Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How many i help you today... - Post: 9

Over the years due to strong competitiveness, telephonic customer care has undergone a huge makeover., with sole purpose of making sure that we are served faster and better…. But at time….

I have been facing problem with my web login for Citibank, I was hoping a quick call at the toll-free customer care would help resolve my issues say in fewer than 10 minutes.

This is how it went:

I called up the customer care number as expected it started with a Beethoven music, I feel they should have chose for selecting music, top 10 Hindi pop / top 10 US chartbusters would be more fun to call up customer care frequently.

Lately most of the system starts of with automated assistance with an aim to capture as much details as possible so it be used for further reference during resolution

After juggling and keying in some two dozen numbers like Card Number / Date of Birth / Phone Number, I finally heard the message 'You would be transferred to the next available customer Representative'.

Time elapsed 05:00 minutes

So Mr. Chris welcome me and after listening to my problem say my problem would be best assisted by there "Web-Troubleshooting expert', god know where they come from with such fancy titles and I was put On-Hold

This time 'Mr Shiv' welcome me, and as a standard procedure ask me quarter dozen security questions, (DOB / Card Number /Security Question) and ask me to follow few instruction in attempting to resolve, all resulting in failure.

Time elapsed 12:00 minutes

I was routed to a L-2 support, and so Shiv added 'Mr Rishad', before leaving, Shiv says 'Ahhh Sir Belated Happy Bday on behalf of Citibank and me' I felt that personal touch in customer care
However, the call total time reads 18:00 minutes elapsed

So again Mr Rishad as part of the security protocol ask me the same set of question (by then I had memorized my Card Number / Account Number)

After much of debugging, bingo we found the problem, my details was mapped to some expired Card, Not sure how

But requires a Supervisor ‘Mr David’ to override it.

Time elapsed 32:00 minutes

Finally after multiple back and forth I am able to log in to my account

Time elapsed 42:00 minutes

Wow, this is just amazing, when in i was assuming i would be wrapping up in 10 mins as a usual call, i ended up conversation with 4 people and most important, i found a theme for Blogathon:

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Unknown said...

10 mins per person as you expected. So 4 people make it 40mins. You didn't expect to speak to 4 different people :).

Anish said...

Very True... how often you call up and expect speaking to half a dozen cust reps


Joe said...

Mine is a little different:
I got a call on my cell phone yday..Tring tring..
Caller: Mam, this is Shikha from HSBC, few days back you have inquired about Home Loan (its few months now ;))
Me: Yes, I did. However, Ihave already taken a home loan
She: :( oh..May I know from which bank?
Hahaha...we shared a laughter... :D