Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shopaholics… we were bitten by the bug…

Shop till we drop… and we did not DROP :-0

Today we proved wrong this saying …. As we had energy left to shop as few items were still left in our buy list…. But the shopping mall was closing and the clock was ticking past 9:30pm.

The day as it started, we 4 planned to go for shopping as “S” is planning to travel back in 2 weeks time, so after a dozen phone call just to check where we are which bus to board what time to catch we finally reach New York Bus Terminal at 12:30pm, and we took bus to Jersey Garden Mall, we reached by 1:20pm…. We all we shopping till the cash register of the store “New York Store” was closing as we were second last customer in billing line.

And all this time we were just shopping from one store to another and from one stores trial room to another stores trial room.

We were like those shoppers typically shown in movie who would be having half a dozen branded bags in their hands, we were just matching them only difference in movies they be having empty bags in their hands were as we took 9.5hrs to collect 5+ bags in every ones hands.

To tell the truth I had never shopped this long in my life, but this time I to even did not feel bad, am I sending wrong signals to my fiancée that I can stand or rather withstand endless hours of shopping…
(This is one such proof i can attach)

So we took the last Bus from Shopping Mall (Jersey Garden mall) back to NY bus terminal and barely managed to catch the connecting bus back to our home… and with the final 10 mins walk we stepped back in our lazy den by 11:45pm….

And I am still having energy to write this post up at 1:30am my local time and it is not just me who is having all the energy, I friend is busy reading a fictional novel, and this is what she had to quote “I am not feeling sleepy its only my legs are hurting” phew… is it due the self satisfaction of shopping speaking.

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