Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brake-fail / Beautiful / Late: Post 21

The morning bus journey that I take to work usually last for 40 minutes, only if the day is good, in terms of not being stuck behind a broken down bus:

Just to make morning office going crowd a bit privilege... It is called express lane (sounds fancy) as most of the times we see in adjacent lanes other vehicle waiting in an hour long drive through tunnel busses pass in under 15 minutes, but as we are bound to ‘Law of Universe’ (Newton popularized it) every action has equal and opposite reaction, why to bring thing point.... At time the 40-minute ride becoming impossibly long thanks to broken down bus

These are the few common pointer you cannot miss noticing when stuck in traffic:

- Say if we are stuck for 30 minutes behind a non-moving bus, the driver will not be sitting on the horn and exhaust the battery

- This are the same people who run (leaving behind Usain Bolt, not sure I always want to chase him down I have mentioned against him in couple of post) sit more patiently and calmly the Gautam Buddha

- Few of the pretty ladies get extra time to highlight their eye liner and use various beauty assisting equipment (sorry I am still new in understanding these terminology I should be catching up, as it been only 4 months of marriage time)

- Some gentlemen and fairer sex also gets more time to catch up on what’s cooking in Financial section / Sport page

- For some ladies who are gone through mirror less makeup session have time to scan  Vanity Fair or review new summer line, feel real pity for Martians, be it any weather (-20 to +90 Fahrenheit) we will be seen in stripe or plain shirts.

- And once in a while you can hear the sound of discomfort (no idea how to spell it)

After all the drama and fuss I am late again for the meeting (and will blame Lincoln Tunnel for its snail-paced traffic)

Spell out your daily travel story.... I hope it to did not had stomping on brakes


Anonymous said...

After reading your blog, i feel i will actually start liking ,long traffic jams, it can be good utilization of the time , and the way u have written it has made it look even more fancier:-p ;-)
manu :-))

Anish said...

ahhh see i was able to make you feel that waiting in snailing traffic is after all not that bad...