow my plans include a big NOTHING (its been a real long since we did not had any plan) and Sunday, I want to a another big NOTHING (i am loving it when i am writing this as i would love to be at home and watch the gloomy weather a bit of rain as per weather channel and have hot cup of coffee)!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Memories.... Vishu - Post 10

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Memories... as if today that’s all what i have.... This being the 3rd year I am not at home with my family...
These are one of those special days which i cherish since my childhood...

During our school days... We visit our native town (kannapuram-- Kerala) once every two year, but at times due to our final exams which used to coincide with Vishnu, but it was not the case we mostly used to visit, it the best time of the year in terms of festive season in Kerala, but if you are to look at weather, worst time witness the most hot and humid

Cherukunnu Temple (I was amazed to see a facebook page of this temple) hosts one of the biggest festivals in kerala for Vishu, spanning for more than 10 days. Each day Pooja would be on a bigger scale then previous, followed by a procession each day would end with a spectacular display of firecrackers

Some more details of Vishu or rather how it is celebrate at my place. In Vishu, Vishukkani, hold the most impart part of the day, Vishukkani is the first thing to be seen on Vishu day post waking up.
This is how, Vishukkani, was at our home @ Pune is for this year
Generally overnight mom would arrange everything in for 'Vishukkani'. It is a ritual arrangement with following, Grains (Rice / pulses) Vegetables, Fruits (Banana / jackfruit / Apple ) Flowers (Most important would be Kanni Konna, can be see on left of the image) Jewelry , Coins , New Cloths (Mund / Shirt) and Sweets.

All this would be placed in front of God and Goddess and many lamps (Brass Metal lamp as seen in image) would be lit, Mom would wake us up covering our eyes and make sit in front of Vishukkani and offer our prayers.

Another important part is Vishukkaineetam, where Elders of the family distribute tokens of money, called Vishukkaineetam, to children and youngsters

As any festival, celebration is incomplete if we are not have a Lunch / Dinner feats, Vishu Sadhiya (Special Lunch) make sure of it.

All and all I can say next year I would try and be at home to enjoy the festive occasion.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How many i help you today... - Post: 9

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Over the years due to strong competitiveness, telephonic customer care has undergone a huge makeover., with sole purpose of making sure that we are served faster and better…. But at time….

I have been facing problem with my web login for Citibank, I was hoping a quick call at the toll-free customer care would help resolve my issues say in fewer than 10 minutes.

This is how it went:

I called up the customer care number as expected it started with a Beethoven music, I feel they should have chose for selecting music, top 10 Hindi pop / top 10 US chartbusters would be more fun to call up customer care frequently.

Lately most of the system starts of with automated assistance with an aim to capture as much details as possible so it be used for further reference during resolution

After juggling and keying in some two dozen numbers like Card Number / Date of Birth / Phone Number, I finally heard the message 'You would be transferred to the next available customer Representative'.

Time elapsed 05:00 minutes

So Mr. Chris welcome me and after listening to my problem say my problem would be best assisted by there "Web-Troubleshooting expert', god know where they come from with such fancy titles and I was put On-Hold

This time 'Mr Shiv' welcome me, and as a standard procedure ask me quarter dozen security questions, (DOB / Card Number /Security Question) and ask me to follow few instruction in attempting to resolve, all resulting in failure.

Time elapsed 12:00 minutes

I was routed to a L-2 support, and so Shiv added 'Mr Rishad', before leaving, Shiv says 'Ahhh Sir Belated Happy Bday on behalf of Citibank and me' I felt that personal touch in customer care
However, the call total time reads 18:00 minutes elapsed

So again Mr Rishad as part of the security protocol ask me the same set of question (by then I had memorized my Card Number / Account Number)

After much of debugging, bingo we found the problem, my details was mapped to some expired Card, Not sure how

But requires a Supervisor ‘Mr David’ to override it.

Time elapsed 32:00 minutes

Finally after multiple back and forth I am able to log in to my account

Time elapsed 42:00 minutes

Wow, this is just amazing, when in i was assuming i would be wrapping up in 10 mins as a usual call, i ended up conversation with 4 people and most important, i found a theme for Blogathon:

Time to share your Story:
Say your last experience you hard with Customer Care:

Pacemaker.... over the horizon...Post 8

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Day 8 and I am running my own Full Marathon (30 days 30 post- Blogathon)

An athlete has to cover a distance of 42.195km in order to see the finish line and to set a new world records and proclaim glory and get enlisted in the record books....

You might ask what will a pacemaker do in a Blogathon....

Marathon, in a full marathon, if i ask what count the most:
Is it your preparation
Is it your strength
Is it your stamina
I say  along with all,  what matter most is your 'determination'.

Each and every athlete would have under gone somewhat  same intensity of preparation and somewhat same stamina, but the person who would be standing head hight at the end is the one who is already a winner in his heart and mind.

So what role does a Pacemaker has in a marathon, is the one set the pace in the marathon he would be leading the race for most of the part, but would fade away in the last section, why so, say if you are the one who is the favorites to create history, if you happen to see over the horizon a pacemaker, that all you would want, your mind take control and in an instance all your fatigue would vanish and you would be neck and neck with the pacemaker and at the end you would be standing tall...

In my case, as this happens to be mine maiden blogathon, I am looking forward for the pacemaker who would make sure i am still in the contender ship and i see myself standing at the end of blogathon.

Let me put some of the amazing real pacemaker stories

Pace making gained much usage after Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway successfully paced Roger Bannister to break the four-minute mile for the first time in 1954.

In 1994 Los Angeles Marathon when veteran marathoner Paul Pilkington was paid to set a fast pace then drop out. When the elite athletes failed to follow his pace, he kept going, ultimately winning $27,000 and a new Mercedes to the surprise of the expected favorites.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Time to Shed - Post 7

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As day pass by, temperature sour up in the red, and make sure all passing day would bring new color in life, the color none other than GREEN, the color that would bring life to all plant and would spring back life into them, and the time would come again when we can spend our time under the shade of tree, spending time with our loved one, reading the pending book, watching kids play in the park…. It’s the same effect when you were waiting for the jolt that would push to the end make want you run the extra mile, or the last few hundred meters.

Be whatever it is the feeling of SPING coming back to your life is amazing the days are gone when it feel amazing to walk in your formal shirts and not cover ourselves under light observing color or simpler to say BLACK, and it the time back again when we can get out all color full and vibrating colors.

We both always wanted to get some plant in our home, but we did not got that till recently, until then we made sure that at all time we do have some flower around us, the presence of any plant or flower in home make the environment a bit lively and spreads positivity around.

We happened to get ‘Epipremnum aureum’, it’s a small house hold decorative plant, and couple of days back it had a new leaf, I guess it is fair to assume it has adopted to its new home. Ahhh my bad I should have told we got ‘Money Plant’ as we all popularly know.

So the long wait has ended, time to walk straight to skin care section and grab some sun-screen lotions… time to enjoy summer….

Cherry Blossom - Post 6

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Last weekend we were in Washington D.C, wanted to see ‘Cheery Blossom Festival’ we had heard a lot about it was stated that more than a 1mm people were to attend the festival, we also though why not be part of the crowd, but gosh it did not happen the way we anticipated, as on Friday it witnessed heavy rainfall, and that was it all the thrill and frill we and along with all the people happen to just washed away…

But Washington is not only famous for Cheery Blossom festival; each and every building around Downtown Washington has amazing historical monuments and below is some proof of it.

This looked more like the castle back from Roman era

One of the last few tree's that had some blossom left.

Set to bloom

Capitol Hill: grazed over by empty benches.

A long wait yet... Still waiting for Spring..

This one from 'Smithsonian Art Museum' one of the old story from kindergarten, 'The Fox and the Crow

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brands And Technology…– Post 5

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Its day five of my Blogathon, Blog Marathon that I started inspired by Preeti (whom I follow regular)... and today I am late… as I have already sneaked into day 6 or 10 April, what really matter is the push I have for continuing my blogathon.

After long time we had chance of roaming outside under bright sun light and flaunt t-shirt as all this it used to be under multiple layers of winter clothing’s ....

Today again as usual like most of the weekends we happen to go again for shopping... This particular shopping mall (Premium Mall) is designed in a way that once you enter you will not be exiting before sun sets, it is located outside city limit, and you say ahh what else lets walk in and out of each store and end up with half a dozen bags… and by then you would have to confess that you are a ‘Shopaholic’ 

How will you not be glued to it...
We happen to enter Sony's store and straight away my eyes glued at Sony Bravia’s 60" LCD... I was so I had to be dragged away from the store….

The behavior is fairly natural, as generally most 'Venusians' get carried away in discussing or even admiring fashion related products, which most of 'Martians' can never understand.... Martians love to adore latest technology... their pulse rate vary during any major technologically announcement and the anticipation is bigger in case for Steve Jobs, As 'Venusians' might love to adore waves on silver sand beach rather Martians would love tracking technology stock price fluctuate in a wave pattern so for each high they would sell and for each low they would buy... for which they would loved to called a the great surfer....

I guess I am getting carried away in the never ever ending topic....
Back again what a way to end the day... we watched 'Source Code' IMDB has rated 8.0/10 i to would go with the same or can go a inch higher, I would rather not break the suspense... would recommend you watching this movie in theater... it is worth watching on a big screen.

On this note... it is already 1:00am need to gather some sleep and Sunday Morning is waiting..... with a hot cup of tea...

Friday, April 8, 2011

IPL…. World cup jubilation fades away… - Post 4

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It only 6 days ago, since India had won world cup after 28 long years of wait, as expected for the final all eyes we looking towards Wankhede Stadium, it was a day when all cricket lover and followers were watching how Team India will perform in the Finals.
First half went the way we all expected or rather wanted... and as the second half started we wanted Sachin & Sehwag give us a blazing start, and more over we wanted to see 100th International Century scored by Sachin.

But some different story unfolded in quick span Malinga made sure we have to relay on Gautam and Kohli... slowly but steadily we inched closer and Dhoni smacked the ball for a SIX!!!! and out wait was over, the whole nation erupted and that evening we witnessed Diwali in the month of April.

I wanted to live in world cup winning glory for some more time as it not easy for Indian coming together and supporting as one, during this time we sang we danced cheered and cherished each moment.

Here comes IPL, and for sure, World Cup winning jubilation will slowly fade away, as we will either support team based on player we like or the city we live. In my case as I am from Pune… it may be ‘Pune Warriors’… and as I am a Mallu by heart so will it be ‘Kochi Tuskers’…

Nevertheless today IPL first match is between Chennai - Dhoni leading the team) and Kolkata - Gambhir the New wall in our team.

Okay getting back on checking scorecard we have a exiting match in progress… let see who will hold the nerves and walk away as winner in the inaugural match.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Political View: Satyagraha v/s Tomahawk - Post 3

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As of today, we see Military action taking place in mid-east, and Tomahawk being fired, and on other end in New-Delhi we see 71-year-old determined Anna Hazare raging a silent protest against Corruption. Any result from both actions, we people are at the other end.

Anna Hazare: 21st Century Gandhian, currently fasting (fast unto death) and is on a mission to make India free from clutches of corruption, it was his 3rd day onto fasting, and this time he is adamant on his view and he had a large followers backing.
I bet national Government and highest level political leader would not have assumed Anna Hazare would get this large support, as we see across the nation, rallies and silent protest have been initialed in support of the movement.

India as a nation that has unlimited potential if we all are to play our role for it’s betterment, but we as an individual are always striving hard to make our own life better, and end up with no time for supporting any social activity that would help society.
Moreover, it is easier to say then to act.
These do not mean I am asking to become activist or to start a movement.
Say if we are educated and are aware of any social activity that taking place and feel it would have any impact it would be better to support rather then walking by, anticipating over will help.

Currently we still in a euphoric state and celebrating our World Cup victory, that retuned back after 28 long years. In addition, at this moment we have again geared for next 54 days, as IPL is set to start we would glued to our television sets or Cricket scoring website, IPL would be served as entrée on our Lunch and Dinner table.
We will be back in Cinema hall, as Bollywood did not release any movie during last month time.

Still lets spare some time and support in anyway (web / person / facebook) so we see building of a better Nation.

Ahhh this would be my first post where i am discussing or enraging myself on a topic that part of our life.

I would love to see your view and comments

Love my Nation

Ask not what your country can do for you - Ask what you can do for your country -- John F. Kennedy

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Up in the air.... - Post 2

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I am kind of person who rarely give rating 1star or even 2stars Some had argued with me for not supporting them in saying 'Gosh this movie was horrible... I bet all whole unit didn't had anything to do so they all met and ended up with a movie and made sure they S@#K two hours of our life... At that moment I avoid commenting as I would have already rated the movie 3 sparking stars not those Swarovski one glittering on top of Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Coming back to the movie..
I happen to watch 'Up In the Air' and I say that 'George Clooney' plays the perfect roles of 'Ryan Bingham' who Job Roles requires him 'Passing the Bitter News - You are Fired’, as employers scare to convey the news' So his job and pay flourishes when there’s recession.

It is one such movie that make me think on few of the question which linger over us at times
Let’s spend some time and think few pointers:
- Can I do better then what I am doing
- Am I following my dreams?
- Will I be having the same approach as I had today of will I have a new game plan, so end up with better results today or tomorrow or say even next month.

I am not asking you to quit, neither am I quitting, but thinking on this lines might help strike a new chord generating a new music that you heart might love to hear, and you might find the reason, to be go getter.

I have quoted couple of things from the movie, which i loved the most.

Ryan Bingham, while he is trying to convince Jim, who was turned cold fêted on the day of marriage, Ryan ask his following question:
Ryan: Try recalling your favorite memories, the most important moments in your life. Were you alone?
Jim: No, I guess not.
Ryan: Life's better with company.
Jim: Yeah...
Ryan: Everybody needs a co-pilot.

Another one, while Ryan Bingham on one of this inspiration speech:
How much does your life weigh? Imagine for a second that you're carrying a backpack. I want you to pack it with all the stuff that you have in your life... you start with the little things. The shelves, the drawers, the knickknacks, then you start adding larger stuff. Clothes, tabletop appliances, lamps, your TV... the backpack should be getting pretty heavy now. You go bigger. Your couch, your car, your home... I want you to stuff it all into that backpack. Now I want you to fill it with people. Start with casual acquaintances, friends of friends, folks around the office... and then you move into the people you trust with your most intimate secrets. Your brothers, your sisters, your children, your parents and finally your husband, your wife, your boyfriend, your girlfriend. You get them into that backpack, feel the weight of that bag. Make no mistake your relationships are the heaviest components in your life. All those negotiations and arguments and secrets, the compromises. The slower we move the faster we die. Make no mistake, moving is living. Some animals were meant to carry each other to live symbiotically over a lifetime. Star crossed lovers, monogamous swans. We are not swans. We are shark

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

‘I Can’ and not ‘I Want’ - Post 1

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Blog Marathon:

Marathon: As it means ‘any long distance race’

All this time I had considered my self as a sprint racer, why so it is a bit easier, all you have to so is accumulate all your energy set off and volla you have a post and the cycle continues once a week. Similarly It would be easier for me to target and finish 100m race of today, but it require a lot more determination and commitment to finish a marathon, I might take 12-14 seconds to cover 100mts (could have written 10sec but felt, I would be  bit harsh on Usian Bolt. He is true to his name is Sprints like a lightning Bolt)

Generally I have 5-8 post in a month. The longest blogging series I attempted was '7 Days of Positivity' Link, this time I feel I can last a bit more then 7 days.
How would you know you could aim to see the finish line unless you try, best way is to judge yourself.

Over the course of marathon, day by day, bit by bit I would have gathered energy that I can utilize to stay afloat for a long time. Similar to Polar Bear, during long brutal winter, it maintain a low profile and waits under thick layer of ice until next time sun rises from horizon and it can start back its hunting.

So it is time, let me judge myself, can I survive Blog marathon. I would require some help and all your backing, for the last stretch I would be grasping for breath, dehydrated, require the last extra push, but all what matter would be the sense of accomplishment and the most it would prove ‘I Can’ and not ‘I Want’