Monday, March 28, 2011

Winter, it is time for a Vacation:

Hey, winter is it not times for you to go on a nice long vacation…. Your much-awaited annual vacation is long time due a trip to a secluded island; away from all time self in solace.

You have being working real hard for long… we have seen at or rather multiple time over last some months how hard and effort-full you have been and making sure the land is covered in white and never end snow and a dream true winter time for all ski lovers

No one will ever doubt all hard work you have put and this has definitely earned you a much-needed vacation.

Do you not think it time that you should be applying a nice coat of SPF 100 sunscreen and get a bit of tan, roam around in short and t-shirts, play a nice volleyball game on silver sand beach.

Have a nice long swim in warm ocean water

Build sand castle and sculptures across the shore and let them battle out during the next high tide.
Don’t you think it time you want ride on mountain bike on a long unwind dirt track.

Don’t you want walk over the horizon with hand in hand with your loved one.

Don’t you think it time again to challenge the twisted unwinding rivers, and so some kayaking and rafting?

Don’t you want to see flowers blooming… tree coming back to life after the long wintery hibernation, it’s been long since they have been in their old drown skinny attire,  its time for them to swing and feel warm breeze blowing around, look beautiful in green.

Moreover it's time for us also to get from cover and shed away all the black and shade of black that has been covering us all this time…. It’s time that we to see color in our life….

So I do ask ‘Winter’ please take a vacation break. 


Joe said...

Very nicely written..
It motivated me to enjoy the hot burning summer in Pune.. :)

Anish said...

Waiting for Summer to start...