Friday, April 22, 2011

Life, best the way it is: Post 17

Are we happy for the life we have and how we are... I bet we are... On no I am not talking about small hiccups we face now and then, majority of us do cherish the life we have and aim to make it a better and nice each and every day

Why all of a sudden I am starting a post that talk more on valuing life that we have and the way we are...

Have you ever met or confronted with a transgender:

I had been confronted by transgender couple of times and at one odd time I had to give away some money.
I assume most of us would have somewhat similar story to share(getting away by paying some money, rather than being cursed...

But my view towards transgender is a bit different... I do not feel pity for them, I feel as anyone of us feel, we are best the way we are so in the same way a transgender do not feel sorry or pity on the way they opt to be, it is we who are the culprit and try to downright them and make them stand a lower level the human race.

Today I was watching a episode of 'Dus ka Dum' hosted by Salman Khan.
(We pay a premium price for India channel only 3 and at time we see shows aired 3 years old)

This was for the first time a transgender was called in to be a participant, named 'Laxmi' she is amazing person, (based on the work she is being doing for general upliftment)

Laxmi dispelled some age-old myths about the transgender community. Laxmi is a post-graduate and works for social causes in her community. She is one of the 11 people and the first transgender person to be selected to represent the community at the UN to work for human rights.

So next time when you happen to come across a transgender please do turn around your face and discriminate them, they are proud the way they are similar the way we are proud for ourselves

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Joe said...

Very nice post.. People are the way god created them..we don't get a choice to choose our gender, color, race...we are the way we are..and we should always be proud about it..!!!