Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day Four: Seven Days of Positivity

I am really feeling nice to write and follow a series, as I set in to fourth day of the series it more like half way down, this itself is a feat to me as this is my first attempt in writing post in any series.

Actually I am griming as the day did not go as we all had planned, so I am a bit disappointed, it was one of those days were you all plan but thing fall just on the opposite side, so be it still we should keep on doing what we want and what we like to do.

1. Woke up with a message, that required my attention, but as I read my heart rate was on the higher end, as D-Day were being finalized i.e. the day on which I would be exchanging vows were being finalized.

2. We enjoy every moment: Be it we are to leave at 7:00 in the morning or 12:00 noon we all are always late, it happen not sure why but it happens every time, trust me I really enjoy when everyone is scrambling for the last moment and making sure the group is not late because of them.

3. Rain: did enjoy getting little bit wet in rain, as we had heavy downpour, standing for couple of minutes made sure you are wet from head to toe, and I just loved it.

4. Rain was a spoil spot for all of us, all my friends had planned for skydiving today, we reached the place at 12:30pm only to realize that we do not have ID proof, we went back to a Internet cafĂ© and collected all required docs, only to later grounded by approaching thunderstorm, it just added frown to our face. But to cheer up all ‘S’ told look on the bright side we are enjoying a nice ride in rain :-0

5. Ahhh!! As happiness come to a halt, so as weekend to, that means it time I gear up and flight like a gladiator in office for next 5 days, and do stand as victorious and I am set to another weekend.

Is it being too optimistic to talk about coming weekend as my calendar and watch are still having last few glimpse of Sunday ;)

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