Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catching up.... Tring Tring... Post 12

Catching up with Friends:

Its been a while since i followed by usual Saturday.... what better way then catching up old college time buddies over phone.

First we received a email on Tue from one of our friend asking or rather demanding 'guys its really been a while that we had our long Conf Call.

I really wanted to pick up phone and get everyone in a call and start with and hour plus long chat thast the least friends can talk I guess... the only visible problem was time as we being separated or spread over different time zone that adds a bit of twist when to make a call and when not to make a call (say for e.g. if it 8:00 pm IST then it would be 3:00 pm in London and ends up being 10:00 am in NY)

These are the time when I really wanted Earth NOT to the spherical, how different it would have be if earth was to be flat, as titled by 'Thomas L. Friedman -- The World Is Flat',

Ahh for a moment it is fine to forget all the gravitational theory, Apple falling on your head, and forget any Physics law you are aware of.

Due to the varied time zone, it become hard to catch up with all 5 together, this time at a point we 4 were able to be in call, and the usual friends blah blah started resulting in not deciding how and when, as couple of them are getting married in Month of May, were were deciding how to travel and so.
As usual what’s with friends it best without planning anything as accomplish all what you have dreamt of.

Cheerios, until again a next Saturday we are all tuned in and let the stories go un-ended.

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