Thursday, July 8, 2010

Childhood days... Paper Boats & Rain

Preparing paper boats, Ahhh I remember those days when we used to tear apart a full school assignment notebooks and end up preparing boats of all sizes and shapes.

Last weekend as we could not make for the bus on time and the next one was only after 45 mins, we were sitting in a coffee store with nothing to do and that's when we walked back to our childhood days, especially those rainy days.

Something to admit at first I assumed, did I forgot how to prepare a boat gosh that would have been horrible, but my nice friend made sure I recall it easily and we ended up once again making boats with all the paper napkins we got from coffee store, and in no time we had three mighty super duper ship / cruise ships ready to sail through the calm and endless oceans, is it too much of a desire to dream, Naaah back then I would have dreamed all this only like I am the captain of an aircraft carrier or even a submarine is that over excitement speaking.

Common it is fine if I go loud about the sleek cruise liner that we prepared, (let me give you all an exclusive sneak preview) We even planned that as soon we reach home we will fill up the bath tub and set it sail, which did not happen and till yesterday morning it was on the kitchen counter, but today thanks to the house keeping guys, the ships are missing hehehe.

I wish once again I am enjoying those school time when I have all the paper boats prepared and ready to sail in the first stream of rain water.

All I need is a break and let it rain, let it rain


Anonymous said...

seriously yaar, really miss those days !!

Anish said...

hmmm yeah very true buddy....