Thursday, December 30, 2010

Updates from my end….

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It has been more than three weeks since my last post that I titles on my route to Home.
These three weeks was a real life changing roller costar ride, I have loads and loads of stories and small memories to share with and all that I feel is I will not be able to cover them all, few of them will later fade through our porous memory.
Still I will scribe and write of some of the already few missing link that happened in last 3 weeks, before I go in more details let me mention ‘I am a happily married, to the most beautiful person who agreed to share a life time with me, (I am not sure do I need to believe in after life or re-birth) it is always better to live the life we have at present.
19th Dec was the day when we started a new phase in life of being together.
And if you are to guess like most of the couple we would have crashed in to a exclusive Honeymoon tour, in that case I would have to say our was a different story all together to say.
We travelled close to 2000km (if that would have be air miles it would have been easy not in our case, we travelled that distance via RAIL / BUS / SUV / and some distance on foot) to be part of my best friend engagement (Kasargod -Kerala), not to live my spouse to enjoyed the trip. We travelled to Kerala (my Birth place) for the engagement.
As we were advised after marriage we have to visit a temple (Mookambika Temple) located some 300km from (Kasaragod -Kerala).
As soon we were back we had to head back to Mumbai for the VISA interview and following on next day we had to attend another close friends wedding (this is the first time I attending a Christian wedding).i love the most about the Reception followed by the wedding is the amount of fun / music / Dance that’s planned in the reception, The Wedding march, the First dance then you to get a dance to tap the dance floor.
After all this event and  moment know I hardly have time to do some further shopping before I travel back to NY with heavy heart , each time I leave Pune I fall in more love with this place.
Singing-off for know but will be back with few more post, with small memories and moment I would love to cherish.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On my route... to Home

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I am in favor of transit flights… Please don’t say that as if I am not in a hurry to meet my dear and near one.

I might be a bit of selfish in this term, as against a direct flight, as traveling from NY you get a option to stop-over a major European cities based on the air carrier you select (usually one select based on the cheapest tickets that is available not to shy away from the fact)

A short transit break during a transit journey is like a small get away I wish you should allow a small tour based on the request where in you can roam some part of the city….

This time I am halting at Heathrow LN airport I have close to 3 hour to spend before they make final announcement, I arrived at 7:00 in morning, as of last week it snowed a lot, but today early morning was a bit chilly and foggy.

I was a bit hungry and was look out for a nice breakfast as per the local time but not sure what based on my body clock, I came across a nice eat-out place called ‘Giraffe’ with a lovely tag line ‘LOVE EAT LIVE’ I had a nice hour long heavy breakfast, and during that time the server ‘Lucia’ kept on having small conversation…

Waiting at the gate, the backdrop across the runway was really nice, it was overcast and a lot more cloud cover lot at all like 9:30 am

Dec 6th 12:30am finally I reach Mumbai…. My life is to take a whole lot bigger turn, but the only thing I am sure about is it all going to be a experience (a fabulous one)

Can’t wait to mention this one… the cab guy was waiting for me, I made my self comfortable and the cabbie ‘Sadhashiv’ tuned on the radio… and the song it played ‘Zor ka Jhatka’…. I broke out with a loud laughter… (for those who are not aware this Bollywood song is played for the guy to is about to married, and it warns him not to get married)

Saturday, December 4, 2010


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It is my first post in more then a months time.... 

Until then I was a frequent blogger... But as many wise guys say... Marriage will change every thing means every thing...

Or rather I still feel it might not change, but your surrounding will make the changes and eventually you will see yourself in it.

Over the last one odd month I have came across this question in each and every walk of life as many times as possible, and most of the time i used to dodge the question or able to get away with a smile...

Few of my favorites that I love to list...

- Hey I guess its only a month for your marriage....
- Hey you will be more nervous as time approaches
- Hey for sure thing will be different by then
- Hey happy days are over dude...
- Hey so how do you feel...
- Hey has all the preparation been done...

I will not be running away from this questions any more...

It is true in spite of I not being in Pune i was and am equally nervous and there were times when i was in a confused mode i bet this are totally normal state, it be would be one of the reasons i was not able to post any in last one month...

And today as i  boarding my flight to Pune, I feel a bit more relaxed as if I am on my regular vacation....

So to all my followers... I shall see you when I see... till then its take care....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pictures: On the Go....

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PENCIL Company: been a long time since I hold a pencil and wrote something long lost school days… when Pencil were an integral part of childhood… its long gone I guess since the advent of Leap-Frog (computer aided learning play toys)

FRIDAY: what a better way to start celebrating all the holiday lined up… Friday we had couple of Pool game over beer… it was fun after a while. 

FIRE: Firefighter to doze the fire of to set fire… This pretty looking cheers girls we on a Vintage Fire-Engine on Veterans Days at Times-Square

Moon Overlooking: yesterday while we were on our way… Happen to catch this glimpse… which was really nice, I wished I had my SLR… I loved the whole picture…. Backdrop Sky touching Empire Estate, Old factories in Foreground, and Full MOON overlooking

Hope: This tree spreading message’ Winter still at bay’ One of the last few tree, which still adore and spreading message that we have some more time before winter grips

Prepare: Time to prepare as winter approaching time for a long hibernating state, converse all what you have to next spring 

No Stopping: Time-Square is the place to witness anything or everything, Not sure what the theme was I was rushing to office still took time to capture this moment.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Dipavali

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Dipavali…. In India itself various regions different mythological stories associated which culminate and we celebrate Dipavali… or the best way to quote it is celebrated the victory of good over evil.

As soon I and many of us hear Dipavali, a broad smile is supposed to pass on everybody face, the first and foremost things that come to mind are, new Clothes, Fire crackers, Sweets (all sort of sweets) Dipavali lamps and Diyas, specially the earthen one, and fun time with families and friends.

The one we kept on the passage stairs.
Back during our school time, I guess every year till 7th standard we were to write essay about Dipavali and in our craft and drawing classes we were asked to prepared Dipavali lamp and were asked to make sure we put them at our house

Suring our childhood we used to eagerly wait for the Dipavali vacation (3 weeks) those were amazing fun time with friend, I remember we used to help prepare Killa (usually children’s build replica of forts or castle in memory of ‘Shivaji Maharaj’ as the great warriors happen to capture his first fort (Torna Fort) at the age of 16, back them itself he had amazing guerilla warfare techniques)

As we grow older we happen to stand at the other end and gaze children’s preparing those forts.
Diya: the one we lit at the entrance door
This year’s Dipavali is very silent as compared to last year, as last year I was in Pune and had great time, this time I am away from home, but last week while doing India grocery, I happen to buy those earther Diya’s which I had lit up, when all light are turnoff, and the light spread by DIYA’s is enough to engulf the darkness, that the simple message we have to inherit, and make sure that small Diya spread enough light and we find the way in our life.

So on this note: Happy Dipavali, have a bright Diwali not a noisy one.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friends.... Wine.... Cricket....

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Friendship is the only relationship that a person can choose, all other relationship are inherited, or rather it better to you u are added to the relationship tree.
Some how I consider it is the best gift we possess that we can choose friends or the other way round some choose you as a friend.

Over the time, we become close to many friend in our walk on life, starting from our childhood. In our childhood, all those kids who shared their toys became our friend, those who had Cricket bat with them; they were undoubtedly the best friends.

Garfield and Odie are the best friends....
However, of all this we all end up having couple of nice friends this friends are not need basis, like those earlier one, friends for criket bat, if I choose to play some other game I might not be in contact with my cricket bat friend.
As time progress, we leave school behind; we cruise through college get entangled in our professional-personnel life, in all this race our friend circle keep on changing. Similar to weather, but as we sometime have unpredictable rainfall in summer time, we bump up with some lost yester year friend, and that when they try to dig up laugh out all those sweet memories they had.

Friendship is like wine; the more you preserve in wooden barrel the more it ferments, similar friendship over the time it ferments and they mature over time, and that when you do not require assuring and re-assuring about the importance of a friend.

But at time when wine is not stored properly, or it their was a leak in the wooden barrel, the natural ferment process do not work, similar at times, we to hold out for some small incident that leads to bad scar
Is it good is it bad, every one will have his or her voice in this…. But for friend this was not good I assume.

Leaving all apart I still love cricket and wine, leave all difference and watch a cricket game over wine… you will be back as those olden days…

To Friendship, it is the invisible link that we share, which other will not see.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Color: Color of life

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Fall Color: This is the only time of the year when nature adores itself in best looking color… that will sooth your eyes, as else you can see in this way also, nature wants be in the best looking way just to make its self stand one last time before the winter start, as next few months evening would be covered in slow… leaves will be long gone, and slow flakes would take their place, and the long wait for spring when plant and tree will wake from the long winter, and would be spring back to life with small green tender young leaves….

Summer is the time, when you can see people or rather better to fairer sex in their bets colorful dress for the summer, walking down the city lanes will make sure you will catch glimpse as if rainbow is spread on street, with long sunny day, pleasant weather to travel freely…
Picture taken 2 years back, outside of the apartment.
As fall approaches, one can fell the slight chill in the air and with each passing day we happen to see less bright day… which indicates it the time the pass on color people to nature… this is exactly what happens, we can see all those color full dresses and designer fashion trends packed back in wardrobe and made way for Black and Grey winter clothes….

But this weather cycle is amazing as each one get his chance to adore colors…. And Halloween comes around the same time, why let not pumpkins show of how pretty they can look.
Halloween Time: when funny and colorful pumpkins all around 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Another nice Sunny weekend... Bus Ride to remember...

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This weekend... We start our usual weekend planning by mid week 

For a change for this week we planned to visit a Ganesh Temple... After a long time i am visiting a temple... it is located in Flushing NY, when we had reached it had very less people around that the best time I like, You happen to be a sacred place the silence soothes your mind.

If we look at the travel it is a bit long journey considering the travel time
Take a bus to New York City, which took 40min thanks to traffic
Take a subway to Flushing 45min train journey 
Take a bus ride a rather short ride 10 min
And finally a 2 min walk...
As the day was bright and sunny we did not feel the journey.... 

The funniest bus ride on our return... 

The bus only accepts coins $4.5 and we both did not had any coins along with us... 

Firstly we went to a store and bought bottled water, asked him to rerun back on coins he no no no not all coins... he gave us $3.75 
We went to next store and bought another bottled water and finally we had our required fares....

Some funny thing about NewYork buses
Some buses accept only coins
Some accepts Coins and Currency Note (That to only $1 note) this funny incident happens some time we three boarded this bus

I asked the lady driver what the fare for us

Lady Driver, tell it is $7.5

I was happy as I had exact change (one 5 and 2 singles and rest in coins)

She smiled and said u put any Currency Note the machine will read as $1

I was like ahhhh..

She toils it happen I know u are putting the total money correctly let the machine thin other way

I said that is awesome and thanks for the ride

So back where I started the temple we visited was really nice, its being expanded so lot of work in progress state.

Below picture I took of one of the entrance
This is one of the side entrance, Once all work is complete the temple will look splendid.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time Travel

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Once again this post I am tagging myself from ‘Preeti post which I am being following from past some time…

And at times when I see an interesting post, I tag myself and add my own twist and realistic flavor and put up a fun filled post….

The topic of this post was rather interesting, where it allowed me travel to my past using a time-machine and meet my younger yourself

So with below set of initial guidelines I am all set and steer down time and visit myself  

1. Depending on your age, go back 10, 15, 20, or even more years.
2. Tell us how many years back you have travelled and why.
3. Pretend you have met yourself during that era, and tell us where you are.
4. You only have one "date" with this former self.
5. Answer these questions.

In this case I am setting my clock back 10 year and meet myself 10 years back in history, time would be post june-july 2001 by I am starting of with my 3rd and final year in college and my next coming summer I would graduating.
Like most at that time I was completely clueless what am I supposed to dong in next summer when I graduate…. I have no slight idea where I was to lead….

So I have attempted to answer honestly below question:

  1. Would your younger self (YYS, from here) recognize you when you first meet?
May be or may be not… as over the year I had lost 25 ponds( roughly 12kg), back lately have crew cur hair style, back in those days I had long curly hair…..

  1. Would YYS be surprised to discover what you are doing job wise?
For sure my YYS would have been surprised to see I did not follow t he usual footstep of IT professional, who end up hopping from one company to another every 2-3 years, at time I myself being surprised how i am still going strong in the same organization after 8 years.
Another reason for surprise for sure would be how I managed a blog site and completed 100+ post.

  1. What piece of fashion advice would you give YYS?
Guys can have t-shirts other then ‘Grey’ back then I member I used to have multiple t-shirt if grey color and few more in shades of grey ….

  1. What do you think YYS is most going to want to know?
Has my short temper been sobered out. Not sure what was running in my mind back in those days… to admit the truth still date at time I loose… but I have leant, when to turn away and stay silent…  need to learn ‘Laughter Therapy’ (something similar to Boman Irani from Munna Bhai MBBS)

  1. How would you answer YYS's question?
I am feeling nice for the way things are aligned currently still some work pending,,,

  1. What would probably be the best thing to tell YYS?
I would say, life is like a puzzle, and will face some odd and jumbled, better approach would be spend some time and then approach it… the bets solution one will arrive on will be when one is a bit patience
And second would falling in love to person whom you have know all this years not realized that you both should be together.

  1. What is something that you probably wouldn't tell YYS?
Hmmmm do I have some dark secret that I would have to hide… in that’s let it be still uncovered :-0

  1. What do you think will most surprise YYS about you?
After all this years, I have a nice bunch of friend on whom I can vouch

  1. What do you think will least surprise YYS?
That I am still out loud laughing… it had not slowed over the years
  1. At this point in your life, would YYS like to run into "you" from the future?
Yeah if yes, then he would be surprised, as still by heart I am still the YYS...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wall Street: Do money Sleep????

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First time when I realized Money do not sleep was when I got interest on money that was in my saving account, I had my first account created when I received my first pay-check.

Till that time I had never showed any interest what happens to money when in no use.
So when I opened my saving account, and after three months when bank paid interest, I was happy to see some extra money in my account, that’s when I realized if you have money at the right place it will increase over time… so plan in a better and effective manner to see it grow with time.
Lesson learnt, ‘Investing will make sure money increases overtime’

Down the years I was working for fore an Investment bank, that is when I learned the concept of ‘Depreciation’ & ‘Inflation’, if one has to explain these terms they can define in simplest way to help understand a normal person or the definition can confuse a financial specialist.
Lesson learnt, ‘Investing is better than keeping money under bed‘

Back in 2006 when Indian stop market was on the uptrend, as each day BSE was touching new high that when a friend of mine told it is bad to keep money in bank if you have money you should be investing, that will multiple, rather than keeping in bank it will have mutant growth.

That’s when on his word I invested and in a month time I did not see investment multiply rather I saw how money evaporates.
Lesson learnt, ‘Listen to other invest plan but act on your own guts, if failed it is your bad bets, not others’

Later I started taking things in my hand, read some took some risk and started on my own.
The most inspiring words I remember quoted by ‘Warren Buffet’ the best Investor of all time. ‘Be fearful when others are greedy, And Greedy when other are fearful’

You might think after reading this post, why such a post from me, this is just outcome of the movie that I watched movie ‘WallStreet’ where ‘Gordan Gekko’ has some skill, the best quote is loved ‘Money is not the prime commodity in our lives… time is..’

So what do you have to say in this?
Do Money Sleeps

Post your comment would love to read your views...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ganapati Bappa Moriya!!!

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Back in my school days I used to wait for ‘Ganesh Festival’ main reason ‘As I would not have to study those 10days which I loved.

We used to live in ‘Morwadi’ located in Pimpri-Chinchwad township, we stayed on First floor and across the road biggest Ganesh pandal of the area would be placed, it used to be close to 40+ feet high and somewhat same width, all youngster in that area would start building up the main structure some 3 weeks before, I used to keenly watch the progress day after day, or rather during that time I used to sit by the window and study or better to say I would be patiently watching how the structure is been build.

Each and every year the theme would be same, it used to be light works they would set up 1000’s of small bulbs which would lit in different color and formation and to match they would blast of dozens of speakers across the whole lane and all latest bollywood songs would be playing from 4pm till midnight, I loved those time as those 10 days no story (I used to say Mom I am not able to concentrate lol) know I feel laughing on how I used to run away from studies….

But as the 10day approaches I would feel bad, as I would have to get back to studies ad most during that time we would have our quarterly exam, I always said then school authorities intentionally set exam just after ‘Ganesh Festival’ as they hate we kids have nice time :-0

Immersion day: it would be one such day for which I used to wait, as we stayed on first floor, out house was at prime spot, I loved the synchronized drum beats it used to last for hours before they would start slowly the immersion procession, on an average the procession last for 30+ hours, and during this time of the year Pune city would be buzzing.

I drew this before i wrote this post, i would have drawn this Ganapati image thousands of time, and each time i end up some what same.

This one i drew with my 'Charcoal' Pencil, after all this years of practicing it took less then a minute to draw.
This is one of the drum beat that you cannot avoid if you are in Pune in next 2 days, which i am badly missing.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Its time... To continue...

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Are friends like the oceans wave that sweep to shore... Stays their until the next high time arrives and that when they leave with a note 'will meet when we meet'
But I guess some are not in that zone, they arrive on a big wave... And make sure their presence, ams end up with loads and loads of memories on which we both can giggle have a laughter attack...

'Joe' she belongs to the other category... We have know each other as we are part of same office team (situated separate location) but 5 and half month she happen to arrive in NY on a assignment... And that when our friendship started... She happens to call me 'Daddu' which I love lol
Each and every weekend we used to roam around... We were never to say ahhh we are tired can be plan to stay put at home, she is full of emery and can talk for ever, somewhat my type...

Today she is traveling back home (Pune) Its the time when once again a giant wave is approaching the shores and she will travel... With tons of memories left behind….

I say its start of a nice friendship that last for ever...

Some of our pics....

This one is from our Long Weekend on Chesapeake Bay Bridge, returning from Virginia,,
Friday Evening at Times Square (17 Sept)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bollywood Rocks: And Salman is one of it...

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Movies, some see them to spend 3 hrs in an air-conditioned hall.
Some are followers of a superstar and the make sure to fix an appointment as soon a new movie is screening.
Some wanted to see movie just to make sure they are cut out from outer-world and able to laugh / grim / frown / shed tears, as times certain movies overpower or possess you so much that you feel you are not sitting in a movie hall rather you are part of the movie and you are witnessing...

I am a big movie bluff... (Still I do not qualify for a walking encyclopedia) I do not follow any particular super-star; I like most of them...

Moreover, trust me if you are to ask for rating from me, in that case I will not be critic but I would go ga-ga on most of the movie... Most of the time  I  like  the movie... I end up giving ***** / **** (that’s 5 / 4 stars, and not anything starting with F… lol)

This week it was, Police officer Chulbul (Robin Hood) Panday 'Salman Khan' who made sure that all have their share of laughter attacks...

Watching Bollywood movie in itself an art, in most cases you should not try to be a Director / Songwriter / Scriptwriter. One should let go those thought processes and just laugh on all small gags....

Salman has his own acting & dancing style which is hard to copy and would be near impossible to achieve, I am not being sarcastic I really mean it....

Few scenes or style I loved
- The way he keep his Ray-Ban 'hanging back of this collar' I bet many would have already started that trend
- Few of the dialogue were just amazing like the last one, if you have watches the movie you would remember

If you are to compare Hollywood movies can not match in away way... As each movie of our will have Romance / Songs / Family values / crying Mom / and Action (that to gravity defying - Newton would not have survived)

In one particular action scene from 'Dabangg' Salman perfects ‘Neo's in Matrix’ bullet dodging but here he dodges sharp glass pieces and continues and perfects 'Jason Statham - Transporter' action where he spills oil on himself and trashes bad guys

For the love of movies i will always patronize Hindi masala movie.....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long Weekend... As it went...

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The weekend as passed by:

Everyone welcome a nice long weekend once in a while... As I am not any different I would love to see one long weekend every months that I required as once in a while you required to unwind and be lazy or be supercharged and have a travel freak weekend...

We happen to do the other option and started planning for the Sept 4 long weekend some 3 weeks in advanced a we did not wanted to spend hours and hours lazy in my bed, at time a nocturnal person to would love long long sleep...

So in three days we did loads of activities some to mention as:

- Drove 1100 miles (1700+ km) in-spite of having a brand new license i did not drive a feet :-0 'lazy'

- Travelled across 4 state (including the one where we live)

- Visited Luray Caverns, famous for Stalagmite & Stalactites

- Un-Solved a nice Garden Maze in 75mins that kids take 45mins as we made sure to take pictures in each corner :-0

- Did Para-Sailing it's an amazing experience

- Visited Virginia Beach happen to have splendid weather that helped

- Drove through a amazing engineering marvel 'Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel that’s across Atlantic Oceans a spans close to 17miles (30+ km)

Some photos to support what a nice weekend that we had....
Luray Caverns: Image Reflection: Its hard to believe the perfect reflection, and water depth is between 4-6inches.
First of all you feel its not a reflection and then if so the water is of much more depth 

Garden Maze: I never though that garden maze would be such amazing fun, as we took more then as hr. to find our way out.
Sky-line from hotel @ Portsmoth: I was talking on phone and strolling on boardwalk, could not resist get my camera and talk this amazing sky-line view specially the reflection it had on water was just amazing
Para-Sailing @ Virginia Beach: let me help you all spot, the tiny spot you see that our parachute, we are at 1200ft away, and the view from that height is breathtaking

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A small break from Office

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A much needed small Vacation break:

Last month and a half had been real hectic in office... As we have a major project roll out due in next two weeks... We have been spending long hours in office and gazing the application under test and were making sure that we are not left out with some edge case that will come back and haunt us!!!!

Best we can is take precaution and watch what happen in next two week time... 

This weekend happen to the last long weekend of the summer and we all re headed as our compass point (the special one from Jack Sparrow, that help find what you want the most) in our case the compass pointed us to Virginia Beach, so time to spend under sun and on silver sand....

So its time to say audios office and enjoy next 3 days to the fullest....

Will post more details as how the mini vacation have been... 

Watch out as Mr Arnold I Terminator says 'I will be back'

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dinner Time: Good Bye Time....

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Last night; we friends been to dinner... Every dinner or any kind of party is always welcome to any one of us, but this one was a bit special, as one of our friend who happens to be our colleague was traveling back home (India).

So not as things always go as planned we left from office and were looking out to shop for the coming long weekend as few time it happen we ended up retuning empty... And by the we decide to visit 'Hard Rock Cafe' we all wanted to visit this place since long time and today was it.
And ahhhh as all place have a huge waiting time this to had 45min but we still waited to get seated

One bad thing at any new place you u happen to try would be the find any vegetarian appraiser / entree on the menu card but this place was option in that way as they had penalty listed a 'Veg' which is great..

All the chit chat that we had revolved mostly on the activities or the nice moments we all had... We all echoed to one point that time flies and 5 months is a long time as per Georgian calendar but felt other ways...

Hard Rock Cafe has a nice marketing stunt, while your turn arrives after all wait time they will make you get a group photo with a background that has 100's of guitars sliced into half and embedded on the wall. In addition, as u are enjoying your dinner you will be getting 2 large album photos 2 wallet photos 1 magnet and 1 keychain which you will love to have ad we have that...

One happy Moment captured, until we all meet next....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pictures On the Go... (part III)

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Times Square: New York City make sure to set up Time Square a place where you will find some or the other things each and every day, I guess this to make sure that tourist are flooding up each and every day…

Today on my way to office I happen to see, some Navy Troupers practicing a routine maneuver, it was amazing to see how skillfully they were handling the rifles as if they were weather weight.

And this monster, who would not love to tame them and climb all know structures

4 days back while we were returning from office this newly married couple were making sure they have a great picture added in their ‘New Life Album’

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pictures: On the Go.... (part II)

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This are some more picture that i happen to capture as i make my way through the city... many a time we happen to see which might catch any one eye for a moment and mostly those images will fade away... I attempt to capture those every days moments....

Love is in the Air: Time Square happens to be one of the most visited place, and they make sure it happen to pull crowd every day...This is one the latest structure that has found place....

Cops and harley's: Summer is the time when Cops to display their driving skill, any one would love to a COP in New York if they have they have their own Harley's to show off... Most of the time this cops share picture with tourist... (NY Cops would be most photographed unknown celebrity  

Salt and Pepper to spic-en up: We were walking across downtown, and i happen to see this pushcart fellow selling Salt-Pepper sprinkler bottle, Its nice to see one require proper mix to Salt and Pepper to spic-en up food and life also... 

A Stitch in Time saves Nine: I happen to walk across a store and this one has to catch attention, 3 sides of the wall from end-to-end were covered with 'Sewing machine' It just fascinating to see this large collection in this era of quick fix jet age.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Coney island... On a Sunny Weekend

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This was one of the nice and easy weekend we has this summer, if I consider some of our past weekend...

Saturday we all have been to Coney Island... Its located down south of Brooklyn, it takes an hour long Subway(local train of New York) ride to reach.

Weather was good, but it was a bit sunny... However we plan and how early we decide to leave, we are on time lol (common we all do not belong to military regime where we lay down time table in 24:00 hour pattern) for me when all have a small smile and are able to reach the location then that's the right time....

As it was sunny we decided to visit Aquarium, last visit that I remember of visiting a aquarium as during my school at I probably would be in 4th or 6th grade that's the time when we used to visit zoo's or park
Okay back on track, as we entered we had a 4:00pm Sea-lion show, and most of the time one would be amazed to see what this animals are capable, how caring and loving they can be at times with their trainer...
So 'Diego' made his entry in to the pool and with the first minute itself he had made sure how to attract attention of all the people irrespective of the age group.. He did some tango with his trainer 'Melissa' he showed to the audience how flexible be can be and how gracefully he can swim...

The best was when he was enacting who his predator is as its would be a easy guess the mighty 'Shark' at that time background music from 'Jaws' was played that’s when 'Diego' swim with his flap mimicking as sharks fins... Looking at that skill all the people had a loud laugh...
Later in the evening as we were walking on the beach, we had this nicely cut Mango, they were irresistible...

Visit to a beach is always fun, so we had another sunny weekend spent... Already looking forward for the next weekend..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lincoln Tunnel: Good and bad traffic days

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Lincoln tunnel, that leads to New York city... It is common to see 3-4km long traffic jam during peak hours every weekday
They have separate route for Public Transit bus and other commercial or personnel vehicle which is a 3 lanes route, while for buses it has its own dedicated lane, most of the time it a bless as we are able to cover the 4km stretch in 20-30mins and on certain days all commuter have to pay a price for the liberty…

Today is one of such days...

I took the usual 8:15 bus to office as we entered bus lane after couple of minutes the smooth flow of bus fleet came to a grinding halt that when the driver announces ‘It is time for all of you to call up your offices and tell that we are stuck as a bus is broken down', and to spice it up he adds 'It is one of those genuine days when you are actually going to be late' and he laugh out loud...

People who commute via bus to office would have witness this long wait couple of times...

Almost every day when we go I see patiently car moving inches by inches and with that speed it would take close to an hour to cross the tunnel while today people who were driving by bus line are laughing as its one of those odd days when they will drive by and give bus commuters a pity look'

And the Lincoln tunnel saga continues... Finally after 35 min stop we are moving, moving and here we go...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures: On the Go....

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I have taken thousands of pictures with my Phone, but never got a chance to share them, and I always wanted to share it, as some picture speaks themselves

Long way to go: This was taken in jersey Garden Mall, I did not see anyone walking down and did not dare to see where it leads to

Share the Road: This is in Pune City, drove well ahead and by the time I was ready (had to get rid of driving accessories before I could take a snap), the cart had crossed me that’s when I took the first shot, I had to chase him back to taken the second one.

Time to book a Trade: It fascinating to see how electronic trades has changed trading world, if you see it only took 11 seconds to book 5.7million trades, long gone those days when we saw picture of traders screaming their vocal chords

Do End meets: I love to see this view this is on 49th Street between 6th – 7th avenue, the ends definitely meets well above clouds.

The picture I capture are not something special, but the moment it is capture tell a lot about it, so I will keep posting in this space

Before I Die.... Fictional time it is...

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This is the first fictional novel I am reading after a long time...

And in the past whenever I have read i had read only mystery and suspense written by Dan Brown / Robin cook

Lately I have been reading Non-Fictional as I have a notion it is better to face reality and not let you live in a fictional and fancy land created by the author as I should say many of them are really amazing and gifted, because the way they create and get the character to life is just brilliant and most of the time one would be imagine as they progress they to are a bystanders an re witnessing as things are unfolding in front of them... Few would even feel they could have changed the flow or let certain thing happen in the way they want but alas author take control and drifts and takes the story in his own path...
Is it better to live in fancy little world as it gives a small get away.

Coming back to Tessa, she is teenager who fighting against Leukemia, in her own way, she do not want to die in a lonely hospital room when no one is around her, she is the girl who want to leave her life, enjoy everything for remaining days she has her own list of things that she want to do, and most things on the list as illegal that for sure is to give her a sense of achievement.
On and on it’s a nicely written by Author ‘Jenny Downham’ enjoy your reading, review of 'Before i Die'

Meanwhile let me know, 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Day: Seven Days of Positivity.

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Positivity marathon is coming to an end, at times I was thinking I should continue this for some more time as I was giving more details on the activity that happen in span of a day, but then I felt no, its time to put this series to a rest as all good things will come to an end. Unless I do not stop this series I might me missing out some other aspects that happening around, and I guess I might be starting out of with some new series in a while.

I have to state how the overall last seven days have been, I would state in a way it was better as I have something to look back and cherish on small memories.

1. Sachin (Little Master Blaster)scores another test century so he stand at impressive 48, I am waiting for his 50th Century, be it any situation Sachin scoring 100 is a treat for me, he is one of the reason Cricket is next to religion in India, and I am a follower of it.

2. Friend Chain mail: I have 4 long time friends (currently we 5 are located at different places), and it has been more than 4 years we all have met together, and today we happen to started a email chain and this will last for some days.

3. India Buffet dinner: The ambience is just amazing and the food is good, and the bets part one do not have to read and memorize the menu card before ordering, as they have a pre decided menu, After having all the food I was feeling as if i am transformed into ‘Garfield’

a. Appetizer the plate had 8 different types followed by
b. Main course which is served with Puri along with 6 different sabzi
c. Followed by Rice & Dal
d. And to end with we had Deserts

(This is the hotel ambience ,nice colorfull painting inside and a nicely crafted elephant outside)

4. Today evening we all happen to go to ‘Toys-r-Us’ I love visiting this place as it reminds me of childhood, when the world was simple and easy place to be, when you were just surrounded by friend and where we plan to play new and interesting games.

5. Pan: I love to have the sweet pan, back in Pune days when we all used to go out for dinner we used to have Pan, but having a Pan in NY is a real delight and that to a real tasty Pan, made my evening
Thanks to all my friends who followed all this day, I hope u all enjoyed and u all have many more worth mentioning moments each and every day…