Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 2 Driving Lessons

So day 2, at start I was still a bit nervous about the driving lessons as I am due for my driving exam in 4 next days and I only have 2 hours of driving under my belt which my any standards is not sufficient. I am a bit scared as to reach this far I have crossed through many hurdles, as I just want to make sure that it is just perfect

So today my instructor was Raul (who is a Mexican) he is a really nice driving instructor who was very much detailed in explaining me what to and what not to, and at first only he corrected me that its "Raul" and not "Rahul" as I know in India you have “Rahul” and we both had a nice laugh.

So as we started from my place first it was to drop the earlier student home, and when I drooped her I asked "I hope you were not real scared" she smiled and said it was fine, as assumed that even she was doing her third class, so it not a real nice lead she had...

Then I drove and headed to Newport downtown and drove directly to a parking lot and for next two hours I was doing again and again
Sharp left turn
Sharp right turn
Parallel parking

And after some 90min of driving with all above combinations I now feel more confident and in my next lessons I should be more good and be able to drive better and most important I would be able to enjoy driving

I will keep posted how things proceed about my driving in this space....
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And I hope I am not doing this in real life… through I would love to but want to have a real car :-0

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Anonymous said...

Hope u didnt confuse ur instructor with sharp left ,sharp other left and so on .. ;-)

Anish said...
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Anish said...

hehehe nahi yaar....

But something similar happened couple of time as they have a designed course and at that time multiple people were undergoing driving test.

I was driving straight, and he took me to take a right turn, but their was "Solid lines" drawn
I asked him do you really want me to take that turn, and he said YES...

That then I realized, the instructor is right.