Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Day: Seven Days of Positivity.

Positivity marathon is coming to an end, at times I was thinking I should continue this for some more time as I was giving more details on the activity that happen in span of a day, but then I felt no, its time to put this series to a rest as all good things will come to an end. Unless I do not stop this series I might me missing out some other aspects that happening around, and I guess I might be starting out of with some new series in a while.

I have to state how the overall last seven days have been, I would state in a way it was better as I have something to look back and cherish on small memories.

1. Sachin (Little Master Blaster)scores another test century so he stand at impressive 48, I am waiting for his 50th Century, be it any situation Sachin scoring 100 is a treat for me, he is one of the reason Cricket is next to religion in India, and I am a follower of it.

2. Friend Chain mail: I have 4 long time friends (currently we 5 are located at different places), and it has been more than 4 years we all have met together, and today we happen to started a email chain and this will last for some days.

3. India Buffet dinner: The ambience is just amazing and the food is good, and the bets part one do not have to read and memorize the menu card before ordering, as they have a pre decided menu, After having all the food I was feeling as if i am transformed into ‘Garfield’

a. Appetizer the plate had 8 different types followed by
b. Main course which is served with Puri along with 6 different sabzi
c. Followed by Rice & Dal
d. And to end with we had Deserts

(This is the hotel ambience ,nice colorfull painting inside and a nicely crafted elephant outside)

4. Today evening we all happen to go to ‘Toys-r-Us’ I love visiting this place as it reminds me of childhood, when the world was simple and easy place to be, when you were just surrounded by friend and where we plan to play new and interesting games.

5. Pan: I love to have the sweet pan, back in Pune days when we all used to go out for dinner we used to have Pan, but having a Pan in NY is a real delight and that to a real tasty Pan, made my evening
Thanks to all my friends who followed all this day, I hope u all enjoyed and u all have many more worth mentioning moments each and every day…


Joe said...

Hey, I followed all these blogs...and I must say it is really difficult to pen down 5 moments each day..
It was really motivational..will miss this series..but I know you would come with something new :)

Anish said...

Thanks buddy....
let me see what else i can think off :-0

Unknown said...

hey anish,

i used to read all your blogs.they are truely amazing.keep it up.

Anish said...

Thanks a lot Pragyan, see its really nice i am able to connect to you with my blog :-0


Unknown said...

Hey anish .. ur blogs are really amazing. i enjoi reading these
- Poonam