Thursday, April 7, 2011

Political View: Satyagraha v/s Tomahawk - Post 3

As of today, we see Military action taking place in mid-east, and Tomahawk being fired, and on other end in New-Delhi we see 71-year-old determined Anna Hazare raging a silent protest against Corruption. Any result from both actions, we people are at the other end.

Anna Hazare: 21st Century Gandhian, currently fasting (fast unto death) and is on a mission to make India free from clutches of corruption, it was his 3rd day onto fasting, and this time he is adamant on his view and he had a large followers backing.
I bet national Government and highest level political leader would not have assumed Anna Hazare would get this large support, as we see across the nation, rallies and silent protest have been initialed in support of the movement.

India as a nation that has unlimited potential if we all are to play our role for it’s betterment, but we as an individual are always striving hard to make our own life better, and end up with no time for supporting any social activity that would help society.
Moreover, it is easier to say then to act.
These do not mean I am asking to become activist or to start a movement.
Say if we are educated and are aware of any social activity that taking place and feel it would have any impact it would be better to support rather then walking by, anticipating over will help.

Currently we still in a euphoric state and celebrating our World Cup victory, that retuned back after 28 long years. In addition, at this moment we have again geared for next 54 days, as IPL is set to start we would glued to our television sets or Cricket scoring website, IPL would be served as entrée on our Lunch and Dinner table.
We will be back in Cinema hall, as Bollywood did not release any movie during last month time.

Still lets spare some time and support in anyway (web / person / facebook) so we see building of a better Nation.

Ahhh this would be my first post where i am discussing or enraging myself on a topic that part of our life.

I would love to see your view and comments

Love my Nation

Ask not what your country can do for you - Ask what you can do for your country -- John F. Kennedy

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