Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nature: Fall Foliage and First Snow

Nature, it does fascinate each and every time with its seasonal cycle.

Fall Foliage: some years back fall color all meant was Shakrukh Khan and Kajol made to run around in park and Maple leaves falling (varied color) but since last few years I am able to witness nature most beautiful event ‘Fall Foliage’.

Another fascinating part is snow fall, I always do love snow fall (but pother then couple of occasion I am a bit scared to snow) as earlier this year Jan-Feb we had twice 20+ inches of snowfall over night.

How best if would be if one can see both natures best events in one go, today being one such day, I just feel sitting by the window and track each snow flake falling from above and smoothly landing. Currently after an hour of snowfall the whole area is covered.
Below picture says the story.

Since morning 2 cups of hot tea and not sure how much many more…. I am already in love with the weather…. And the colorful display

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Joe said...

Nature is so beautiful...just cant stop appreciating it..its unpredictable but gets excitement with each of its change...