Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sachin Tendular: The name speaks it all

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Sachin Tendulkar, it’s one of the few names in Human Mankind that does not require any form of introduction or need not require to be looked up in Wikipedia for more details.

For Cricket lover we are in an era fortunate enough to have watched a normal boy start his cricketing career, and to scale all peaks which were set and later create new peaks which may not ever be claimed. There may few reasons to support, many say the format of game has changes to an extent where records created by Sachin Tendulkar has been immortalized. Many do say with T-20 coming in picture we are not see the class of player who will be able to play or extend their quality playing years in cricket as Sachin.

Be it any reason one cant discount the years and sincere dedication which Sachin has give to the game of Cricket.

83 Cricket World Cup made Cricket famous in India when we all watched Kapil Dev clinching the trophy for the first time ever, Where as Sachin is one of the main reason  people got addicted to cricket. 
I recent times i have reduced watching cricket, due to various reasons, scams plaguing cricket from each corner from players to umpires, the mere glamorizing the sport in the name of IPL, the goal was to identifying players however we found few but at what cost.

Since last few years we had hoards of discussion when will he quit isn’t it high time, he should give chance to younger and more deserving players and so on. 
I was in support of not letting it be Sachin's own decision as he is the best judge of this own game. 
A leader is not who is best of the lot, however a true leader is one whom all look for, their presence is more important.

People again question on why are addressing Sachin as GOD.

I say what wrong in that, in my defense, First why are we comparing Ram, Allah, Jesus, Sai-Baba with Sachin, which is very wrong comparison in any aspects, one similarity in all is they never asked to be addressed as GOD, it's we who address them as GOD, it's our faith in them due to which we are address them as GOD. So addressing Sachin as GOD of Cricket is not at all wrong. Some say so why aren’t we addressing Pete Sampras, Sir Don Bradman, Sir Alex Fergusson as GOD, I say we are free to address them as well.

Addressing someone as GOD is not disgracing GOD, it’s our faith, it’s any way better than the self proclaimed God-Man.

For me and many Sachin Tendulkar is and will always remain as GOD of Cricket

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Teacher’s Day……

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This day is celebrated in honor of our late honorable President Of India Sarvepalli RadhaKrishnan, who was a schoolteacher before being elected as first Vice-President of India & Second President of Independent India.

I still my school day’s when we were very eager to celebrate Teacher’s days…. We would be preparing hand made greeting cards…. All kids would be getting some sweets and would be distributing among Teachers, who are the true people assisting in creating the strong foundation on which we are to lay our strong future.

Students from high school would enact role of a teacher and they would conduct all lectures on that day… Teachers would be sharing desk along with student sand see how their role is being portrayed.

Later by end of days the best student teacher would be awarded…. The whole day was fun.

During my high school time I once got to enact as our strict Vice Principal Raman Sir who was our Mathematics Teacher, an amazing person would punish all student would not fair well in calls test, or would miss their homework, Raman Sir was very particular and wanted all to be very much disciplined. There was time I would be an outstanding student (in literal term would be standing outside of some or the other reasons).

And the day when I had to enact Raman Sir, I for sure did enact my role very well , didn’t get award however was applauded for my role.

I also remember my tuition teacher who did help me a lot during my 10th Grade and 12th Grade schooling, she is another person whom I would be creating for a person I am today.

So to all my teacher, who helped me during my schooling and all my education time a special thanks and for I would not have been the Anish Nair, who I am as of today.

My School... good old day....

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ganesh Chaturthi: 11 days to go

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In next 10 days we all will be celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.

It is one of the festivals I love a lot, due to various reason, first of all I love Ganapati, also other than that, the festivity the happiness and the way its celebrated in different place add more color and vibrant to it.

I assume preparation for Ganaesh festival starts months in advance.

The big and mega pandals starts with creating the layout and better than last year design, many pandal decoration will try and outcry in passing public social economic message, some would highlight the events that shook and got all together as one, and showed we are uniformed only in crisis I feel at time. We always require a jolt to show our empathy and belongingness.

Idol makes try and find new design and formation few design would emerge for last year events that took place to capture people attention and glare.

Dhol and Tasha group would start practicing so as on the last day when Ganapati is all set immersion ride, they all sound one and uniform, many hours practice and synchronizing is must to play in a group and sound as one and loud.

Since last couple of months a group had started construction Ganapati idol, of all size and design, its on my way to office (Talawade Pune). Some idols were of few inches and some stood majestic more than 10 feet high.

I was thinking for some time I would be visiting the place and clicking some picture, on 15th August as India was celebrating its 66yh Independence day, I had to run to office to support a production release ‘Kab MIlegi yeah azadi’ joke apart.

I spend more than an hours in clicking some amazing snaps and interacting with the people around understanding the hardship and dedication that goes around in creating this larger than life idols.

Dried Plaster-Of Paris idol, all set to get a coat of white color

Looks pure white, after to which the idol would be kept aside to dry post to which color will add life to it.

Getting another layer of light pink shade, on to which the final color will be applied....

Finishing touch in order, and the idol would be put up in shelf, and in some days it would find a new place where it would be worshiped during Ganesh Festival. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Raksha Bandhan... something different this year :)

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Raksha Bandhan, a festival symbolizing brother and sister relationship.

It's when sister ties rakhi on brothers wrist.

We have many famous stories depicting brother and sister relationship,  few have always been famous in our history books is between Queen Karmavati and Emperor Humayun  (wiki link)

Happen to read another interesting story of which I was not aware…. Of King Alexander (I hope u did not guess this one)(wiki link)

The festival is not just between brother and sister in bloodline relation, as certain brother as sister relationship sprouts in our usual walk of life.... So during our school days.. Some during college days however I stayed away from college couple of days before and after like everyone else....

I don't actually recall when someone had actually tied and Rakhi (I have many cousin sister, and all of them are in Kerala, over where Rakha-Bhandhan is not as popular, current generation might due to advent of Hindi tele shows.

I was not expecting after all this time I would get a Rakhi, however to my surprise I got a Rakhi sister this time, I knew her for last 3-4 year, she is a nice person and has good set of principles that she follows in her life which I like about her.

I will be selfish and would expect a Rakhi from her next year and year after to it as well :-)

Happy Rakha Bhandhan.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

She is 9 years….

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She is 9 years…. And 40,000 km

It’s been 9 years when I had set my eyes on her.
I have been working for few months and had saved enough to buy first ride, until then I did not knew how to ride a bike, all I know was how to ride a moped, gear were a bit complicated.

I went to Hero Honda showroom with my buddy Jeevan, we did all the paper work in some time the bike was there, I did not had much confidence to drive it, so I asked Jeevan drive. He did drive it half way and told this is not working, its your ride and when will you ride it, oh okay… with couple of false start I reached home :-0

All this time she has supported me and had never failed, and never had me stranded on a lonely road, with no help….

She is still a beauty; little minor work has to be done….
She clocked 40k on odometer, however she did not had a working odometer for more than a year , so its fair to assume she would have breached 50k mark :-0
All cleaned and shinny....