Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being Lazy... won't be for long

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On health front I was never lazy....
It’s been 4 months since we moved back to Pune.... and since then I have taken a backseat on my heath front, and I not doing any workout so its time I say I am lazy on health front, which I not really me.

Gone are those days when I used to hit gym 3-4 times a week and would burn some 600+ calories each session...  Ahhh that was an amazing experience....

Initially when I had joined gym it was not purely health reason, primary reason was to leave office on time.... Which I was able to achieve.... And once I got in the flow of exercising my primary reason changed from not only leave office on time to watching out for health, which for sure helped me shed the extra flab I had gained over time... It felt nice....

Since I moved back it's been all work, work and more work at ad hock hours and made me lazy boy.... started neglecting on health front. In last 4 months I would have gone for running not more the 10 times and the last time I ventured out would have been first week of December.

Why lazy... I generally have 2 alarm spread at a gap of 10 min, first one goes off by 6:45am (not so early by many people standards) why looks outside when I have my Dad who goes out for a walk everyday 5:45am.

With all the alarm buzzing and after repeated snoozing off I am finally up by 8:45.... And each day when I wake up I do commit to myself tomorrow it won't be the case; I will be up early and gear up for a round of run…. I wish let the change start from tomorrow onwards.

Let me see how next day turn out to be, will I sleep until sun way up… or I be taking care of my health and be back in good shape…. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The day I got my Indian Driving license

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Many say it the easiest to get a driving license in US… you have to follow step 1 step 2 and in such simple steps you will have the liberty to drive down the highway topping 110km (70miles) per hour…. Where as in my case I had separate story….

To get my US driving license I would have visited more number of time then an average person would visit DMV in his lifetime….

I do have numerous posts written narrating the experience I had… All Past Experience 

So as I am back in Pune, It’s time I go the though process of obtaining a valid Indian Driving license … however I needed to get license for both four-wheeler and two-wheeler.

So I joined a driving school the one near to my home…. 

Day one, when I registered it was very promising…. I was told no need to worry…. You just have to attend 22 session + one Ghat (hilly terrain) session and you will be good to clear exam and full of confidence in driving road, and yeah did I mention they also had night driving session separately.

So Following day I had get my learner license, I was all geared up and waiting in line at the RTO Road Traffic Office) to give an online exam (multiple choice) you need to score 60% and you are good.

Fortunately or unfortunately I flunked the exam, faulty operating system, it crashed and I was asked to appear the following day…  

So next day will full confidence I was back again…. And this time around I scored 95% in 20 questions….

I could see my license in hand in next month time….

It was a long short dreams as I took 75 days to wrap up 22 day session, many did scare me that as you had made them wait to finish your class they would make you run for your license….

However earlier this Monday morning I was told to be at RTO by 10:30 and from there onwards they would proceed to the location where we were to have our driving test….

First it was two-wheeler… before to that a small confession all this years when I used to ride my bike I never had a proper license the one which I termed invalid as it barely had details left on it was I lucky all these time, I was never stopped or do I need to say was never caught by traffic officer.

First it was Two-wheeler drive test, their were more then 20+ people who wanted to get ‘License to Ride’ we were asked to be in line of 2 and were asked to drive some 300meter and take a U turn and ride back, volla that was it, I cleared my two-wheeler license.

Next in line it was 4-Wheeler, RTO instructor co-driver seat, and then he gave bunch of instruction which I had to follow, change gear multiple times, turn left turn right, and get to a halt. That was it…. I am licensed to Drive for next 15 years phew…..

Its time to get rid of the ‘Red Colored L sticker’ from the car…. Hmmmm on second though let it be their let other be a nit more cautious for some more time… ‘Student Drive’ run for your insurance….

Friday, January 4, 2013

I wish everyone loved ..........................................

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This is a tagged post from Preeti with topic 
I wish everyone loved  ..........................................

‘Wish’, a word that add a send of hope and belief that things will fall and be in line the way it has to be, ‘wish’ usually starts with hope and based on our conviction or determination one can make it to reality, which would be sweetest thing one would like to see happen.

So word ‘wish’ can be seen as a source of inspiration and determination in getting things done the way we feels it’s better for oneself, the people around you and all.
I wish everyone loved the way one is ‘As a person As a human’ we should be tagged or put in buckets…. on basis of complexion, on basis of religion, caste creed, nation, we should be tagged as developing nation or as a third world nation. All I want is we all should be looked as human as we are and if that happen we will see lot of disproportionate things that is around and us and is impacting growth of our society, growth as a nation, growth as human race.

I wish everyone loved everyone, the place we are would for sure be different, the amount of money each nation spends in arms race would have been better used and diverted to those efforts that make a real difference and make a better place.  

I wish everyone loved to be happy, we generally happen to have a habit to over stress ourselves, we do not want to be at peace, we seams to love keep pilling more and more problem and issues that really do not require any attention. Certain issues can be let go and certain issues only arise due to all the issues that we have stacked on ourselves. If we are to started with an approach of general calmness we would see most of our so called stress and problem will fade out

I wish everyone loved in what we have, it does not means that we are not to strive or to aim more in life, all I means is that just not exhaust your energy and day in just running in the race, take some breather time and cherish the moment.

While writing the post, quite a few time a particular song kept coming to my mind... 
Heal the World --- MJ


I am been following Preeti’s blog for a while; I have also participated in couple of blog-a-thon that she had initiated earlier.
The idea of this particular post itself is very nice, all I wish is we are able to live life in loving….