Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Long weekend: Adventures weekend...

Long weekends are always welcomes treat for any one, and I am talking as it IT people as weekend deprived, but never the less to say, any time we get a long weekend we are happier than a kiddo getting a candy treat.
So for this weekend we all planned to be more adventures and this is how things turn out to be:

Saturday: As usual nothing goes as per plan; we were to leave from home at 8:00am but left only by 10:30am, will say still early based on our previous standards we had set.

We had planned for a trail, we happen to reach “Bushkill Falls" (link for the site) it has multiple trails that are to last from 15min to 2:30hr and over the trails it has many small beautiful waterfalls.
As usual we are a bunch of over enthusiasm we decided to start with the longest trail.

I was a bit amused when I came to know that we have to buy a $10 ticket per person for the trails, but when you will see how nicely organized the trail and the way the route has been designed it is worth paying that amount.
We took close to 3hrs it not because of the slow speed, say when a group of 5 manage to take 600+ snaps in that time span; I bet we had a record created for any group.

Later in the evening we checked into a hotel and the view from the room was just amazing, the picture will tell you why so.

Sunday: Our adventure do not take a pause after the trail as today we had planned Rafting (link for Rafting), as schedule we had reached by 12 noon, rafting on a beautiful course on "Lehigh River Gorge", on any normal day the rapid level are in the range of 1-2, but on a water release date its somewhere between 2-3.
The course is stretched over 8 miles (13km) and it takes roughly 4hrs to finish the course

At many stretch the group coordinator allows to swim in shallow water, it is really fun to swim as water is still a bit cold while the sun above is still blazing hot.

On and on it was a great weekend we had.

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