Friday, July 23, 2010

Day One: Seven Days of Positivity:

I happen to follow few blogs on regular note, of that this one of Preeti I follow, she is an amazing person, who comes with nice and new series in her post, yesterday when I happen to check her post she had started a new series ‘Seven Days of Positivity”

Where in one would mention 5 moments that make you feel good or grateful?

At first you would say it is not that tough, and guess what at the end of the day when you plan to wind down and try recalling course of the day, it feels what a day it has been, did something happen in 16+ hour day that we have, is it too less time to have 5 small moments that you will remember that did brought a smile.

I was thinking for quite a while to recall such small moment over the day, and trust me it feel its really hard to recall the moments, or is that our days have become no monotonous or are we turning in to human robotic as shown in the great Arnold flicked ‘Terminator’, or have been become so busy that we are not able to note small cheerful moments.

So here are the 5 small moments that I am able to recall and pass a small cheerful moment that made me feel good:

1. Today morning a friend sent out a good morning email, after a long time I received one and this one I loved it had a sweet small message ‘Never say Sorry’, ‘Never say Bye’ and ‘Never forget’ the one who remembers you, it definitely spent smile across my face.

2. Today was an another long busy day as planned but, the work that we are planning is progressing as expected, the feeling of small accomplishment make me happy.

3. But it rained finally it rained in Pune, gosh finally after a month of no rain it rained, as Pune is very close to my heart and it is my City. So listening to this news spread a sigh of relief and happiness, but the only thing missing is, I am not in Pune, not been able to enjoy Pune’s rain in last 3 years.

4. Had Egg Burji for dinner, after a long time, and I loved it a lot…. we used to get the best burji post midnight outside Pune railway station that one was just amazing, I still remember the taste of it.

5. This has to be the most important one, as we are approaching Friday, the most important day in any ones calendar, it naturally run down a smile on your face.

This are not the fancy great things, but they still did got a smile…

Please share your moment of the day.... that triggered a smile.. :-0

So signing out for today, tomorrow I you all and myself a nice day…


Anonymous said...

Cheers!! finally u found the reasons ;-)have hundreds of such reason every day that will make u smile :-)

Anish said...

I bte that what all would dream about but at time reality tries to over run in opposite direction.