Monday, March 28, 2011

Winter, it is time for a Vacation:

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Hey, winter is it not times for you to go on a nice long vacation…. Your much-awaited annual vacation is long time due a trip to a secluded island; away from all time self in solace.

You have being working real hard for long… we have seen at or rather multiple time over last some months how hard and effort-full you have been and making sure the land is covered in white and never end snow and a dream true winter time for all ski lovers

No one will ever doubt all hard work you have put and this has definitely earned you a much-needed vacation.

Do you not think it time that you should be applying a nice coat of SPF 100 sunscreen and get a bit of tan, roam around in short and t-shirts, play a nice volleyball game on silver sand beach.

Have a nice long swim in warm ocean water

Build sand castle and sculptures across the shore and let them battle out during the next high tide.
Don’t you think it time you want ride on mountain bike on a long unwind dirt track.

Don’t you want walk over the horizon with hand in hand with your loved one.

Don’t you think it time again to challenge the twisted unwinding rivers, and so some kayaking and rafting?

Don’t you want to see flowers blooming… tree coming back to life after the long wintery hibernation, it’s been long since they have been in their old drown skinny attire,  its time for them to swing and feel warm breeze blowing around, look beautiful in green.

Moreover it's time for us also to get from cover and shed away all the black and shade of black that has been covering us all this time…. It’s time that we to see color in our life….

So I do ask ‘Winter’ please take a vacation break. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cricket a sport or a Sect:

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As any individual, I would have spent hundreds or rather thousands of hours on various aspects, irrespective of when was the last time any of us actually played cricket. It really does not matter as we live in cricket…
We love discussing, suggesting, and commenting on below
-         How a batsmen should have batted
o       A particular bowler
o       A particular bowl
o       A particular inning (if chasing)
-         How a bowler should have bowled
o       To a batsmen
o       In a particular inning (if defending)
o       During final over’s
-         On Fielding:
o       Who should field where
o       How he should have fielded
o       How many fielder on a side
o       Slips / gully, etc, etc
-         Batting order:
o       Who should come if a wicket fall
o       Who should come next at a particular stage of game
-         Bowling Order
o       Who should bowl the final over
o       When spinner should be introduced
o       When should we get our strike bowler back
o       Whom should be bowl next over
-         Who should play a particular match
-         Who should be rested for a game
-         Player combination

What if some thing goes wrong or rather should I say what if something do not go in the way I wanted… Skipper is the culprit…. We love to pour all our geniuses out and say… Dammm he is not playing for India, or is the 12th man paying for the opponents.

Long back during one such match a play-card or banner read somewhat like this

Cricket is my religion
Eden Garden is my Holi Shrine
And Sachin is my God

For any crucial match we followed all 4 principals the great thinker Chanakya offered Sama, Daana, Danda, Bheda (treating with Equality, Enticement, Punishment or War and Sowing Dissension.)
As end of the day all it mattered was, we had won the match.

Today India had a crucial match against Aussies (champions since 1999), this match was equivalent to final, and for sure it has it highs and lows… a time was there when I swear ‘If we are to lose today, for sure I will boycott watching Cricket’

Eventually I can still follow my Sect and praise my god… Sachin

Moreover, as every Indian (cricket loving Indian), I will love to see Sachin holding the current World-Cup trophy…

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Splash of Color:

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A splash of color thrown in air… applied on face and a bright smile put and laughter in air… that’s what symbolize HOLI… and you need not be the great Gabbar asking out to his sidekick ‘Samba’, ‘Holi kab hai…kab hai holi?’

Holi is the time of the year when we love to spend time with family and friend and with night long chit chat and catching up time that passed by….

If I have to look back over all the years how HOLI has been a part of my life… I have story to tell that would last for hours for each passing year
I have tried to can all my inbox and fetch some snaps that remind me of all the HOLI I had over the years.

2007: by the time this photo was taken we would be has been already soaked in color and water for more then half a day…. Going from one place to another, pockets loaded with colors.

2008: This one back from our office, back those times we had an amazing group, which made sure we celebrate each and every occasion…. Be it Holi / Diwali… or be it even festival no one knows about… as we believed only celebrations

2010: This one is of last year… weather was to cold so we had no scope of paying HOLI outdoor… it not fun to be wearing layers of clothes and colorful holi… so it was all indoor… we did not find any bhang so ended up ‘Carona’

So let splash some color with our family and loved one and let us try and reach out to all friends whom we have lost over the years.

Happy HOLI

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The longest run....

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Way before I had joined gym... I used to wonder... Won’t it be good to run in open under open sky, rather than running in a closed environment on a tread mill

Later when I happened to on other end I realized it is much better to run on a tread mill, then on city roads / pavements some of the most prominent excuses or say reason
- tine constraint when you have only 30 mins with you
- when you don't have to bother about who would be crossing by, who would be sharing your path
- you need not have to watch out for anyone..
- and the most important, say while running you get totally exhausted then how will you return back, it would real embarrassment when you end up asking for a ride back...

Say for all those many more reasons I would prefer run / walk / sprint / jog on a treadmill

Today I happen to run / sprint door the longest distance non-stop till date, I was happy to see 2.7miles (4.3km) in under 24 minutes... I am not sure if this is any form a better time, and please I am not expected this timings to get registered in 'Guinness Book of World Records' if that happens the all those long distance runner from Ethiopia and Kenya it's time for to practice more as you have a strong competitor in making....

195… 194.. . that’s what heart monitor was flickering, by far its faster ever recorded phew is it supposed to beat so fast…
Hmmm I guess I feel I felt my heart beat faster when I proposed my life partner back then to my girl friend

Next goal is to beat clock and to improve on the distance...

Till then have a healthy run and a happy heart

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bucket List: or things that i want to do....

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Bucket List:

Just watched 'Bucket List'.... story of two strangers who happen to share same hospital room but as time passes () by they become more then friends and live a life which many would have dreamed.
'Edward' played by 'Jack Nicholson' and 'Carter' played by 'Morgan Freeman'.

They share same room in a Hospital and were they being treated for 'Cancer' that's when they get the news they have only 6 months or more.....

In reality, it’s hard to find a person who wants to know how much time he has.... in general were we want to plan every decision in our life this would be one such decision where 95% people would opt not to plan, if you ask me I would be part of majority let’s not wait in Trains Stations ‘Waiting Room’ and wait for the one thing, rather leave life to the fullest.

'Edward' and 'Carter' were aware how much time they have.... 'Carter' happens to prepare a list titled 'Bucket List'. It lists things that he wanted to do in his life time.... and that’s when 'Edwards' ads his own fancy list... and their journey to live life starts....

Wont it be good, we also have some list, where we list things that we want to do in next 6 months or in a year’s time... or in next couple of years... it should not happen later in time we realize how busy and how entangled we were in our daily life and we did not happen to give time to strike our anything from the list, the same was best explained in 'UP', where this young couple (childhood friends) get married and they decide for their dream vacation and start saving, but each time they stumble upon some other expenses and were not able to plan their dream vacation, I hope we are not in the same limbo state.

So what’s my Bucket List... let me work on the list and will plan to strike out as most of it in due course of time....

I guess it’s time that you also have list prepared.... and 'Find the Joy in your life'

p.s. Please don’t rate down as I am depressed or I am tensed, this though came to my mind when I saw the movie… but I still agree on the list :-0