Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Six: Seven Days of Positivity

Yesterday I was in confused state where I was demanding a restart button that would help me reboot my system and I would spring back to normal, and I guess last night sleep helped me the required reboot and today I feel good.

So as the series is approaching to finish day by day I am feeling real good and when I look by the small moment back again I really feel good, as it would have been easily forgotten as day passes by and know I have them all stored which will remind me how much small moments really matter on a day to day level.

1. Its party all time: I was walking by to office, just a block before we have loads of Pub and restaurant and at morning 8:40am I saw this truck unloading ‘Budlight’ as they are getting ready for party on Tuesday evening…

2. The grip do matter: This picture is six month old when Tito was only few weeks old, we all friends were meeting up and all evening Tito was sleeping and I simply loved when he kept holding my finger for long time, I will remember that moment for long time. 

3. The longest run, today I was in GYM for only 25 mins so I opted for run, so I ended up running for the longest distance ever(2.66miles), but that what I realized that after all this I was able to burn only 300 calories, where as it only tale under couple of minutes to gain 400 thanks to ‘Double Choc√≥ chip Cookie’ from Starbucks.. but still I loved that I was able to run that extra distance…

4. A new Book to read, I happen to order a book 3 weeks back and I happen to receive today, this is the first book I ordered after a long time

5. It is not bad to mention the whole day went fine, had an easy day (which means that all went fine as planned) and

I hope you all to have a great day, and have a great week ahead.

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