Friday, June 12, 2009

Its Quiz time… (Food that you love to be fat free) :-0

Okay time to share a truth, food is one of my weakness (I am not going to discuss my other weakness at this point :-o)

In current time is guess all of us or most of us would always have small thought running in our head when ever we are to have a big bite of the favorite food which we do love.. few question which do haunt many would be, How much calorie does this have?... if I do have this daily will I really put some extra weight?(on top of my current weight) and so on…

Most of us would also be thinking why, why, this has to be have so much calorie of so much fats in a bite of my lovely food…

The best food which would be worst for heath would be many, just to mention a few
- French fries (why god has cheated on us)
- Chocolate fudges… and so on…

I seriously cannot mention any more as this really hurts me which is pen then down without tasting it hehehe

So all food lovers and friend… please do mention one or more food (which you do crave to have) And if you wish it to come true and that would have no calorie and no fat in it so that you could have that any time and every time… o-)

My List:
- Ice Chocolate Fudge(As I do write it I am having a portion of it with a guilt in me)
- Strawberry Cheese cake
- Dark Chocolate
- Alloo Paratha with more and more butter

Please do comment in your list and let me also know how much food lover all of you are….

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Unknown said...

Thought that comes is not only Calorie but also y is it so difficult to prepare them and why so costly else i wud have had it every hour....Eg. Truffle choclate cake, sizzling brownie with icecream