Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Two: Seven days of Positivity:

As I have started with the series where I would be recording small moments that happened during the day that spread a smile on my face, or a moment that made me feel good.

1. What else would be more amazing then to realize that today is 23rd it is been exactly two months since I have been engaged, it is one of the most happiest moment, as I count minute by minute day by day, it is been two months since we started our small new journey of life for being together, we have many more miles to travel a journey of life. This indeed is one of the happiest moments of today. But on the other side I happen to called my fiancée only once and the call lasted only for 48seconds L

2. Today I called up an old colleague of mine whom I have not talked in months, and it happened to be that he was celebrating his son’s fifth month birthday. and any time we talk we have a discussion on our planned road trip, and this one we have planned for ages and I bet we would be planning for ages to come, but for sure will be definitely having a road trip.

3. I happen to compile successfully yet another weekend plan… till now it is good on paper would just love to see that it is been implemented.

4. Today while I was walking back home, in a matter of 5 minutes a series of thunderstorm started and the sky was looking if it has worn its black coat, and ready for a huge downpour, but it did not happen the way hit had to but I still enjoyed the small shower.

5. Last but not the least just by the sense that tomorrow is Saturday brings cheerful mood.

I guess jotting down 5 moments is a real nice experience, as it do help me find and realize if we are not living today that means we are losing a lot….

So all my friend have nice and healthy weekend…

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