Monday, April 11, 2011

Cherry Blossom - Post 6

Last weekend we were in Washington D.C, wanted to see ‘Cheery Blossom Festival’ we had heard a lot about it was stated that more than a 1mm people were to attend the festival, we also though why not be part of the crowd, but gosh it did not happen the way we anticipated, as on Friday it witnessed heavy rainfall, and that was it all the thrill and frill we and along with all the people happen to just washed away…

But Washington is not only famous for Cheery Blossom festival; each and every building around Downtown Washington has amazing historical monuments and below is some proof of it.

This looked more like the castle back from Roman era

One of the last few tree's that had some blossom left.

Set to bloom

Capitol Hill: grazed over by empty benches.

A long wait yet... Still waiting for Spring..

This one from 'Smithsonian Art Museum' one of the old story from kindergarten, 'The Fox and the Crow

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Joe said...

So, got to see cherry blossom in DC... Nice pics...