Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gappusingh... Post 19

I am losing a lot of body fat… I am looking more like ‘Amir Khan’ from Gajani…. I really intend not to look like that…. What the use of all the 6 packs if my memory is not to last for more than 15 minutes.
Looking at me don’t you feel like that I should be served a 6 course gala meal

I am hungry… and real hungry, if you see I lost my tummy (and have this 6 pack, which i wanted to get rid)

Hmmm yeah I am loving all the yummy mouthwatering Nuts (Nuts for Nuts) I am still loving it can I get some more and more and a bit more to retain all the lost fat over the time

Hmmm know I am all set for rest of the day or till the next meal…

As we see we were all busy in the gala lunch menu, forgot to introduce ’Guppu’ aka ‘Gappusingh

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