Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inception: Reality or Dream.

Inception: This weekend we happened to watch Inception, it had all ingredient that is required for a perfect movie, Amazing concept, great acting.

The movie lasted for 2:30 hrs and for all the time one would be glued or sitting at the edge of the seat, and once the movie is over you would be feel, am I dreaming or am I living in a fantasy world created by your pure imagination.

The best part of the movie liked when ‘Leonardo’ say we all remember some part of our dreams but do you remember how you reach the place…. And I should be saying hmmm that for sure we can recall any of your dream, you will be somewhere with someone, but for sure it is really hard or impossible to remember how did you reach the place…

Another term ‘Leonardo’ talk is ‘Limbo’ it’s the dream black hole where you might lose if you are stuck in someone else dream and you do not have the trigger mechanism that will wake you up.

Another concept, your brain works 20 time more faster when you are in dreams, say you fast asleep for say 30 mins, but that all the time required for you to dream anything and the plan everything.

Another concept is ‘Kick’, it’s the trigger mechanism that will make sure you will be out of the dreamland and come back to reality.
But don’t you think, say if you are making a lot more trips between dream land and reality, how will you conclude where you are, in dream or in reality, so in this situation, you need a static variable, that will help you realize where you are in dream or in reality. Somewhat similar we had in ‘Matrix’, when the great ‘Morpheus’ quotes to Neo ‘No Neo, I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to’

And once you are out of from the nail biting movie you will ask:

I s this real…. Or am in dreaming…

Note: Movie revieiw for Inception

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