Sunday, October 9, 2011

Memories: Redwood Trails.

Memories: We should be stories away all the sweet memories that possible, as in this stressful fast passed, as one of my friend quotes… this generation is WTF…. Please don’t guess it other ways as I took it… he simply meant (Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook generation). 

Everything is been digitalized, we are even digitalizing all those childhood pictures that our parents took on one fine Sunday evening, Family trip to the nearest photo store standing in front of placards.
I have couple of them in digital format, I love watching them once in a while.

I f I look back, all my childhood memories are in stator format narrated by my parents and grandma, and its fair to assume that those stories do get coated with a layer each time they do narrate. I still love to listen each one of them with the same interest and eagerness each time.

In today ages, thanks to digitalization of photograph, a parent would have snapped 10 of thousands of images before the kid would have learned to walk, back in my age I might have handful pictures lying on my tummy then I see myself standing and in some a few years older that the chronological order of all the pictures I have.

I never had any interest in capturing moments and storing them in my hard-drives, thanks to my camera I got in to that habit, Camera became like my survival kit on my each and every outing.

Of the most recent trips I had been to Redwoods trails, (I was amazed by this forest when I first saw in movie ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, this place Big Basin is one the biggest covered forest, of which Redwood is famous.
Some of the Redwood trees are older than 2000 years, older than birth of Jesus Christ, if by any ways we are able to communicate to tree, they would become the best historian, and would help us understand many unsolved historical puzzle that have jumbled us.

It is one such place where I would love visit as many times as possible, unfortunately when we visited it was raining still we managed to fight against the rain and took an hr long trail, walking by Redwood trees would make you realize, ‘Statue of Liberty’ stand short in front of some of the tallest trees
Status of liberty stands at 305ft (Ground to Torch), where as ‘Mother of the Forest', stands at an incredible height of 339ft and with an incredible diameter of 15.5 feet.

Some of the images would help you gauge what I am being talking all about.

Mother of the Jungle, aged more then 2000+ years, taller then Statue of Liberty.

This particular Redwood has an amazing story, this tree was on fire and it burnt for 14 long months and still survived , but the fire created a permanent hollow, and the tree looks more like a old burnt out steel factory Chimney from inside. As the tree survived and is still growing.

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