Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pacemaker.... over the horizon...Post 8

Day 8 and I am running my own Full Marathon (30 days 30 post- Blogathon)

An athlete has to cover a distance of 42.195km in order to see the finish line and to set a new world records and proclaim glory and get enlisted in the record books....

You might ask what will a pacemaker do in a Blogathon....

Marathon, in a full marathon, if i ask what count the most:
Is it your preparation
Is it your strength
Is it your stamina
I say  along with all,  what matter most is your 'determination'.

Each and every athlete would have under gone somewhat  same intensity of preparation and somewhat same stamina, but the person who would be standing head hight at the end is the one who is already a winner in his heart and mind.

So what role does a Pacemaker has in a marathon, is the one set the pace in the marathon he would be leading the race for most of the part, but would fade away in the last section, why so, say if you are the one who is the favorites to create history, if you happen to see over the horizon a pacemaker, that all you would want, your mind take control and in an instance all your fatigue would vanish and you would be neck and neck with the pacemaker and at the end you would be standing tall...

In my case, as this happens to be mine maiden blogathon, I am looking forward for the pacemaker who would make sure i am still in the contender ship and i see myself standing at the end of blogathon.

Let me put some of the amazing real pacemaker stories

Pace making gained much usage after Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway successfully paced Roger Bannister to break the four-minute mile for the first time in 1954.

In 1994 Los Angeles Marathon when veteran marathoner Paul Pilkington was paid to set a fast pace then drop out. When the elite athletes failed to follow his pace, he kept going, ultimately winning $27,000 and a new Mercedes to the surprise of the expected favorites.


Joe said...

Go on..Go on...Go on dude...I am waiting for your blogs...You can go more than 30...

Anish said...

Hmmm... shall you be a pacemaker for me,,, when i am in need so as i can chase the mark.