Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day Three: Seven Days of Positivity

As the series is progressing I am feeling really nice to records and write post at the end of the day, it is just the third day but I can still say to find 5 small happiest moment is a real deal.

1. We four went o pick up our friend to Newark airport, and that when I remembered 10 weeks was I was also waiting at the board my flight to Pune… that was the start of a new journey.

2. I am mallu and I love having Dosa, and each time I have each time I remember my native place, Kannur (Kerala)

3. Reliving childhood, we had Pepsi-Cola (it a cylindrical tube filled with sweet water and stored in freezer), we all were sitting in the lawn and enjoying it, and all were taking about all the fun we had in our childhood

4. Golf Driving Range: phew we all had nice evening as we hammered hundred of golf ball, some managed to roll 1 feet and some were finest and crossed 15meters.

5. As usual late evening is the time when I usually call up Manu, as we are yet to decide on the date (The D-Date , as earlier Panditji has to come with one particular date, and when Panditji returned he came back with half a dozen dates, but just by the feel that I am getting married to love of my life, is amazing. So my day ended on a high note.

So here my short list of moments that made me feel nice and made sure spread a nice smile on my face, and this post is just helping me remind those nice moments.


Joe said...

Good going dude....keep it going :):):)
Wait for the posts everyday :P

Anish said...

Thanks a lot bud.... but for Sunday i would really have to scratch my head :-0

Anonymous said...

Anish ,

I like this new series of your!, with all the negativity going around, some positive goes a long way :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Roopa, its kwel that you liked it.