Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Day: Seven Days of Positivity.

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Positivity marathon is coming to an end, at times I was thinking I should continue this for some more time as I was giving more details on the activity that happen in span of a day, but then I felt no, its time to put this series to a rest as all good things will come to an end. Unless I do not stop this series I might me missing out some other aspects that happening around, and I guess I might be starting out of with some new series in a while.

I have to state how the overall last seven days have been, I would state in a way it was better as I have something to look back and cherish on small memories.

1. Sachin (Little Master Blaster)scores another test century so he stand at impressive 48, I am waiting for his 50th Century, be it any situation Sachin scoring 100 is a treat for me, he is one of the reason Cricket is next to religion in India, and I am a follower of it.

2. Friend Chain mail: I have 4 long time friends (currently we 5 are located at different places), and it has been more than 4 years we all have met together, and today we happen to started a email chain and this will last for some days.

3. India Buffet dinner: The ambience is just amazing and the food is good, and the bets part one do not have to read and memorize the menu card before ordering, as they have a pre decided menu, After having all the food I was feeling as if i am transformed into ‘Garfield’

a. Appetizer the plate had 8 different types followed by
b. Main course which is served with Puri along with 6 different sabzi
c. Followed by Rice & Dal
d. And to end with we had Deserts

(This is the hotel ambience ,nice colorfull painting inside and a nicely crafted elephant outside)

4. Today evening we all happen to go to ‘Toys-r-Us’ I love visiting this place as it reminds me of childhood, when the world was simple and easy place to be, when you were just surrounded by friend and where we plan to play new and interesting games.

5. Pan: I love to have the sweet pan, back in Pune days when we all used to go out for dinner we used to have Pan, but having a Pan in NY is a real delight and that to a real tasty Pan, made my evening
Thanks to all my friends who followed all this day, I hope u all enjoyed and u all have many more worth mentioning moments each and every day…

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Six: Seven Days of Positivity

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Yesterday I was in confused state where I was demanding a restart button that would help me reboot my system and I would spring back to normal, and I guess last night sleep helped me the required reboot and today I feel good.

So as the series is approaching to finish day by day I am feeling real good and when I look by the small moment back again I really feel good, as it would have been easily forgotten as day passes by and know I have them all stored which will remind me how much small moments really matter on a day to day level.

1. Its party all time: I was walking by to office, just a block before we have loads of Pub and restaurant and at morning 8:40am I saw this truck unloading ‘Budlight’ as they are getting ready for party on Tuesday evening…

2. The grip do matter: This picture is six month old when Tito was only few weeks old, we all friends were meeting up and all evening Tito was sleeping and I simply loved when he kept holding my finger for long time, I will remember that moment for long time. 

3. The longest run, today I was in GYM for only 25 mins so I opted for run, so I ended up running for the longest distance ever(2.66miles), but that what I realized that after all this I was able to burn only 300 calories, where as it only tale under couple of minutes to gain 400 thanks to ‘Double Chocó chip Cookie’ from Starbucks.. but still I loved that I was able to run that extra distance…

4. A new Book to read, I happen to order a book 3 weeks back and I happen to receive today, this is the first book I ordered after a long time

5. It is not bad to mention the whole day went fine, had an easy day (which means that all went fine as planned) and

I hope you all to have a great day, and have a great week ahead.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day Five: Seven Days of Positivity 'Confused'

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Day five started small and steady or rather to say started with ‘Monday morning blues’ this time I am short of words, or rather not able to speak my mind and put forth anything, that would have crossed my mind or I would like to mention.

I hope I come back tomorrow with better and am able to speak my mind and heart…
I wish u guys had a great day and had loads of moment worth remembering and recalling.

Have a nice week ahead…

Btw: as this being my 101 post I feel really happy, actually speaking when I started back Dec 2008 I never realized that I would be able to write my mind out in 100 post, but here I am on my 101 post and this time I am literally clueless how to compose this one.

I assume one a while everyone get to this stage where one feel like the system his hanged and he too require a reset button that will reboot your system and you will bounce back.

On this note let me call it a day and hope tonight sleep will actually resets my system, a much needed reboot :-0

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day Four: Seven Days of Positivity

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I am really feeling nice to write and follow a series, as I set in to fourth day of the series it more like half way down, this itself is a feat to me as this is my first attempt in writing post in any series.

Actually I am griming as the day did not go as we all had planned, so I am a bit disappointed, it was one of those days were you all plan but thing fall just on the opposite side, so be it still we should keep on doing what we want and what we like to do.

1. Woke up with a message, that required my attention, but as I read my heart rate was on the higher end, as D-Day were being finalized i.e. the day on which I would be exchanging vows were being finalized.

2. We enjoy every moment: Be it we are to leave at 7:00 in the morning or 12:00 noon we all are always late, it happen not sure why but it happens every time, trust me I really enjoy when everyone is scrambling for the last moment and making sure the group is not late because of them.

3. Rain: did enjoy getting little bit wet in rain, as we had heavy downpour, standing for couple of minutes made sure you are wet from head to toe, and I just loved it.

4. Rain was a spoil spot for all of us, all my friends had planned for skydiving today, we reached the place at 12:30pm only to realize that we do not have ID proof, we went back to a Internet café and collected all required docs, only to later grounded by approaching thunderstorm, it just added frown to our face. But to cheer up all ‘S’ told look on the bright side we are enjoying a nice ride in rain :-0

5. Ahhh!! As happiness come to a halt, so as weekend to, that means it time I gear up and flight like a gladiator in office for next 5 days, and do stand as victorious and I am set to another weekend.

Is it being too optimistic to talk about coming weekend as my calendar and watch are still having last few glimpse of Sunday ;)

Day Three: Seven Days of Positivity

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As the series is progressing I am feeling really nice to records and write post at the end of the day, it is just the third day but I can still say to find 5 small happiest moment is a real deal.

1. We four went o pick up our friend to Newark airport, and that when I remembered 10 weeks was I was also waiting at the board my flight to Pune… that was the start of a new journey.

2. I am mallu and I love having Dosa, and each time I have each time I remember my native place, Kannur (Kerala)

3. Reliving childhood, we had Pepsi-Cola (it a cylindrical tube filled with sweet water and stored in freezer), we all were sitting in the lawn and enjoying it, and all were taking about all the fun we had in our childhood

4. Golf Driving Range: phew we all had nice evening as we hammered hundred of golf ball, some managed to roll 1 feet and some were finest and crossed 15meters.

5. As usual late evening is the time when I usually call up Manu, as we are yet to decide on the date (The D-Date , as earlier Panditji has to come with one particular date, and when Panditji returned he came back with half a dozen dates, but just by the feel that I am getting married to love of my life, is amazing. So my day ended on a high note.

So here my short list of moments that made me feel nice and made sure spread a nice smile on my face, and this post is just helping me remind those nice moments.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Two: Seven days of Positivity:

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As I have started with the series where I would be recording small moments that happened during the day that spread a smile on my face, or a moment that made me feel good.

1. What else would be more amazing then to realize that today is 23rd it is been exactly two months since I have been engaged, it is one of the most happiest moment, as I count minute by minute day by day, it is been two months since we started our small new journey of life for being together, we have many more miles to travel a journey of life. This indeed is one of the happiest moments of today. But on the other side I happen to called my fiancée only once and the call lasted only for 48seconds L

2. Today I called up an old colleague of mine whom I have not talked in months, and it happened to be that he was celebrating his son’s fifth month birthday. and any time we talk we have a discussion on our planned road trip, and this one we have planned for ages and I bet we would be planning for ages to come, but for sure will be definitely having a road trip.

3. I happen to compile successfully yet another weekend plan… till now it is good on paper would just love to see that it is been implemented.

4. Today while I was walking back home, in a matter of 5 minutes a series of thunderstorm started and the sky was looking if it has worn its black coat, and ready for a huge downpour, but it did not happen the way hit had to but I still enjoyed the small shower.

5. Last but not the least just by the sense that tomorrow is Saturday brings cheerful mood.

I guess jotting down 5 moments is a real nice experience, as it do help me find and realize if we are not living today that means we are losing a lot….

So all my friend have nice and healthy weekend…

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day One: Seven Days of Positivity:

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I happen to follow few blogs on regular note, of that this one of Preeti I follow, she is an amazing person, who comes with nice and new series in her post, yesterday when I happen to check her post she had started a new series ‘Seven Days of Positivity”

Where in one would mention 5 moments that make you feel good or grateful?

At first you would say it is not that tough, and guess what at the end of the day when you plan to wind down and try recalling course of the day, it feels what a day it has been, did something happen in 16+ hour day that we have, is it too less time to have 5 small moments that you will remember that did brought a smile.

I was thinking for quite a while to recall such small moment over the day, and trust me it feel its really hard to recall the moments, or is that our days have become no monotonous or are we turning in to human robotic as shown in the great Arnold flicked ‘Terminator’, or have been become so busy that we are not able to note small cheerful moments.

So here are the 5 small moments that I am able to recall and pass a small cheerful moment that made me feel good:

1. Today morning a friend sent out a good morning email, after a long time I received one and this one I loved it had a sweet small message ‘Never say Sorry’, ‘Never say Bye’ and ‘Never forget’ the one who remembers you, it definitely spent smile across my face.

2. Today was an another long busy day as planned but, the work that we are planning is progressing as expected, the feeling of small accomplishment make me happy.

3. But it rained finally it rained in Pune, gosh finally after a month of no rain it rained, as Pune is very close to my heart and it is my City. So listening to this news spread a sigh of relief and happiness, but the only thing missing is, I am not in Pune, not been able to enjoy Pune’s rain in last 3 years.

4. Had Egg Burji for dinner, after a long time, and I loved it a lot…. we used to get the best burji post midnight outside Pune railway station that one was just amazing, I still remember the taste of it.

5. This has to be the most important one, as we are approaching Friday, the most important day in any ones calendar, it naturally run down a smile on your face.

This are not the fancy great things, but they still did got a smile…

Please share your moment of the day.... that triggered a smile.. :-0

So signing out for today, tomorrow I you all and myself a nice day…

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inception: Reality or Dream.

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Inception: This weekend we happened to watch Inception, it had all ingredient that is required for a perfect movie, Amazing concept, great acting.

The movie lasted for 2:30 hrs and for all the time one would be glued or sitting at the edge of the seat, and once the movie is over you would be feel, am I dreaming or am I living in a fantasy world created by your pure imagination.

The best part of the movie liked when ‘Leonardo’ say we all remember some part of our dreams but do you remember how you reach the place…. And I should be saying hmmm that for sure we can recall any of your dream, you will be somewhere with someone, but for sure it is really hard or impossible to remember how did you reach the place…

Another term ‘Leonardo’ talk is ‘Limbo’ it’s the dream black hole where you might lose if you are stuck in someone else dream and you do not have the trigger mechanism that will wake you up.

Another concept, your brain works 20 time more faster when you are in dreams, say you fast asleep for say 30 mins, but that all the time required for you to dream anything and the plan everything.

Another concept is ‘Kick’, it’s the trigger mechanism that will make sure you will be out of the dreamland and come back to reality.
But don’t you think, say if you are making a lot more trips between dream land and reality, how will you conclude where you are, in dream or in reality, so in this situation, you need a static variable, that will help you realize where you are in dream or in reality. Somewhat similar we had in ‘Matrix’, when the great ‘Morpheus’ quotes to Neo ‘No Neo, I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to’

And once you are out of from the nail biting movie you will ask:

I s this real…. Or am in dreaming…

Note: Movie revieiw for Inception

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shopaholics… we were bitten by the bug…

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Shop till we drop… and we did not DROP :-0

Today we proved wrong this saying …. As we had energy left to shop as few items were still left in our buy list…. But the shopping mall was closing and the clock was ticking past 9:30pm.

The day as it started, we 4 planned to go for shopping as “S” is planning to travel back in 2 weeks time, so after a dozen phone call just to check where we are which bus to board what time to catch we finally reach New York Bus Terminal at 12:30pm, and we took bus to Jersey Garden Mall, we reached by 1:20pm…. We all we shopping till the cash register of the store “New York Store” was closing as we were second last customer in billing line.

And all this time we were just shopping from one store to another and from one stores trial room to another stores trial room.

We were like those shoppers typically shown in movie who would be having half a dozen branded bags in their hands, we were just matching them only difference in movies they be having empty bags in their hands were as we took 9.5hrs to collect 5+ bags in every ones hands.

To tell the truth I had never shopped this long in my life, but this time I to even did not feel bad, am I sending wrong signals to my fiancée that I can stand or rather withstand endless hours of shopping…
(This is one such proof i can attach)

So we took the last Bus from Shopping Mall (Jersey Garden mall) back to NY bus terminal and barely managed to catch the connecting bus back to our home… and with the final 10 mins walk we stepped back in our lazy den by 11:45pm….

And I am still having energy to write this post up at 1:30am my local time and it is not just me who is having all the energy, I friend is busy reading a fictional novel, and this is what she had to quote “I am not feeling sleepy its only my legs are hurting” phew… is it due the self satisfaction of shopping speaking.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I got my Driving license...

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Phew... Finally I have my driving license with me...

This Tuesday I had my road test scheduled at 10:00 in the morning, I had called up the driving school for a last hour class before the test... But thongs did not work out the way it had... He came only by 9:30 and i only had time for one small parking practice.... And then another person took to the driving test area....

She mentioned, I took two students this morning and one of them failed, as he ended up driving the way car is driven in India (left hand drive) that’s all required to fail a drive test....
Finally at 10:15 I was in driver’s seat and that's when KC took the adjacent seat and was all set to evaluate me...At that moment I was a bit nervous... And just to show him I adjusted my seat the rear view mirrors and I was all set to roll...

First it was to drive straight
Then a right turn followed by left turn
Parallel parking
Straight reverse
And couple of more turns
And finally to a complete halt and set the car in Parking...

That’s when KC told me "Dude u have cleared the test"Ahhhh!!!! A big sigh of relief

But wait how things can be so easy for me... And as guessed it was not done...

I went back to the office and that's when they told me that their system is down.... I was laughing....

So once again this meant that I have to come back...
So today (Friday) I planned again as on Saturdays just to get through the line it takes minimum 2hrs pain and I really did not want to ruin my Saturday morning.

And today I got my License

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 2 Driving Lessons

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So day 2, at start I was still a bit nervous about the driving lessons as I am due for my driving exam in 4 next days and I only have 2 hours of driving under my belt which my any standards is not sufficient. I am a bit scared as to reach this far I have crossed through many hurdles, as I just want to make sure that it is just perfect

So today my instructor was Raul (who is a Mexican) he is a really nice driving instructor who was very much detailed in explaining me what to and what not to, and at first only he corrected me that its "Raul" and not "Rahul" as I know in India you have “Rahul” and we both had a nice laugh.

So as we started from my place first it was to drop the earlier student home, and when I drooped her I asked "I hope you were not real scared" she smiled and said it was fine, as assumed that even she was doing her third class, so it not a real nice lead she had...

Then I drove and headed to Newport downtown and drove directly to a parking lot and for next two hours I was doing again and again
Sharp left turn
Sharp right turn
Parallel parking

And after some 90min of driving with all above combinations I now feel more confident and in my next lessons I should be more good and be able to drive better and most important I would be able to enjoy driving

I will keep posted how things proceed about my driving in this space....
My Drving skills earlier post -- Driving

And I hope I am not doing this in real life… through I would love to but want to have a real car :-0

This is the best advertisement one can see..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Childhood days... Paper Boats & Rain

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Preparing paper boats, Ahhh I remember those days when we used to tear apart a full school assignment notebooks and end up preparing boats of all sizes and shapes.

Last weekend as we could not make for the bus on time and the next one was only after 45 mins, we were sitting in a coffee store with nothing to do and that's when we walked back to our childhood days, especially those rainy days.

Something to admit at first I assumed, did I forgot how to prepare a boat gosh that would have been horrible, but my nice friend made sure I recall it easily and we ended up once again making boats with all the paper napkins we got from coffee store, and in no time we had three mighty super duper ship / cruise ships ready to sail through the calm and endless oceans, is it too much of a desire to dream, Naaah back then I would have dreamed all this only like I am the captain of an aircraft carrier or even a submarine is that over excitement speaking.

Common it is fine if I go loud about the sleek cruise liner that we prepared, (let me give you all an exclusive sneak preview) We even planned that as soon we reach home we will fill up the bath tub and set it sail, which did not happen and till yesterday morning it was on the kitchen counter, but today thanks to the house keeping guys, the ships are missing hehehe.

I wish once again I am enjoying those school time when I have all the paper boats prepared and ready to sail in the first stream of rain water.

All I need is a break and let it rain, let it rain

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Long weekend: Adventures weekend...

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Long weekends are always welcomes treat for any one, and I am talking as it IT people as weekend deprived, but never the less to say, any time we get a long weekend we are happier than a kiddo getting a candy treat.
So for this weekend we all planned to be more adventures and this is how things turn out to be:

Saturday: As usual nothing goes as per plan; we were to leave from home at 8:00am but left only by 10:30am, will say still early based on our previous standards we had set.

We had planned for a trail, we happen to reach “Bushkill Falls" (link for the site) it has multiple trails that are to last from 15min to 2:30hr and over the trails it has many small beautiful waterfalls.
As usual we are a bunch of over enthusiasm we decided to start with the longest trail.

I was a bit amused when I came to know that we have to buy a $10 ticket per person for the trails, but when you will see how nicely organized the trail and the way the route has been designed it is worth paying that amount.
We took close to 3hrs it not because of the slow speed, say when a group of 5 manage to take 600+ snaps in that time span; I bet we had a record created for any group.

Later in the evening we checked into a hotel and the view from the room was just amazing, the picture will tell you why so.

Sunday: Our adventure do not take a pause after the trail as today we had planned Rafting (link for Rafting), as schedule we had reached by 12 noon, rafting on a beautiful course on "Lehigh River Gorge", on any normal day the rapid level are in the range of 1-2, but on a water release date its somewhere between 2-3.
The course is stretched over 8 miles (13km) and it takes roughly 4hrs to finish the course

At many stretch the group coordinator allows to swim in shallow water, it is really fun to swim as water is still a bit cold while the sun above is still blazing hot.

On and on it was a great weekend we had.