Thursday, April 14, 2011

Memories.... Vishu - Post 10

Memories... as if today that’s all what i have.... This being the 3rd year I am not at home with my family...
These are one of those special days which i cherish since my childhood...

During our school days... We visit our native town (kannapuram-- Kerala) once every two year, but at times due to our final exams which used to coincide with Vishnu, but it was not the case we mostly used to visit, it the best time of the year in terms of festive season in Kerala, but if you are to look at weather, worst time witness the most hot and humid

Cherukunnu Temple (I was amazed to see a facebook page of this temple) hosts one of the biggest festivals in kerala for Vishu, spanning for more than 10 days. Each day Pooja would be on a bigger scale then previous, followed by a procession each day would end with a spectacular display of firecrackers

Some more details of Vishu or rather how it is celebrate at my place. In Vishu, Vishukkani, hold the most impart part of the day, Vishukkani is the first thing to be seen on Vishu day post waking up.
This is how, Vishukkani, was at our home @ Pune is for this year
Generally overnight mom would arrange everything in for 'Vishukkani'. It is a ritual arrangement with following, Grains (Rice / pulses) Vegetables, Fruits (Banana / jackfruit / Apple ) Flowers (Most important would be Kanni Konna, can be see on left of the image) Jewelry , Coins , New Cloths (Mund / Shirt) and Sweets.

All this would be placed in front of God and Goddess and many lamps (Brass Metal lamp as seen in image) would be lit, Mom would wake us up covering our eyes and make sit in front of Vishukkani and offer our prayers.

Another important part is Vishukkaineetam, where Elders of the family distribute tokens of money, called Vishukkaineetam, to children and youngsters

As any festival, celebration is incomplete if we are not have a Lunch / Dinner feats, Vishu Sadhiya (Special Lunch) make sure of it.

All and all I can say next year I would try and be at home to enjoy the festive occasion.

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