Sunday, December 11, 2011

India, or Rs. 35 lakh?:

India, or Rs. 35 lakh?: The dilemma of the World Series Hockey, I say he should go for 35 lakh, as you have not been asked to change your nationality.

Please do not rate me as anti-social or anti-Indian, if at this point  when I say ‘Yuvraj Valmiki’ should go ahead with accepting 35 lakh, it has a story behind it.

Why are we always in the lookout for sacrifice from others, instead why are we not ready for any scarifies. We expect sacrifice and if they fail we are first in pointing that out and criticizing.

Look at what we have been doing and will continue to do.

When it comes to education, are we willing to send our kids to a fully government aided school, first reaction we would hear is, don’t you love your kid, don’t you want your kid be competitive and be ready to face the tough life when he is ready to take it up. Will you like your kid asking later in life, why he was not giving fair share of education as others had …

When it comes to health and medication, will you rush your ailing kid or parents to a fully government aided hospitals, I assume no, why, a simple reason would be the well being of my kid or parents. I have to make sure they get the best attention.

If in both cases were we are just thinking about us and making sure we are making it happen or are in pursuit of providing the best to our family, doesn’t each one of us have the same right.

Why in a billion people nation we only support a game played by 11 people, and not any other sport.

If today Yuvraj Valmiki is not wearing national jersey and opting for the much needed money, that will make sure in helping him and his family raise a level above their living standards  so ,why not opt for it ?. Rather than looking at the reason why he has to make a tough decision of choosing between National squad and World Series Hockey.

We need to raise our voices and let the nation know, sponsors should not only shower money on cricket whereas should also support other sports as well.

Earlier I happen to see some more pitiful state of other player across different sports, they have passion for the sport but are we supporting them….

State level Footballers clean cricket stadium to replace torn shoes

World Kabaddi Cup 2011 Indian Team – Girls Waiting For Auto Rickshaw

So what do you say am, I wrong in not supporting ‘Yuvraj Valmiki’ to opt for money rather than National Jersey….

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