Sunday, July 24, 2011

Picture Speaks: Each as its own story

This happens to be first post in 3 weeks time, and it was not like that over this time I did not intended to write a post, if I recall more than three instance when I wanted to write a post but each time I jumbled and was missing the continuous flow thought and to a extent lacking commitment to wrap the post to a complete state. I assume I was over burned with many other tough and loaded with office works,, as we been having week over week releases.

Ahhh I guess I should leave my office stuff at the revolving door of the office, only to pick up next day when I head inside.

Meanwhile yesterday morning it was way hot and humid not for a moment I missed my Native Kerala but the temperature never creped past 40, but since last week we have witness how Sun wanted to bake cookie on earth…

I was still having my hot cup of tea…. When I saw the steam coming out I could not wait taking pictures and add tag lines to them.

I see a human dance on some Bhangada music, and as most of us adore Hrithik dance move, why not call it 'Hrithik groves'
As my Sun Sign happen to be Aries: I was able to visualize my sun-sign in it 

Hand of God: This reminds me of Deigo Maradono  goal against England during 1986 World-Cup QF.
Below clip will help you recall.

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