Thursday, May 26, 2011

Broadway Show: The Lion King

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Last evening we have been to our first Broadway show.... Lion King... I had heard amazing review of the play... It based on a Disney Story of Lion King...

Over the years, 50million people across the global have witnessed the extravaganza mind-blowing show, so we thought my not be part of the huge group....

We had our own anticipation on how the show be on what scale it can be... To my experience the show is way far greatly choreographed beautiful executed and has a huge wow factor as it unfolds in front of you...

To say the story would be a simple one about the journey of life of a Lion Cub until he becomes the King of the Jungle.... Nevertheless, what is special about the show is how all character play their role, their are moment where in you feel which way to look and the cast ascend down the hallway...

I would say if you happen to be thinking of attending any of the Broadway Show, do make Lion King at top of the chart...

In the jungle, the might jungle, the Lion sleep tonight... This is what I have been humming and singing since yesterday evening....

Below is a sneak peak how elaborate the show is:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Attachment and Detachment ???

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Attachment and Detachment, sounds so simple but if we are to put this in terms of human relationship the discussion would be endless, resulting in very little conclusion as generally people do fall under three groups and would like to make sure their stand.

Attached: as per me people who cannot live fully in isolation and require to be attached to the system (Not like Neo attached to cables in Matrix). Attachment do not mean mere physical... its emotionally, and more in terms of an affirmation that we are been watched and taken care by the close knit of people around us.

Detached: As per me it is a group of people that proclaim they are totally detached from any emotional or social bonding. I will refrain from taking sides or commenting I clearly see my self not part of this camp.
If I have to state an opinion I would state complete detachment is it true or pure hypothetical, as human belong to category called 'Social Animal'

Matrix: This group would be most populous and fits for most of us. As it gives us the flexibility of hopping On and off over time,  at time we all require some attachment and even in other ways some one would be looking forward towards you for that emotional support and you be the best listener as possible as you can.  Once a while if you are seeking some amount of isolation or self-time.

Moreover each one of us would have come across this case where we try to put up a point just to prove and say no I am attached but not dependent on any one...
Being dependent should not be confused and termed as attachment, both have it own set of unique identifiers.

Many a times you would have 'I m feeling homesick' generally from hostilities or from people moved to a new place, (And most of the time guys prefer to say ‘No’ as they feel it’s against Male testosterone) anyways at I have misunderstood when I hear those words.

If I think it is completely acceptable, as each one of a would have a degree of attachment and it is not that easy to just walk out of the nest and say 'I am a free bird, and can do anything i please to'

So are you… Attached or Detached? Mention you opinion.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why you should wake up with a smile...

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Sometime you start you day a bit wrong... And you see a domino effect...

I am attending a 6 week training session which starts at 7:30am --- 9:00am

When I got the calendar invite I was simply looking at the time for couple of minute, as the time make me of no where why so....

If I have to attend session from home I would end up catching 9:15 bus (and swear by god, the bus takes the longest possible route not sure who designed the route-map) it would only reach office by 10:30am which is a bit late.
Good God  I miss my India office timing, as we had flexible timing, and I make sure to stretch it to the most by reaching office only at 11:00am but my day generally ends only by 8:30pm.
As I do not have similar liberty, I intended to leave home by 6:40am to have a early to start office day by 7:30.

This is what happened my morning unfolded…

  • Today morning I was really lazy to get up by 6:00, somehow I managed to drag myself out by 6:10....
  • We usually have a 6:30 am Tuesday status call, i dialed in only to hear the soothing Beethoven (I wish they played Morning Raga 'Bhairavi' and the weather is best suited for bike ride from Pune to Lonavala as it foggy and we have dark clouds looming around)
  • The morning call got rescheduled only at 2:30am and my no means I would be reading that emails, I got to know only after waiting for 10 minutes hoping someone would join.
  • The Bus lane is a single lane route, which assures that 95% of the time we will reach New York faster, but today it happened to be in the elite 5% as had a bus disabled on that lane...
  •  Finally, at 7:15am we received an email ‘Today’s Session Cancelled’ and I only had to say ‘Good’ as I reached office only at 8:00.

After all this minor morning hiccups what do I take back....

  • Of-course a blog post
  • Next time when you don't feel like getting up from bed, please don't get up :-0
  • More realistic one, put up a smiley face and say 'The day would be just amazing and easy'
I bet this three mantra would work better for me'

Friday, May 13, 2011

Driving: The saga continues....

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I am back with my favorite topic on my blog.... ‘Driving License'

Currently I am in a state where in I can attempt and write a book relating to life cycle of owning a driving license with special notes on how to make things not work for you :-0
So you would imagine why I am the most frequent visitor to DMV, i have lost the chronological order also of all my visit.
Not to mention I would have visited more number of time in last one year then people visit in their life time....

So here comes the latest post on DMV visit saga, this time it is for renewing my Provisional License (it’s a bit of wacky rule, at first I was given a 3 month Learners License after that  I cleared driving test and got Provisional license valid for a year and then comes the day when you can proclaim your permanent license. I feel it a bit longer wait).
In my case it has never been easy I was would always find myself in some exceptional case, and this time my VISA expired in 7 months. So I see myself again standing outside DMV with all the possible document that I can gather to renew by Provisional license, which means I have another visit pending to claim my Permanent license.

License expiry dates are tagged with your VISA expiry date, with a 3 months grace period, where in they assume that by then VISA would get renewed. I had my finger crossed as last time my VISA renewal took 8 full months
So after all the wait I was at the window, what had never ever happened it happened  in next 90 seconds I had my renewed license in my hand and I was out of DMV… phew with a sigh of relief 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother’s Day

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T his is me and my mom, this picture was taken when I was in Pune last December, during my last trip to Pune. Looking at the calendar it feels as if some time had passed away, but for me it more like yesterday of as older as of last week.

Like any other kids I too am bit closer to my mom, for many reason, for not only because what I am today is all because of her teaching and her patience that she had shown in my bringing up., but for many other reason also, she backs up and motivates me.

Many camp would say why we are trying to commercialize the sweet relation between mom and kids, i have a different opinion, it true that we are not to show our affection to mom only on a particular day of year, rather it should be year around. Why not to have a special day.

Mom would not be asking us to shower her with loads of gift or flower, she only want that her kids share the same love they had all during their childhood (back when we used to write essay titling ‘My Mom’)  

So leave all apart, time it say out loud 'I Love you MOM'

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blogathon, End, for a new start.

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Blogathon: For now came to a closure:

26 days ago, I took a plunge into an unknown territory of Blog-marathon (Blogathon) which aims that a blogger would post daily for a month.

I start on 5th April and as April neared to its end I had already posted 22 times, in terms of Blogathon it is not a completed race, In similar why if you participate in a Full marathon (26miles) if we drop down after 24 miles in terms of completion we were not able to complete, but in terms of personnel terms it is an accomplishment for me

I started blogging for the very first time back in Dec 2008 () back then I had no idea I would be able to see 50 post, but today this would be mine 162ns post, and I I really do not see an end to my blogging soon.

Few of the interesting post from Blogathon:

I would like to thanks all my followers who would spend time on my post, that inspire in me continuing.

All I could say I would keep on posting some interesting post over time, love the tag ‘Johnnie Walker ‘ – Keep Walking

See you around soon.

Biking Trail

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After couple of weeks planning finally this weekend we both set out for our first biking trip, all previous attempt weather played a spoil sport, which denied us from have this trip.

But this weekend was just amazing for any outdoor activity temperature wise it was in 20’s, we went to 'White Haven' some 110 miles from our place, splendid location, a place you would definitely love to have a nice big retirement home watch birds fly by winds buzzing around long unwind roads huge open farmlands, I bet it would be a dream place to be including mine.

Special thanks to Amol, for believing in me and let drive his car in his absence, so I took full advantage of it.

As most of the time we goof up at last minute so we planned to reach 30 minutes before, but due to bad traffic we were full 90 minutes late, only to know that the group had left as we did not report on time.

So either we plan next time or we could take the local city loop spanning 12.5 miles (20km) this section had some cycling in state park open farm land with lots up ups and down.

We were provided with map and details directions, so next 4 hours we both we cycling / walking / taking loads and loads of picture.

At the end of the day, we were determined to visit once again.

But one reaching home we both preferred sitting on Pillow :-0 (Your bum hurts after 4 hrs of cycling).

Picture from the trail, and i bet would amaze you and you to would want to bike at this stretch.