Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 4: Journey Continues: Hot-Water tub / Zip-Line

The cabin we booked was really nice, we wanted to spend some time, and thanks to the hot water-tub placed onlooking the mountain range along with Jacuzzi a much needed treat to our soul to make a chunky dip in the bubbly water tub, and sip Carona's

Other then this we wanted to have some fun and adventures activity lined up for the day....
So it's time for Zip-lining (Smoky  Mountain - Zipliners) its a 18 stop Zip-lining course total distance close to 2miles and the longest stretch spanning 580feet

It was a amazing experience scenic mountains in your backdrop time to enact George in a Jungle and live our dreams of swinging by trees hurdling over bushes screaming like Tarzan and Jane for next 2hrs. On one particular location they had spy camera's to capture some realistic snaps.

Later it was Go-Karting time... Time to burn some rubber and spun on track... We tried breaking current record set by Sebastian Vettel (Current Formula 1 champion)

Later we retired back to cabin and planned for a gala dinner and indeed it was gala....

- Veg Manchurian
- Stri-Fry Noodles
- Spice Fried Rice
- Vodka + fresh Watermelon Juice (It turned out to be a nice combination)

Clock ticks away we ended our Day 4 with loads of memory and stories to share with.

Next day a new beginning awaits us... Until the Rosters wakes us up all...

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