Friday, April 8, 2011

IPL…. World cup jubilation fades away… - Post 4

It only 6 days ago, since India had won world cup after 28 long years of wait, as expected for the final all eyes we looking towards Wankhede Stadium, it was a day when all cricket lover and followers were watching how Team India will perform in the Finals.
First half went the way we all expected or rather wanted... and as the second half started we wanted Sachin & Sehwag give us a blazing start, and more over we wanted to see 100th International Century scored by Sachin.

But some different story unfolded in quick span Malinga made sure we have to relay on Gautam and Kohli... slowly but steadily we inched closer and Dhoni smacked the ball for a SIX!!!! and out wait was over, the whole nation erupted and that evening we witnessed Diwali in the month of April.

I wanted to live in world cup winning glory for some more time as it not easy for Indian coming together and supporting as one, during this time we sang we danced cheered and cherished each moment.

Here comes IPL, and for sure, World Cup winning jubilation will slowly fade away, as we will either support team based on player we like or the city we live. In my case as I am from Pune… it may be ‘Pune Warriors’… and as I am a Mallu by heart so will it be ‘Kochi Tuskers’…

Nevertheless today IPL first match is between Chennai - Dhoni leading the team) and Kolkata - Gambhir the New wall in our team.

Okay getting back on checking scorecard we have a exiting match in progress… let see who will hold the nerves and walk away as winner in the inaugural match.

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Joe said...

Today's match is between Pune Warriors and Kochi Tuskers Kerala... So who will you support?? :S