Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sam Daam Dand Bhed.... Post - 14

Today I was reading out a book and got quite late, I was about to switch off my laptop that’s when I remember ‘hey Bhagwan…. My Blogathon’ I did not cover the required distance I am required to cover for the day, and I am in no place to miss a day of run that would leave out of the contender ship of completing the marathon with head high and still have few breath left in my lungs.

So as far as the post is considered, many a times it we would have been in a spot when we happen to hear or listen about a topic or a person, we instantly build up few pointer that would describe it all.

So what come to you mind… if I only have to say ‘Chanakya’

The most famous Niti (Quote) that come to my mind ‘Sam Daam Dand Bhed’
Saam - the policy of getting work done through brotherhood
Daam - the policy of getting work done through money
Dand - the policy of getting work done through punishment
Bhed - the policy of getting work done through creating differences

Some time back I bought a book on Chanakya (Maxims of Chanakya) which list his famous quotes on various topics.

I would live to mention few of them that caught my eye:

One who desires speedy accomplishment of tasks does not look to the stars (to know his fortune)

In daytime the crow kills the owl, At night the owl kills the crow. (The time of fight is important)

Alliance should not be concluded for the sake of money or position. When these are lost, the alliance fails.

The bee is capable of cutting wood, but it is harmless in the lotus-bed (There are many bonds, But the bond of love is something different)

Chanakya was an amazing statements, he happen to quote and mention things that we can learn from  animals around us.

Even a fangless serpent should raise its hood, for with or without poison, a raised hood is frightening

From Cock one should learn four things, getting up in time, fighting, division of responsibility among relations and enjoyment after attacking.

Qualities from dog, desire for much, satisfaction with little, deep slumber, quick awakening, devotion to master and bravery.

So can we use some, any or all of Chanakya Niti (Quote).


Anonymous said...

Even the Cow and calf example was good, very correctly put, but yes the example is a bit rough...

Anish said...

Chanakya Niti: i guess can go on and on