Monday, April 18, 2011

Don’t get honked.... Post 13

If I am to drive or ride in Pune I have to make sure of few things,,,, and the most important of it would be make sure that my vehicles HORN is in working state, as at each and every corner you can see as part of precautionary measure ‘I have to Honk’ and ‘Everyone has to Honk’ … and we all HONK in harmony and make sure I am safe and all are safe on road.

So over here, the concept of driving is all lot of different, one of the think what is not required is a HORN, at time I guess a rider / driver would get no chance of listening how HORN works in his own vehicle.

So why all the story I am putting for HORN, is because in spite I got my license (I could I ever forget how I got my license after many back and forth… to be precise I had to pay 6 visit to the DMV to get my license, I would have faced all the roadblock one could not have imagined – My Own Driving Saga series)

After all this hoo-lla-hoop I have not being driving, finally when my old roommate was travelling to India I opted to be his chauffer and drive him off to the airport and the total drive back and forth would have been more than total driving I did including the driving lesson I took earlier last year…

And how did I do…. Ahh not to say that I did not get HONKED all the way to and fro, so I assume that I did pretty good….


For the post i remember a song... from Chalti Ka Naam Gadi.... the video is really amazing... but nothing close to that happened... :-0


Joe said...

And so we have a song also on this "Manubhai motor chali POMP POMP POMP" :)
Nice topic..

Anish said...

ahhh thanks for reminding a beautiful old song.... from Chalti ka naam gadi...

let me update the post and add the song also...