Sunday, August 1, 2010

Before I Die.... Fictional time it is...

This is the first fictional novel I am reading after a long time...

And in the past whenever I have read i had read only mystery and suspense written by Dan Brown / Robin cook

Lately I have been reading Non-Fictional as I have a notion it is better to face reality and not let you live in a fictional and fancy land created by the author as I should say many of them are really amazing and gifted, because the way they create and get the character to life is just brilliant and most of the time one would be imagine as they progress they to are a bystanders an re witnessing as things are unfolding in front of them... Few would even feel they could have changed the flow or let certain thing happen in the way they want but alas author take control and drifts and takes the story in his own path...
Is it better to live in fancy little world as it gives a small get away.

Coming back to Tessa, she is teenager who fighting against Leukemia, in her own way, she do not want to die in a lonely hospital room when no one is around her, she is the girl who want to leave her life, enjoy everything for remaining days she has her own list of things that she want to do, and most things on the list as illegal that for sure is to give her a sense of achievement.
On and on it’s a nicely written by Author ‘Jenny Downham’ enjoy your reading, review of 'Before i Die'

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