Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tea for two ---------

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"If I could invite anybody for 'tea for two' today it would undoubtedly be .....................(11 Indian players in Adelaide)" 

It definitely has to be Current India Cricket Team (11 member-touring Australia - Adelaide), why so…

From childhood I have been on a constant diet of cricket and have idolized many past and current cricket players for various reasons, (It is not only because of their playing standards but also for the character they do play on and off field)

Along with me, I am sure many of you would be sadden state witnessing the current performance of our beloved Indian Cricket Team is putting up in Australia.

During my childhood days, in my early schooling days, Once my mum had called me up made me sit besides her and explained me the importance of scoring nice marks/grade as I did not fair well in one of the recent test we had, (As per her I did not do it well).

Second time around I was not made to sit but was questioned on why my marks/grade were sliding down and she was looking out for reasons why I am not doing it correctly or has something changed…

Third time (did not came) but if it would have occurred, for sure I would have to under go a series of intense improvement session, I would have to give away all my play/fun time, I had to cut short my cartoon network time and many more so..

Similarly, I feel if out team is failing it is not because they do not have the class rather I will say they are the people who define class… collective our players have attained, have successfully reclaimed the heist in each section of the game…

Why fail… it is easier for me to criticize sitting on the other end and easy enough to grunt on social media….

Why are we failing I am not sure…. But all I would like to say to My India Cricket team….

‘We have another three day’ let try to do some soul searching…. And lets put up an stand… do not look what has gone by… looking at them would only sadden you and more important will only disguise your present…. Its time to let go the past and look forward for the next three days…. I am not asking each one of you should be scoring 100 and each bowler to take a hat-trick… all I want you to think is…

“Can we give a Stand… not to prove other (media / sobbing fans) what you can do… or rather… let say ‘Yes we can’”.

Indian Cricket Fan forever….

This post is the inspired from Preeti's new book 'Tea for two and a piece of cake', in one of the post she asks out for blogger to come up with this small quiz.... 
"If I could invite anybody for 'tea for two' today it would undoubtedly be ...................." (Post link)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bye Bye Smartphone:

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For more then two and half year I have been hooked to Smartphone (to be precise iPhone 3gs).

Initially when I started used iPhonei I felt as if world seamed different to me all of a sudden. I was able to reach out and grab anyone for a E-Talk which erased boundary, I was able to comment on every social network site (I am only registered on Facebook), I was able to respond it any one was on a lookout for me.
I became part of the wired system, not like Neo in Matrix where I was able to travel only via hard-wired telephone cable, for me I was travelling through thin air.

World was relay different, for a moment Newton was wrong it was flat as everyone was happen to be on same horizon.

Using Smartphone will definitely change a person, for me I saw lot of changes happening in me, as a matter of fact you to would realize and will agree on some listed.

-          Start of a day changed from flipping through newspaper to Apps that gave collated all paper headline into one small app, which told me I could arrange which and read those news which pleased me, rather then being feed by the news how editor wanted to align.
-           Talking to friends swapped with chatting them over social medium
-          Starting leaving a life, over internet… what I mean in this… I started to post comments like
‘I had dinner at so and so place’
‘India lost again in test-match but this time they survived 4 days’
‘Here are the pictures from place I visited today’
‘’This is where I am currently’ and so on….
-          Best way of de-stressing the day started with and ended with playing ‘Angry Bird’ ‘SudoKu’ and many more amusing game… which made sure I am hooked to it
-          Sleep that was a leisure during commute transformed in to reading some article or paying some game…

Its been two weeks now, since I am undergoing Smartphone rehabilitation…
I have switched over to a Phone (Not a Smart one)… which would help me only call and send messages…

Changes I am observing in myself since last week:
-          No more clicking on reload all email (just to check and delete junk email)
-          No more location based service, so if I am lost some where I have to ask, where is the nearest ATM or bank (like yesterday I wanted to go to Bank of America branch, was lost and had to ask around), in a way I asked a stranger for direction for the first odd time in last 2 years
-          Sleeping and just Sleeping through the commute.
-          Will not be uploading any picture real-time
-          More over I feel I have logged out from the System, and not being connected to it via my Smart-Phone, and in fact, I am happy.

Few change I see in first 2 weeks…. I hope I am able to survive out in the woods…

p.s. Usually most of the post i submitted were initially drafted on my iphone.... Change is the only Constant.